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「Hmm, this is nice. Our home is the number one, after all!」

Returning to my room, I took out the baggage from my Inventory and asked Miria to take care of it. Largely stretching myself, I felt relief from coming back.
The Capital’s mansion is also our home, but I feel much calmer in this mansion I lived for so long in.

『I don’t mind the place as long as I am together with Lord』
『Me too. Anywhere is fine as long as Cristea is there, you know?』

Oh dear. Aren’t these two saying something nice.

『I also don’t mind tagging along if you let me eat delicious things』

Kaguya said with her head out of the window. She, who was originally a monster similar to a black panther has completely gotten used to the life of a domesticated cat.
According to Miria, she has let everyone know that Kaguya is my pet cat, so she could spend her time freely even in the Capital’s mansion and the servants were apparently spoiling her with delicious snacks.
… I thought I didn’t see her that much around, so she was doing something like that, huh.

「Hey, Kaguya? Haven’t you get recently quite round? Umm, your figure is…」

It’s good that Kaguya’s personality has mellowed and she has gotten used to living with humans to the extent she nearly lost her wild instincts, but… don’t you think her figure has fattened up a bit?

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