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I, the one who had sprouted

They fled with all their might.
Their prided leg strength, trained for the sole purpose of slaying monsters, was used solely to get away from that spot at that moment.
Something unbelievable has happened right in front of their very eyes, and that was what their brain commanded instinctively.
Thus, they must flee this place immediately at all costs.
As if it were a demon lord, the moment that monster noticed the presence of the living, all the men simultaneously fled for the sake of their own survival.
Those who survived simultaneously sprang into action.
They calculated that this will raise their chances of survival, even by a little.
That’s what the men though.
They haven’t heard that such a monster was here.
The instant the light sparked, thousands of soldiers died. Even those who had built resistance against fear couldn’t help but panic.
Their hearts haven’t shattered solely due to the fear towards their owner, Sakaguchi Hinata, whom they serve.
Hinata hated them, but even if they were treated like worms, this will only make them feel gratitude instead of anger.
This was something obvious.
It’s because they were attracted by her overwhelming cold-heartedness and her strength, that they pledged loyalty to her out of fear.
They are strong individuals themselves. And in terms of battle prowess, they can rival even a holy knight.
However even in a group, they are no match for Hinata.
This had created absolute horror within them.
They can’t possibly think of any dissatisfaction.

TN Comment: A masochistic army?

Unbeknownst to them however, this fear served to be in their favor as it was thanks to this that they were able to survive.
The reason being that the moment their heart shatter due to fear, they would be as good as dead.
Their desire to inform Hinata about this has desperately spurred their feet into action.
They believed that if it’s Hinata, she can beat that monster.

However, the hopes of those men are going to be shattered. Because in the eyes of their pursuers, they are naught but simple prey.
All for the sake of being recognised.
Pathetic prey kept alive for the sake of recognition.

Without a sound, the devil gave chase to the prey.
A hunt after such a long time. It’ll be my lost if I don’t have fun.
A superb feast was given earlier, I am very satisfied.
This hunt will serve as an excellent after-meal exercise.

「Kufufufu. This is great isn’t it? Please entertain me~」

He mutters so with a twisted expression.
His smile was a smile that would spring forth fear from the very root of the soul in the beholder’s heart.
Already, two of his subordinates were let loose, there is no escape for the prey.
In front of the escaping men, two devils are blocking their way.
They suddenly appeared in front of them using spatial transportation.
Abandoning their friends, impatient men who immediately chose to escape had already disappeared.
Remembering the symbol of fear which was Hinata, they desperately held on to a thin margin of their mind.
The situation will not change for the better.
However, the pride in working for the church has allowed Blood Shadow to regain his confidence.
Instantly he was able to deduce the identity of the devil.
It was a greater devil.
It’s a dangerous foe. However, there is three of us.
He can win against one in a 1 vs 1 situation, there’s no way they could lose in a 3 vs 2.

「Tch! He summoned a difficult one! 」
「However, he’s not giving chase himself, perhaps he’s physically exhausted. 」
「Yes that’s true. Rampaging to that degree is bound to consume magical energy, that’s what I heard. 」

While they were conversing with one another, the greater devil took up a defensive posture.
The greater devil showed no sign of moving. The reason being that they are ordered only to act in a certain area.
The beautiful devil calmly walking up from behind is one of them.

「Kufufufu. Has this chase scene ended? Well then, please allow me to capture them. If they were to resist, please do whatever you want. However, no killing please, since we don’t want to end their suffering, do pay attention. 」

With a twisted smile, the beauty whose gender is indeterminable had spoken.
Seeing this spectacle, his legs gave way, resulting in incontinence.
With no strength left to complain, he didn’t even had the slightest intention to resist. Shattering in an instant, his spirit had broken.

「*Weird squealing noises*……」

TN Note: this actually translated to something, but it’s actually just gibberish in the end.

