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Chapter Epilogue

August 17, 2017Tgurneu


Five days passed after the war was over. Noloty’s Book and a letter from Enlike explaining the truth about the incident reached Bantorra Library. With that, the Armed Librarians knew that their fight against the Indulging God Cult has ended.

Two months passed since then.

Two people went down Bantorra Library’s Sealed Labyrinth.


“Step back.”

The one coming to attack them was a four-headed snake. Mattalast shot its four heads accurately using his Tenor.

Minth was looking from behind.

It was as expected from the Guardian Beasts of the Second Sealed Labyrinth. Minth, who was watching from the side, couldn’t even lend a hand in battle. After blowing off the four heads, Mattalast drove the fifth shot into the heart at the base of the snake’s neck.

He nimbly loaded his gun and turned around to Minth.

“Well then, let’s go.”

As he said this and started walking, Minth spoke to him.

“Say, Matt. Do we really have the time to do something like this?”

The fight against the Indulging God Cult ended. However, the Armed Librarians were extremely busy. Recovery of the devastated island; helping reconstruction all over the world; discussing the problem of responsibility about the war; and the reorganization of Armed Librarians and normal librarians. They were far more busy dealing with the war’s aftermath than during the war itself. The two were somehow able to squeeze a little time between that work that didn’t let them have a moment to rest and came down there.

“Actually, it’s something that should have been done immediately. No matter how busy we were I shouldn’t have neglected it for two months.”

Minth followed Mattalast who kept walking ahead.

“Let’s hurry. If the other Armed Librarians know of this it will be troublesome.”

After passing through the Second Sealed Labyrinth, they arrived at the Second Sealed Archive. It was the place that stored the Books of the various generations of the Acting Directors. No human being could step beyond the Second Sealed Archive. It could actually be called the deepest part of Bantorra Library.

“Well, we’re here. Good grief, no matter how many times I dive in here it’s tiring.”

They arrived at the door to the Second Sealed Archive. Mattalast put his hands on the double door.

“Shall we enter, Minth?”

Minth’s feet stopped without thinking.

The only one allowed to enter the Second Sealed Archive was the Acting Director. No matter what reasons they had, other Armed Librarians were not allowed to even touch the door.

Since Mattalast was Hamyuts’s confidant, there was still a chance it was allowed for him. But there was no way Minth could enter.

“What’s wrong, come quickly now.”

Minth spoke.

“Say, Matt. Why me? I just don’t get it.”

Mattalast hid his eyes under the hat.

“There are three reasons. The first is your power, the Sacred Eyes. There is no other ability more suited for this work than that. No one other in the world possesses such a rare ability.”


“It doesn’t seem like that from the way you look, but you actually have a sharp mind.

You think of all sorts of things to yourself, so you have quite some brains, right? You grasp the situation, understand it, and know what you need to

do. You have a good mind.

Well, we’ll overlook the fact that you get hot-headed during fights for now.”

“And the third reason?”

“The final reason is that you are a kind person.

You feel joy at other people’s happiness, and you are sad at their misfortune. Although you’re not skillful at handling things around you, and sometimes you’re too stubborn, fundamentally you’re a respectable person. That’s rare for an Armed Librarian.

This is the most important part. It’s the most important thing to being human, but it’s also important for undertaking this job.”


“If you don’t do it I will. But no matter how I’ll struggle I won’t be as good as you. You probably understand this.”

Minth looked at Mattalast. If the three points he explained were the conditions necessary for the job, then he certainly was better than him. Although it wasn’t at the level of Sacred Eyes, Mattalast also had an ability to see through people. And he was smarter than Minth.

However, Mattalast had an important flaw.

“I get it, Matt. You certainly are too cool-headed.”

Mattalast nodded. And he then opened the door.

“I already decided this when I have met you for the first time. You are the only one who can succeed this job.”

A heavy sound echoed in the silent Labyrinth. The pair stepped into the Second Sealed Archive.


There were few Books inside the spacious Archive. They were the Acting Directors of history, people who had authority corresponding to that of Mattalast’s, and the successive generations of those working in the Present Management Agency. Finally, there were also the miners and normal librarians who have read the aforementioned Books.

However, Minth had already heard that this was not everything. The Books of the successive generations of the Overseers of Paradise were also stored there. Most of them went to Heaven. However, there were also not a small number of Overseers of Paradise who have refused going there.

After finding out the truth, Minth could understand their reason for refusing access to Heaven.

The two passed between the bookshelves and advanced deeper.

Minth saw the thing that was ahead.

“This is…”

It was in front of the closed door that led to the First Sealed Archive.

Its appearance was that of a tree. It wasn’t big. Since it could not reach the ceiling of the Sealed Archive, its height was probably around five meters. The trunk was about as thick as Minth’s thighs. It was colored a brown close to grey much like an old tree. If I grab it I could probably tear it off, thought Minth.

At the end of its richly grown branches were leaves like those of a cypress. They were all made from a material resembling glass.

“It’s surprisingly small, huh? I also thought this way when I first saw it.”

Mattalast said. Minth couldn’t reply. Was there anyone who could stay calm after seeing this? Even those who passed the hell-like war two months ago.

“Is this Heaven?”

“Yes. It is the place the Books of the True Men and False Men arrive at. A gathering place for the happiness of this world. The thing that takes the name of the God the Indulging God Cult worships. The root of all evil is this Heaven.”

Minth raised his clenched fist above his shoulder without thinking. However, it did not reach ahead but simply trembled vainly in air.

“Stop it, Minth.”


His fist hit the floor. Vibrations echoed in the Sealed Archive.

“Minth. Since you came so far you can’t turn back. Even so, I will ask you just in case.”

“…Ask whatever you want.”

“Kachua’s foolishness destroyed the Indulging God Cult. Rebuild it and bring peace to this world again. You are the only one who can do that.

Minth Chezine. I appoint you to be the next Overseer of Paradise.”

Although there was no wind underground, Heaven’s branches swayed. The glass leaves made a sound as if they were twinkling.

“Do you accept it, Minth?”

After a while of silence, Minth spoke.

“Don’t underestimate me, Matt.”


“I got it. You’re saying I have no choice but to accept it!

I accept! Because only I can do it!”

The branches’ tremors ceased. God – no, the thing the Indulging God Cult were calling God – stared down at the birth of its new subordinate.


The mortal combat with Kachua has concluded. But it was not the end of anything.

That was because nothing in the world has changed. It simply returned to how it was before.

The fight was over, but the story was still ongoing.

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