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The day after Mariel-chan’s stay over, I have decided to hurriedly return to the fief.
I will come back to the Capital soon as I will be enrolling into the Adera Academy though.

「Even though it would be fine to stay here until the enrollment…」

Oniisama is saying that, but this morning, I was contacted by Tirie-san through the Adventurer’s Guild that he wants to consult me about something.
It’s probably about the smoked food though…

「Spring will come in no time. I have also made a friend in Mariel-san, so I will quickly come back」

I’m interested in the Capital’s market, but it seems like it would be more fun to go in spring rather than now, so I also plan to return here earlier.
Pacifying the dejected Oniisama, I who finished my preparations went to the warp circle room. We have received a special permission to use the warping circle as we are on an urgent business, so I, Otousama, Mashiro, Kurogane and my personal maid Miria are returning first. Ah, Kaguya is sleeping in the basket carried by Miria without any worries.
Okaasama who still has plans to attend tea parties, servants including Shin and people who Otousama send on errands will return by carriage later. All of us can’t use warp magic to return to the fief, as it’s the duty of nobles to spend their money in towns along the way.
If Tirie-san hadn’t summoned me, I also would have to go by the carriage, huh… I got saved.
Thank you, Tirie-san!
Also, this will be my first time using our family’s warping circle, so I was secretly looking forward to it.
I can probably return by myself with my own warp magic, but this opportunity doesn’t come often, so why not use it?

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