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The segregation point of the era



On the roads within the forest at the outskirts of the imperial capital, 100,000 individuals have gathered.


Despite the number of people gathered, there was an overwhelming silence in the area.


This is proof that each and every soldier here is very well trained.




In order to relay the situation to Yuuki via “telepathy”, the Black Knight Claude has silently left the area alone.


The vice commander of the mixed corps, he had came here in order to contact Yuuki. That’s why, nobody thought Claude taking action alone was strange.



Due to Yuuki’s “Overwrite” ability, at one point Claude had his allegiance to Leon overwritten. However, thanks to Chloe currently Claude is restored back to normal.



But, after having his heart taken once, Claude has always been troubled about something in his mind.


TN Note:… the mental heart I guess?


What is the heart?


As expected, can the heart really be overwritten simply with the use of abilities?


And, can such a thing really be permitted?


Leon is a great man, whom he has taken care of since his youth. He was the strongest man Claude had even known; he was his target of worship and longing.


And towards that Leon, even thought he only betrayed him for an instant, to Claude that was was an unforgivable stain.


However, at this current situation he must continue to act loyal to Yuuki. If he starts to suspects and the fact his heart has been restored has leaked out things are going to take a turn for the worse.


After receiving treatment from Chloe, he has been training his heart with all he has, but he doesn’t have any confidence in his training.


Although he sworn to endure the effects next time, it’s uncertain whether it would succeed. He feared the chances of having his heart overwritten again seemed higher.


Therefore, he must be careful.


In order not to arouse Yuuki’s suspicion, he must pay close attention to his own actions.


Leaving the group, he took a breather.

That Claude had been called out by a voice without a presence.


“Have you finished contacting?”


At first he was shocked within, but after identifying the owner of the voice he understood.




She was a Bishoujo with mysterious silvery black hair.


It would be hard to imagine from her appearance alone, but she was an existence with horrifying capabilities.



With a single glance, Yuuki had claimed her to be the world’s “strongest”.



“It’s Chloe-dono huh. There are no problems, I was able to contact Yuuki.

But does that guy really intend to initiate a Coup d’etat?

It doesn’t feel like there’re that many merits in doing so……”




“Un. That’s true.

I can’t ever seem to understand what’s he thinking, it’s probably useless thinking about it.”

“Did he asked Chloe-dono for something too?”


“Un. I seem to be his insurance. Just in case something happens.”


“Is this related to the 3 command chances issue?”


Claude was wondering whether Chloe fell under the category of being bound to the three commands (wishes).


Was the reason Chloe smoothly following Yuuki’s orders due to the wishes?


Claude often pondered.


When he finally asked,


“Un. As long as I don’t reject it from the bottom of my heart, it wouldn’t be considered a wish.

So Yuuki’s first instruction of not bearing hostility towards him was excessive.”


Chloe answered with a wry smile, feeling complicated.


Isn’t she a little too kind? So Claude thought, but this is the one thing he couldn’t say out loud no matter what.



From his perspective, since she tried helping him nullifying the “Dominance curse” by rewinding time, this was something he couldn’t possibly say.


Since someone of Chloe’s caliber couldn’t manage to do so, no matter how much Claude tries it would be impossible for Claude to understand.


Feeling a sense of disgust towards having his heart Dominated, Chloe’s probably thinking did he really retain his ego.


“Is Chloe dono not partaking in the Coup d’etat?”


“Yeah. Causing an upheaval in the imperial capital doesn’t seem to be the purpose, so the vice commanded has intruded that civilian causalities are lowered to a minimum.


I’ll just take this chance and blend into the darkness.

“Does Claude san think of this as a chance?





“Un. To return to Big brother Leon’s side, I believe this is a great chance.


“I see, Claude understood.”


but taking advantage of this opportunity, this was a good opportunity to fake death in the midst of battle.


Under these chaotic circumstances, Yuuki wouldn’t have the leisure to investigate a single subordinate too deeply.


After the chaos subsided, even once he realized Claude’s death was faked, by then he would have returned to Leon’s side.


“Understood. Thank you for the advice. I shall use this method to return to Leon’s Side.”



Saying so, Claude used the clone jutsu “Shadow Knight”




A fake clone with an identical appearance, this is the “Shadow Knight”.


It’s strength is about 30% of the original, and could continuously remain active for 12 hours. Since the consciousness is linked, it’s also great ability for spy activates, it’s perfect for this situation.



After confirming the “Shadow Knight” has returned to the group, Claude had bowed to Chloe.