No words formed due to their dread.
These three men are notorious murderers who handled the dirty work of the church. They’re man whose skills in fighting against monsters are top notch.
The three men instantly recognized something the moment they witnessed this.
Rather, the fact that they were still alive to bear witness the death of many others was worthy of praise.
The greater devil, is only one of many substitutes working. The devil before their eyes is in a different league of its own.
Its existence can be called as such: Arch Demon.

A resident in the spirit world as well as to the physical world where humans reside, it is an existence above devils.
It is a spirit being, unmoved by the forces of this world unless reincarnated.
Essentially, they are on the same level as spirits.
When summoned with magical energy, all it could do is obtain a temporary physical body and function for a short duration.
However, there are also those who gain a physical body in the physical world.
One of the oldest demon lords is an example of such.
The demon lord was certain that there are remnants of recollections of formerly being an Arch Demon.
Arch Demons are the pinnacle of authoritarian figures of the demon kind.
Unofficially confirmed and only existing in a few records, they are half-legendary monsters.
Their strength, “A+”, is said to be equivalent to pre-demon lord class.
And their powers, remained as demon lords of legends.
A single devil who destroys untold numbers of towns.
In both name and reality, it is said to be the strongest of the demon lords.
Such a being with the caliber of a demon lord, the Arch Demon is right in front of his very eyes.
Naturally, he hasn’t heard of this. However, the miasma enveloping his body isn’t something easily dissipated.
There is no doubt, an Arch Demon has appeared.
There’s no means of victory. Far from that, it is impossible to escape.
Even a disaster class monster can be competed with because it’s a disaster class monster itself. (ED: I really have no idea what this means)
Against this kind of monster, even 100 greater devils is a far better opponent.
The men lost all hope and collapsed on the spot.
Looking at their state contently, the Demon had a deeply distorted smile on its face.
The Demon captured the three people, and had its subordinates bring them back to town.
One of them was appointed to lock up the men who were caught.

Right in front of Benimaru’s eyes, Rimuru’s body has undergone irregular and strange changes away from his slime form.
It soon calmed down, returning to its original streamline shape.
However, this time it was suspicious blinking colours like red, blue, yellow, green and purple. There was also a variety of black and white.
And like this, some time had passed. At this point their sense of time has already become lost.
People had begun to worry how long had passed.

《Warning. The individual: Rimuru Tempest’s Demon lord evolution has been completed. Moving on, the blessing of all affiliated monsters shall commence》

The “Voice of the world” echoed.
Suddenly, a wave drowsiness struck.
It would seem that the Rimuru’s evolution was a success, thought Benimaru.
Next is their turn, but they’d never thought that they would possibly feel sleepy.
Thus they fell asleep unable to resist the urge.
However, he made a promise with Rimuru, he couldn’t possibly afford to fall asleep himself.
At that time, Rimuru’s body emitted dazzling rays of light.
When the light settled, it revealed a gorgeous being with long, lustrous silver hair.
Removing its familiar mask, it was Rimuru.
With silver hair flowing over its cheeks, it was a display of heavenly beauty.
It was tragic that this being has no gender.

TN: Benimaru, ruining the moment.

《WARNING. Leave the rest to me, please go to sleep 》

A voice resonated softly within his head.
The voice gave Benimaru a deep sense of security.
Benimaru, guided by the voice, was led to an irresistible slumber.
At the moment he was notified, Rimuru had a long hard look around to make sure no one else was up.
Only Myulan was awake, looking around, taking in the unbelievable scene.
With the exception of Youmu, all the other humans had already taken refuge in the emergency shelters in order to escape the high concentration of magical energy.
Therefore, the only person who’s still awake here is Myulan.
The person with the appearance of Rimuru confirms this fact with expressionless eyes.
Slowly, it began opening its arms.
Long hair flowed towards its back, and angelic wings sprouted, basking the surroundings with dazzling light.

