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「Byakko-sama, what do you need? Ah! Did you perhaps bring me umeboshi?」

Good timing if that was the case.

「Ah? Umeboshi? What are you talking about? … That thing is too sour, so I don’t like it that much」

What, that’s not the case… how unfortunate.

「Ehh~? Isn’t that sourness what’s good? … If not umeboshi, then what is your business with me? It’s fine because I’m currently alone, but you would cause a ruckus if that wasn’t the case, you know?」

Because of the warping incident, Oniisama put a mark on me, so no matter if Byakko-sama was in his human form, if the two of us would be discovered together, it would be misunderstood for a secret date. No… well, the current me is a child, so Byakko-sama might just get mistaken for a kidnapping lolicon…

「No matter how you look there are no signs of life nearby. I have confirmed with Search magic」

Oh, he was unexpectedly careful… my bad.

「… Looking at you, you have completely forgotten about it, didn’t you? Didn’t I tell you I would bring a sacred beast to make a contract with you?」

Surely not, he was serious? Still, wasn’t he too fast??

「Y, you really brought someone!? Didn’t you go to negotiate, aren’t you too fast!?」

Was there a free sacred beast nearby? He surely didn’t bring it forcibly, did he?

「Ah~… you see, I went to two certain places first. One has rejected me because he wanted to spend the rest of his life carefreely, but…」

Oh my… that’s unfortunate.

「I was told to take his child to broaden his experience, though…」

Eh!? Sacred beast’s child!?

「Ehh!!! W, where!? Where is it!?」

I restlessly look around the surroundings for its figure. Mofumofu child! Where!?


Byakko-sama pointed at his back and turned around at the same time.

「…… !!! Cu…!」

A little, white mofumofu was clinging to Byakko-sama’s back.

「T, that, this child is…?」
「Yeah, it is Holy Bear’s child. It lives in the snowy mountains close to the northern border of Doristan」

I see, I see, Holy Bear… it looks like a Polar Bear cub, doesn’t it?
Uwaa… mofumofu, round and adorable!

「This fellow may look like this at the moment, but he’s only little so it would be easier for him to get used to the magical powers of an unknown land, but he’s at least old enough to already leave the den. His mature form is larger than me and he’s also strong」

I see, I see. I certainly heard that Polar Bears are one of the strongest animals on Earth. Is it similar in this world?

「… Well, I’m still stronger than he who is still a jouvenille」

Ahh… is that what you meant by having no experience? Doesn’t that smug face of yours tell that he will eventually become stronger than you though…??

「Still, this fellow should be far stronger than most monsters. How about it? Are you going to make a contract with him?」

Eh… can I really make a contract with him? … Rather, are you having us make a contract…??

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