Then, he began moving towards Leon immediately.


This incident had actually in turn saved Black Knight Claude’s life, but the person in question doesn’t know about this until later on.


Following up after Claude has disappeared, Chloe’s presence has vanished without a trace.


She has received a request from Yuuki, unable to refuse she could only accept.


But rather than leaving the battlefield that is the Imperial capital, she blended into its darkness.



And so, the curtains of the tragedy that will soon be called the “Crimson Lotus Purge” has raised.











To begin with.



The “Scorching Dragon” Velgurindo had no interest in the game between Guy and Rudra.


Just fight head on and decides who reigns at the top, she thought.



However, if she must give her honest opinion, it would be considerably difficult for Rudra and herself to best the duo of Guy and her sister―― “White Ice Dragon” Velzado.


Guy’s the strongest Demon Lord without a doubt, and her sister’s compatibility with herself isn’t any good.


If sister and Velgurindo fought in battle, worse case scenario they would end in mutual defeat, both annihilated.


The possibility of things going well is very low. Or rather, 0% even.


Heat and frost have contradicting natures. In a word, acceleration and deceleration.


If they battled, rather than one of them surviving in the end, they would both fall. In other words, either they’d both be destroyed, or they’re both unable to battle, one of only two results.


If her sister and her are evenly matched, the deciding factor lies between Guy and Rudra’s battle.


If that’s the case, regardless of the amount of ultimate abilities possessed, Rudra who’s a human will always have the disadvantage.


That’s why, even thought she seriously wants a head on confrontation, she understood that will only lead to a high chance of defeat on this game board.


(Ah, this is so annoying)


That was her true feelings.


For Velgurindo who hated strategizing, elaborate strategizing and preparing for hundreds of years was something she’s bad at.

That’s why she left it all to Rudra, and she’d simply follow orders.


However, this was hardly interesting, she was dissatisfied with her current situation of being unable to rampage as she pleased.



Meanwhile, she was envious of her trouble-loving brother――“Storm Dragon” Veldora――which has only helped her accumulate more stress.




(That child really likes to act as he pleases……but this time, unexpectedly he didn’t appear)


The other day, Emperor Rudra had received a report from Kirshna, informing him of the complete annihilation of the Imperial Army’s forces of almost 1,000,000.


That really isn’t anything significant in itself, but what’s extraordinary was that the reason had nothing to do with Veldora.


According to Velgurindo’s initial predictions, she would have never imagined that her festively violent brother would miss out on this opportunity.

Althought she heard he was cooperating with Demon Lord Rimuru, her brother isn’t the listening type.


Assuming that, there was something that would have made her brother Veldora complacent, and Demon Lord Rimuru was able to prepare such a thing?


TN Note: Probably a pile of manga?

Thinking from that perspective, she tried imagining something that would persuade Veldora.


But, nothing came up.




(This is bullshit. This time, I’ll probably just ask him directly)


In the end, she gave up thinking about it.


At that time, Velgurindo had received a request.


Emperor Rudra,


“Velgurindo, you’re probably really bored by now too right?

Want to go all out for the first time since forever?”


He asked.

She jumped at the offer immediately.


Her targets, the foolish militants in the empire who dare rebel against the Emperor.


The emperor’s target would be the foolish mastermind behind the coup d’etat.


And then, Demon Lord Rimuru.


The one who razed the imperial army, the new Demon Lord.


Banding together with strong individuals as well as her brother Veldora, she would most likely be met with resistance.


“Yeah, alright then.

Even though I don’t intend on taking revenge for your pawns, I’ll just think of this as cleaning up and getting rid of Demon Lord Rimuru while I’m at it.”


She’ll just turn the fools into a bloodbath for warm-up, and then crush the newcomer Demon Lord Rimuru while she’s on a roll.


After her rampage, she’ll pave the way for Emperor Rudra.



If she did so from the beginning, there wouldn’t be any pointless waste, but then the quality of soldiers wouldn’t increase.


Allowing them to gain as much experience as possible, procuring holy Knight class individuals, in order to insure such a one-sided trampling never happens again.


TN Note: Kanji says guard knight, and katakana says royal knight.



If Demon Lord Guy・Crimson is the foe, there’s no point having millions of weak soldiers.




But, the army he sent out with so much effort, only to have them reaped was unpleasant.


Even the time when Veldora annihilated them was better than this.


That’s because a number of those who returned alive managed to evolve.


Resentment, fear and despair.