《WARNING. The Wisdom Lord (Raphael) has commanded. The Gluttonous King (Beelzebub) shall devour all magical energy within the barrier》

By his command, the Gluttonous King began.
A brutal amount of power was released.
However, this time there was a reason for the activation of this ability.
This can be traced to the results the Wisdom Lord had calculated.
Within the city of tempest, all the magical energy was absorbed, rendering it into a void space.
After the barrier covering the town had been devoured cleanly, the ability of the Gluttonous King was halted.
It’s as if there was nothing at all.
The being with Rimuru’s appearance was the agent (Raphael) of the unconscious (Master).
Raphael walks up to Shion where she originally laid.
His hand hovering over the area, the analysis had begun.
Carefully. In order to fulfill the lord’s desire.

Myulan watched the figure with astonishment.
Being within the barrier, there was the threat they would be devoured in an instant, but even then……
It’s unlikely.
With the master in the state of unconsciousness. The ability took autonomous action.
If the command was issued beforehand that would have been understandable, but such was not the case this time.
Above all, the presence of this divine figure, was simply too different from Rimuru’s.
Rather, it was closer to that of a spirit than a monster.
It was such a stupid matter, yet she felt this is no laughing matter.
However, Myulan simply watched on without interfering.

In response to Benimaru’s request, Youmu was waiting at the exit of the city.
Next to him, the devil Grucius.
With the Escaping King of Farmas and the Blood Shadow Captured, they had been asked to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t escape.
But since there’s a barrier, there is no entering nor exiting.
So, even if Grucius were to be within the city, Ranga is still outside.
The King is confirmed to be in custody, tied up by the subordinates and then transported into the building.

TN Note: In case you don’t understand why Gurcius was outside earlier, but inside the town now, it’s because he received the package known as Blood Shadow and the King of Farmas, and is now supervising them within a structure in the town.

Due to the thick concentration of Magical energy, conditions outside the house are bad. However, due to various reasons it’s still too early to kill him.
He had heard that there are three escapees that are currently being pursued by the demon Rimuru summoned.
And so, Ranga went to sleep with that information in mind.
It seemed that he originally intended to wait for it, but in order to receive the gift, sleeping was necessary.
It also seems that he was lured into an irresistible deep sleep.
While watching him,

「But, to actually become a demon lord, I thought it was just a legend……」

Grucius muttered this while releasing a sigh of admiration.
The concentration of magical energy is terrible but with Youmu just outside of the town, it’s still possible to converse with him.
In regards to such a matter, Youmu heard nothing, not even a rumor.
Even he who was familiar with backdoors, there are still events he have no knowledge about, such as the evolution of a demon lord.
Rimuru Danna, a demon lord. He looked back emotionally.

「But, I have the feeling that even if danna becomes a demon lord, nothing will change. 」

He was deep in thought without muttering a word.
Grucius nodded with a laugh.

「That’s for certain.」

The two said and hoped that no change will occur in Rimuru.
To think that the other was thinking the exact same thing, the pair were pleased. Great minds really do think alike.

「Shion, I hope she resurrects……」
「There’s probably nothing to be worried about. Do you know that monsters, unlike humans, are very stubborn creatures? 」

Saying this, Grucius laughed.
This was a carefree idea to have, and Grucius seemed so.

「Hey you, so which demon lord did you serve? Can you tell me? 」

He asked regarding something that bothered him,

「Oh! You noticed.
Everyone ignored this topic……
At first I was troubled about how it was ridiculously easy to deceive you lot.
But actually, I……」

Then, under the command of the demon lord Karion, I was ordered to act as I see fit.
Thus, until the demon lord has issued his next command, he has decided to work under Youmu as his subordinate.
Youmu nodded,

「Glad to help you, and I’ll be relying on you」

And they firmly shook hands with each other.
Grucius and Myulan.
From here on after, the pair will be supporting Youmu.

The duo had a chat,

「Oya, are you here to deliver something? 」

A voice sounded out.
What he saw was a beautiful demon.
In Youmu’s eyes, the greater devil displayed dignity.
However, what Grucius saw was different.
All the hairs on his body stood up on end as he felt the magical energy of the opponent.

