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Chapter 118

「… I honestly made too much…」

After returning home, the Bastea Company delivered the agar without a delay, so I immediately started trying to make something out of it, but I got caught up in the moment and made too much…

Starting with Tokoroten, Anmitsu, Youkan, Mizuyoukan, Imoyoukan… I also wanted to make almond jelly, but I had no almond milk, so it’s made only from a normal milk. I could have subst.i.tuted it with almond powder, but I don’t have that either…
I also wanted to make awayuki, but whipping the egg white would be troublesome, so I gave up for today.

Naturally, I made the tokoroten with brown sugar syrup and also with vinegar soy sauce. I’m neither in the soy sauce faction nor the brown sugar syrup faction, I enter the factions based

on my mood.

I felt a dangerous aura creeping in the kitchen again, so I put up all sorts of samples and quickly hid the rest in my Inventory…
Although not as strong as the curry, the chefs must have gotten excited from the strange, smooth cubes of agar that changed into desserts one after another. Having a desire to improve onself is good, yeah.

… I think that the war cries and arguments coming out of the kitchen was just my imagination.

Even though I intended to spread everyone by dividing the desserts little by little… everyone must have wanted to eat as much as possible of that which they liked. The struggle can’t be avoided, huh…

… I wonder who was the winner this time?
Was it John that is often

often in charge of desserts who was staring at my hands as a hunter stalking his prey…?

Either way, I will be surely asked to teach in the near future… and they will be obstinate until I teach them… no, this is the so-called enthusiasm, right… haa (distant look).

I understand that it would be easier for me to teach them the way right away, but before teaching original recipes to people, I should register the original recipe as mine in the Merchant’s Guild.
If not, the recipes would spread just like that and there would be people registering their deteriorated recipes as the original recipes.

I wouldn’t mind not registering the original recipe if delicious things spread the correct way, but deterioration is not good. I’m fine with improvement though. More delicious

More delicious things are welcome.

Our chefs wouldn’t spread it without permission and recommend me to register the recipes instead… rather, they would pester me to quickly register the recipe, so I can teach them in peace.

I was scolded before when I taught them without registering the recipe first.
To us chefs, original recipes are like our children. You have to carefully protect them! They said…

Umm, I am not a chef, but a Duke’s daughter, you know…?
Everyone, you didn’t forget, did you?


「All are good, but I’m fond of this one the most. The feeling when it slides down the throat is also amusing」

What Kurogane in his human form is eating is a vinegar soy sauce drizzled tokoroten. It appears that he didn’t like the brown sugar syrup drizzled ones. Hmm.

「Cristea, everything’s tasty~」

The Hmm.

「Cristea, everything’s tasty~」

The grinning Mashiro who is joyfully eating has a sweet tooth, doesn’t he?
What he finished eating the first was anything with milk… even though he’s independent from his parents now, does he miss it after all…? Would he get angry if I mentioned it?

I also was delighted with the youkan and imoyoukan I desired and almost ended up overeating, but I remembered the dinner and reluctantly endured.

I will be able to eat as much as I can from now on, so there’s no need to be greedy. Self-control, self-control.

Agar can be used for more things than just desserts, so I’m looking forward to the new dishes.
… I have to be careful that I don’t end up making too much again. This is also a self-control.

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