However, those who haven’t lost hope will be able to break out of their shell and advance toward that step.


Even so, the situation this time is different, there wasn’t a single survivor.


Even Krishna who gave the report, contact with him was cut shortly after.


After having a taste of despair, and coming in contact with one of the world’s strongest existence, humans would gain the possibility to evolve.


In other words, they really died a pointless death this time.



Other than Krishna, there were also a number of Royal Knights who were mixed in, contact with all of them were lost.


If it’s someone like Krishna, when pushed to the limit, he thought they would have used Myth class equipment, and survived.


TN Note: Even though ゴッズ is simply myth, the kanji 神話級 is separated into myth (神話) and class (級). Hence why I always TLed it as myth class rather than simply myth etc.


So even if things were a letdown it would still be fine.


Not a single person evolved in this expedition, it was a complete failure.



That’s why, in regards to Demon Lord Rimuru, Rudra had some speculations.


When his forces of a million sent out after calculating their strength was completely wiped out, and when the report of no survivors came, Rudra became hesitant future developments in an instant.


For the first time, Velgurindo had saw doubt in Emperor Rudra’s figure.



Rudra immediately began collecting his thoughts.


“I think we should think of disposing Ruminas first.

With communications between Demon Lords currently sparse, now is a good time.

If Ruminas’s ultimate ability awakens any further, she will become a hassle to destroy.

I don’t think Guy would mobilize Velzado just to save Ruminas, can I leave this to you?”


He described his plans.



Velgurindo immediately showed she understood, with a convinced look on her face.


Since they’ve been interacting for such a long time, they could more or less grasp each other’s thoughts.


“So, after I deal with those guys initiating a coup it’s fine if I kill Ruminas right?”


“Ah, Gradim is currently headed there.

Since there’s a transfer magic formation installed on the airship, go join him.”


“Ara? So is it ok if I killed Ruminas?

I’d thought you’d definitely want her alive though?”



“Fufufu. That’s because the “Soul refining system” has been developed well.

Using actual war experience as a way to train humans, but I’d never thought of using threats to cultivate.

However, since the procuring method holy knights is unique, as long as we control that place then there’s no problem.”


“Understood. So we let her live to continue cultivating more.

However, she really hid herself well. Who would have thought she would live in seclusion in the divine capital.



Thanks to that it took a long time to discover her.

I thought she would have moved into subspace and lived in a false space.

Well it’s probably because your brother (Veldora) previously destroyed Luminas’s Night・Rose Castle, causing her to stay vigilant.

That guy’s always been quite a thorn to me.

He’s seriously annoying.


“Ufufufu. Then, if I run into him this time, I’ll give him a good punishment.”


Towards Velgurindo as she was heading out laughing,


“Ah right, I forgot to mention this.

There’s no need to kill off the idiotic rebels, just torture them.

When the angels descend, I was thinking about using them as vessels.

Even though angels are spiritual life forms, it might help if they reincarnate with flesh.”

“Ah, I see. So you’re imitating Guy allowing his demons to reincarnate then putting them to work?

It’d be great if it works.

Well, Neither letting them live nor die, we’ll just leave them there unable to escape.


“Leave it to me”


After being told that evil plot.

she nodded cheerfully as she walked towards the outside world.


After, after hundreds of years for she once again unleashes her full power.












Yuuki and Damurada are currently in a heated fist fight.


When Damrada was suppressing Yuuki’s subordinates, Yuuki declared he’d fight him himself.


There are several reasons for this.


Firstly, he noticed Damrada’s abnormal strength.


Arios who had awakened his unique skill 『assassin』was rather powerful amongst Yuuki’s subordinates.

TN Note: there is someone called Arios I think…not sure how that works though…

Since he wasn’t allowed to kill his opponent within the corp’s ranking battles, thus this skill was sealed.

Therefore, even thought he wasn’t a vanguard, in terms of ability alone he was someone at the higher echelons.


In fact even when compared with the Royal Knights that had blended in with the subordinates, he was even above then.


To be able to kill someone with a single strike, if Damrada makes light of it things will get dangerous.


Another reason.



Not to be over-reliant on his abilities, and to train his own body, he wanted to understand these waords.


These words are certainly advices. However, killing intent directed here from Damrada can clearly be felt.


If he’s going to kill, he’ll kill without giving any advice, this is the kind of man Damrada was.


This paradox is worrying.


That’s why, in order to feel Damrada’s thoughts, he himself wanted to become his foe.