「Oyoy, this is the first time I’ve met you. Are you an Arch Demon? What are you doing here? 」
Grucius is still a young devil, he has no experience in conversing with a demon lord as a partner.

He didn’t even know about Milim, he’s lacking in information about the world.
That’s why, this was actually the first time he had met an Arch Demon. Yet the danger can be felt with a single glance.

「Kufufu. There’s no need to be on edge.
I am but a nameless demon summoned by Rimuru sama.
Those two left behind over there are but part of my chores.
For Rimuru sama, I solely wish to show him my usefulness. 」

What came out was a lovely and friendly voice.
But when he looked over, the two men who gazed at the greater devil had fainted.
No magic was detected in this, it’s very likely he had the combat abilities of a majin.
This is an Arch Demon? This is no joke.
That’s what he thought, but he said nothing.
Resistance is futile. So while Grucius was on edge, Youmu had trusted the man.
The King of Farmas was taken by his subordinates.

While they were having such a conversation, the barrier suddenly dissipated.
It seems something has happened.
Grucius and Youmu looked at each other, and started sprinting towards the town square.
The Demon didn’t run, but calmly used spatial movement.
With an understanding of spatial transfer, this was something trivial.

With his spatial transfer, he was the first to find Rimuru, and approached.
With gorgeous flowing sliver hair, it looked as if it was performing some sort of ritual for the deceased monster.
Beautiful, he obediently embraced this impression. He wanted to witness this scene with rapture, but he couldn’t do so any longer.
He silently approached to avoid causing disturbance, and kneeled.

「I have returned, my master. 」

He called out whilst paying close attention to make sure he doesn’t disturb the master.
He should have probably waited until the end of the ceremony, he was worried.

「Pardon me for my rudeness, however, it may appear that there isn’t enough energy」

What the Demon is witnessing is the ceremony most likely called 〈arcane soul recall〉.
Before resurrecting the dead, the arcane attempts to recreate a perfect replication of the soul.
If it fails, the person may become someone completely different, or even a monster.
Based on wisdom that humans will never understand, this arcane magic was devised.
Of course in order to actually use it a large amount of energy would actually be needed, and the amount of energy needed to control it was unimaginable.
Even High class devils will usually fail to control it.
Therefore only the most skilled with soul manipulation within the demon clan would see this through.

《Yes. The insufficiency of energy for the purpose of completely revival was confirmed. Thus, a certain amount of life force will be consumed as substitute. 》

These words had caused the Demon to panic.

「Please wait a moment Rimuru sama! To use your own life force as a substitute…
That’s it! There’s a better idea!
Please use these one’s instead! 」

Having find joy in this idea, the Demon had proposed such a thing to Rimuru
The greater devils walked up from behind, and knelt in front of him.

「For me, there is no greater joy than to be of assistance to you. 」

Rimuru, no Raphael, observed the demon with two shining red eyes.
No emotions reflect in those beautiful eyes,

《Understood. The amount of energy is confirmed to be sufficient in covering up the remaining portion.》

Then, he was devoured by the Gluttonous King (Beelzebub) without resistance.
The moment he was devoured, the greater devil dissimilated.
Then, he was converted to pure energy.
He was useful to his lord, his wish fulfilled. The energy was shining with a joyous colour.

TN Note: The ones devoured are his subordinates, not the Arch Demon himself.

「Oh……! I’m envious of you lot. However, as expect of my lord. As compared to when I saw you earlier, you have underwent growth! 」

He looked at the evolution of the lord with aspiring eyes.
To be reborn as a demon lord, to serve a beautiful master, that was the wish of the Demon.

TN comment: “It is unfortunate, but it has no gender.”


To that end, it could be said he has proven useful.
He would do anything within his power to prove his worth.

