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「My, don’t say that. This child… he’s called Ash and he was looking forward to getting a chance at working here, you know? And yet, he got restless the moment we entered the premises… so it was because Kurogane-sama is here」

Tirie-san nodded in understanding.

「I, I’m sorry…」

The big-bodied Silver Wolf Ash-san apologized.
Do Beastmen instinctively react to Kurogane’s magical power or something?

「I think it couldn’t be helped this time. Otousama too, stop bullying and please give him a chance」
「I’m not bullying anyone. Just stating the truth」

It seems I have hurt Otousama’s feelings.

「However, I certainly do agree with you Otousama. He wouldn’t be able to work if he prostrated before Kurogane every time. It’s a work that deals with food, so working after placing his hands on the floor would be absurd. I wonder if you would be able to endure and not prostrate when you see Kurogane the next time?」
「Eh? U, umm… yes. I will do my best」

Ash-san replied with no self-confidence. Hmm, I’m getting worried.

「You are fine with that too, right Kurogane?」
「Hmph. It’s not like I told him to do it in the first place, so I don’t really care. Rather, I find it bothersome because it troubled Lord who wanted to push forward the discussion」

H, hey, Kurogane! Please say that slightly indirectly! Ahh, Ash-san froze in place because of the shock.

「A, anyhow! The person himself said he doesn’t mind! So it’s fine, right? Right?」
「Y, yes…」

Uwaa… Ash-san looks worried that he might have fallen out of Kurogane’s grace… his mofumofu ears and tail look pitiably downhearted. Can’t be helped, I shall follow-up.

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