Yes, Damrada could possibly be.


Their two fists crossed paths.


They’ve exchanged blows several times.


Carried out with superhuman moves, it looked as if each kumite move was choreographed, like a polished exchanging of martial arts.


with an unchanging face Yuuki warded off the hidden fist aimed for his vitals, he parried with his palms, and retaliated with a hand chop.


As if expecting that chop, Damrada withstood it, started rotating his body and delivered a double kick.


He then lowered his body straight down on the spot and performed a leg sweep, Yuuki sensed this jumped, rotated and aimed a kick straight towards Damrada’s head.


However, that kick could only hit air for Damrada has already retreated into the distance.



It was a battle between two skilled experts.


Yuuki’s abilities specialized in depriving.


That’s why, when they exchanged fist, every time they came in contact Yuuki would steal a bit of energy.


Be it magic power or physical strength, this would be dependent on the target opponent, the stolen energy could be converted for his use.

This was a special effect of the ultimate skill 『Avarice King Mammon』; this was the root creating to many advantageous situations for Yuuki.


However, Yuuki’s mind harbors frustrations.


One of Avarice King Mammon’s abilities, overwrite palm has been walled off.


TN Note: kanji says Mind-steal palm.


He thought he could have easily won simply by overwriting the information on the opponent’s soul and earn their loyalty, but his thinking was too naïve.


While most would usually be cautious about the effect range of his ultimate skill, he thought he would attack him from a distance, but Damrada ended up engaging him in close combat.



If Yuuki’s abilities can’t bring about the deciding factors, then this was advantageous to Damrada who was known as the “Fist saint”


While the opponent would have difficulty resisting the life draining life-steal palm and overwrite palm, they weren’t suited to dealing finishing blows.


simply draining a bit of energy took everything he got.


An ultimate skill must be defended against with another ultimate skill.


Judging from the perspective of this principle, that would mean Damrada is a person with a hidden ability.


“Yareyare. Could it be, I didn’t think Damrada san had an ultimate skill.

Did you have it from the beginning?”

“It’s borrowed. Of course, I was already in possession of it when I first met Yuuki sama.”


“Borrowed? What does that mean?”



“Exactly what it means. A human’s body can’t handle the burdens of an ultimate skill’s energy.

Under normal circumstances, awakening is impossible.

That’s probably why the modified body of an “Otherworlder” is needed.

But, at the end of one’s training people will “Evolve”. Their race aside, there is certainly change.

In other words, from a human to a sage.

The result of evolution rather than natural birth, each sage is connected to the world.

Then, those who have awakened towards becoming a sage are said to be those who have been selected as qualified by the Emperor.

Emperor Rudra-sama, in order to allow his subordinates to awaken into a sage, had often waged war.

To those who have awakened as a sage, he bestows them the ultimate enchant 『Alternative 』.”


TN Note: Kanji of Alternative, 代行者 reads Proxy.




After his explanation, Damrada looked at the individuals who spectated his battle with Yuuki.


“Therefore, you lot who only rely on your abilities will never be truly strong.”


He said.


Within his gaze, it feels as if he as expecting something.


Looking at Damrada, Yuuki was convinced he had the answer to the question he seeked.

and that’s Damrada’s sworn loyal to Yuuki still persists.


In other words, due to the powers granted by the Emperor, he could no longer turn against the



His overwrite palm being walled off was all natural.



Due the dominating effects of the Emperor’s Ultimate skill, it comes with absolute soul protection.


And now, this revealing this information means he doesn’t plan to keep Yuuki.


At the same time, if you were to further observe, you would realize that leaking this information also serves as proof of Damrada’s loyalty to Yuuki.


It should be noted that even though loyalty towards the Emperor has long been ingrained, yet Damrada still chose Yuuki. So it would seem.


If that’s the case, you could interpret this as the ultimate skill『Avarice King Mammon』 being superior to the Emperor’s strength.


Yuuki determined.


“I see. Now my question is answered. Then isn’t it about time we end this?”


Damrada nodded.


They both took their stances, and prepared to strike.


Aiming for the instant Yuuki gathered his strength.


“What are you playing at, Damrada.

Get rid of that irregular already, have you forgotten his majesty’s orders?”


Hearing this cold voice, Yuuki felt a sharp pain at his chest.


Without a sound.


Blood erupted from a small hole at his back.


It was obviously a fatal would. That one shot destroyed his heart.



“Ugh, you bastard……”



“Yuuki sama!!”