《The required amount of energy has been confirmed. Now, the < arcane="" soul="" recall=""> shall commence.》

Confirming that the amount of energy is sufficient, the Demon was still.
Unless it was his turn, he fears that should he intervene it would only bring about failure.
Right before the eyes of the Demon, the < arcane="" soul="" recall=""> has successfully completed.
A transparent, beautiful ball of light, covered in a smooth thin purple film.
This, was the soul acting as the core, and the Astral body forming the outer defense.
The moved on, and Shion’s soul returned to her body.
The success rates are lower than 3.14%. However, this probability was calculated prior to the evolution to a demon lord.
Shion’s soul, thanks to the blessing, has retained all her memories.
Rimuru’s wish has taken form, and this blessing was bestowed.
In addition to retaining all her memories, there’s an extra skill 『Complete Memory』.
It is an ability that will allow the soul to return safely from the dead for an unlimited amount of times.

ED: You serious.

With her soul and body establishing a connection once more, Shion’s core had begun beating once more.
And the dead has been revived.
No, It was a miracle that happened precisely right when the soul was about to disappear. Rimuru’s and everyone else’s prayers were not in vain.
Raphael, did not show any signs of joy in response to this success.
This was a result obtained through calculations and probabilities, just that.
It didn’t think of this as sadness, nor can it understand anything else.
Even so… in the depths of this emotionless mind, is an ego tucked into a corner.
Doubting his own existence, a small glimmer of a thought was subtly born, unbeknownst to the Wisdom Lord (Raphael)

“I think, therefore I am”

TN Note: look up Descartes.

ED: “People don’t think the universe be like it is, but it do.” –Black Science Man  

This will become a proposition for the Wisdom Lord (Raphael) in the future.
When Shion, the one who took the most damage successfully revived, the remaining 100 people also began to revive.
Their souls began to restore, and energy-filled astral bodies appeared once more.
Following the flow of work, < arcane="" soul="" recall=""> and < method="" to="" resuscitate="" the="" deceased=""> activated, and it ended with success.
The miracle, unknown to those within the city of monsters, was secretly granted by him.
Only two monsters know about this. Myulan and the Demon.
Myulan gazed at the scene without making a sound as she was completely mesmerized by the ritual.
She is someone who pursues the ultimate arcane magic and was clearly charmed by this.
Regarding an unbelievable high level Arcane magic, she had managed to witness a glimpse of it from the vessel of the demon lord Rimuru.
They themselves aren’t on the level of a Devil.
Even Clayman was dissatisfying. Then, she sworn that she was lucky and thankful to have gained recognition.
She had decided to lead Youmu so that Rimuru will never treat him as an enemy.
Thus, the oath will become something to protect at all cost.
Without uttering a word, the Demon dreamily looked at Rimuru and began considering.
Now, I’m having a conversation with myself, and not Rimuru? That’s what I though.
A skill gaining his own ego, that’s something unheard of. In order to fulfill the wish of its master, a skill acting of its own accords, that is something unprecedented.
Ridiculous. Such a thing couldn’t possibly happen.
Seemingly, that possibly was discarded.
Then such a thing…please give it to your subordinates by all means. Thus, a new determination was rekindled.

After a while, the footsteps of two individuals could be heard.
Rimuru (Raphael) had completed his objective, and returned to a deep slumber.
The panicking Youmu rushed over when he noticed Shion breathing like someone asleep.

「Oy, Shion san and the rest, have they been successfully revived? 」

Regarding this question, Myulan was troubled for a moment,

「Yes. According to the sharing of gifts during the evolution, they seemed to be successfully revived. Now if only their memories are intact, then we’re all good. 」
And then, they’ll be alright, right. She muttered something that Youmu couldn’t hear.

When doing so, the town folks began waking up one after the other.
The concentration of Magical power has been thinned, and they all panicked when they realized the barrier was gone……But it all boils down to joy when they realized Shion has resurrected.
The city named tempest was in a festive mood, and they were all wrapped up in joy.

Those who know that the resurrection was bought about not by a miracle, but through an ability (Raphael), numbered only two.

And in the shadows, the ego of the skill the Wisdom Lord (Raphael) has sprouted, was an event no one knew about.

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