Spitting out from his blood, Yuuki looked back.


and fell.


The crouching Kagari darted forward in an instant, and caught Yuuki.


However, she was aware that activating healing magic had no effect and was shocked.


The bullet shot through Yuuki’s back destroyed his heart, causing a miniature explosion. This explosion was mixed with cursed destruction agents, affecting the blood in his entire


This was the effect of the special bullet fired from a small pistol――Necrosis bullet.


Koudo first shot a bullet that destroys magic barriers or curse type defenses――remove Bullet.


The instant the defensive effects were destroyed, the main necrosis bullet was shot.


This was a bullet that even could even kill dragons. Even the undying attributes of the undead would have their magic circuits destroyed by the cursed agents and ultimately result in death-by-destruction.


If it hits, even a spirit light form like a Arc Demon could potentially be slain with one shot.


If you failed to resist you’ll definitely die.


Yuuki who was shot from behind wasn’t even given the chance to resist and died.


Lieutenant Kodou tucked away the guns on hand and slowly walked over.


He just instantly shot two bullets out of his pistol, however since bullets weren’t shot with gunpowder, so there’s no need to pay attention to maintenance.


He’s just used to doing so overtime.




“Isn’t this……Lieutenant Kondo, it’s been a long time.

However, wouldn’t you allow me to do the final honors to Yuuki sama with my own hands……”


“There’s no time to play around. His majesty is waiting. Get this over with already.”


With cold words, he gave the signal.



Receiving the signal, several soldiers entered the hall that can house 300 individuals.


They were solders affiliated with the intelligence bureau.



However, they’re in fact actually the emperor’s royal knights, they’re the strongest 5 no.6~10.



In addition to that, No.1 Royal knight corps leader Lieutenant Kondo and No.2 vice leader Damrada.



They were a ridiculous battle power that could easily massacre even Yuuki’s 300 elite subordinates


Damrada seemed like he wanted to say something, but closed his mouth and gave up.


Since he was his majesty the Emperor’s loyal, he understood the actions of Lieutenant Kondo.


Fairness doesn’t exist in battle, victory is justice.


Damrada understood this, so he isn’t qualified to complain about it.


Damrada quickly changes his feelings, and quickly began taking action.


In 3 minutes, all the rebel members within the room have been dealt with.


Kagari and co. who were dyed with anger were easily dealt with like twisting the arms of a baby.


Lieutenant Koudo was strong, abnormal even from Damrada’s point of view.

Everyone gathered here are have been bestowed by his majesty the Emperor the ultimate enchantment 『Alternative 』.



Therefore, to begin with the only one they needed to be wary of was Yuuki alone.


To be one-sidedly trampled by those who ranked highly in the ranking battles leaves behind an unusual ghastly feel.


However, with his emotions oblivious to the obvious results Kondo ordered the retreat.


“Lieutenant, what should we do with this guy?”


近衛 No.06 ミナザがユウキを指し示す。

Royal Knight no.06 Miraza points towards Yuuki.


TN Note: Kanji here says guard, but it’s essentially a shortened version of 近衛騎士


仮にも究極能力 (アルティメットスキル) を自力で獲得するような”異世界人”だ。そのまま放置すれば何らかの問題が生じる可能性がある。そう考えたのであろう。

He is regardless an “Otherworlder” who has obtained an ultimate skill with by himself. If they left him lying around it may cause problems. Or so they considered.


Certainly Kondo’s necrosis bullets destroys all curse and magic effects. With the root of power destroyed, and the soul bombarded with destruction agents, it’s unlikely he’ll be revived.



However, isn’t it best if they still didn’t let their guards down? Miraza thought.


Kodou heard the inquiry, and quickly fired another shot at Yuuki.


“Let’s go”


He walked out without even confirming the results.


The shot bullet――Eraser bullet――activates in accordance to Kodou’s will.



After 3 seconds, Yuuki’s flesh began to crumble, and completely destroyed.

Miraza gave a convinced nod, and left the vicinity following Kodou.


The same goes for the other knights.


Damrada looked towards where Yuuki once was for a moment, but with nothing he could do he turned and followed them out.


With Yuuki now dead, his only master now is his majesty the Emperor alone.




On that day, despite it being midnight, the sky was dyed red as scarlet blood colored rain fell.


Though the subjects in the imperial capital spoke to each other about scary rumors, none held any truth.


But, that was the last they could have the leisure for such rumors.


The era’s starting to change in a big way, and the imperial capital will soon be engulfed by its ripples.

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