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The Downfall of Falmas Kingdom
  On that day, the world fell into terror once again. The revival of “Storm Dragon Veldora” was confirmed. This information was quickly passed onto the countries under the influence of the Western Saint’s Church. The kings of each country, once again tried to rack their brains for countermeasures against “Storm Dragon Veldora”. ........However, there was a country that had a more pressing issue.   * * *   Falmas Kingdom, inside the audience room of the Royal Castle. On a certain morning, suddenly in the middle of the throne, something was left on it. That thing was a lump of flesh. On that lump of flesh, a face was embedded on the center,its was that of the King’s. He’s still alive. Although he had a hollow gaze, he seems to still retain some small vestige of his consciousness. The soldier who went to patrol in the morning noticed a groaning sound, that’s when he found him. Although the soldiers that served in the royal palace were elite Imperial guards, they can’t stop letting out scream in fear after seeing the body. Such disgusting appearance, it’s inevitable if they did not realize that the thing they found was the King they served. However, the lesser cabinet minister who rushed after hearing the soldier’s scream recognized that it was their King which had complete change in his appearance. And then...........,   「Th... There must be a bottle under me........  Please let me drink it.....」   Understanding the words of the King, who repeats the words in frail and incoherent muttering, they lift the King’s body hesitantly. The bodily fluids linger, the stench enshrouding the vicinity. There are people who vomit in fear. There are some who stumbled on their own feet. It was a pile of decrepit limbs that were attached something that resembled a human body. The sight alone would awaken a person basic instinctual fear, a truly repulsive object. Although their faces expressions stiffened, they endured it with their willpower to continue their duty. Gathering the remaining magicians in the royal palace, they had finished confirming that the lump of flesh was certainly the King himself. Even with such an appearance, they still need to pay their respect towards the King. Having lifted the King’s body according to his words, there was a bottle just like what he said. But, will he be okay if he drink this? From that uncertainty, the magicians decided to appraise it. The result...... Complete Recovery Medicine (Full Potion) It was a legendary class restorative medicine just a little below Resurrection Medicine (Elixir). It has been said that by drinking this, it will completely restore the lost body parts. The manufacturing method was lost, even the Dwarf race cannot reproduce it, so it was called as a Miracle Drug. A thought crossed in the magicians mind to use the medicine for their research, but they wouldn’t dare let such words escape their mouths in the presence of the king. Of course, they knew that the only way to cure the King’s current condition was by using the medicine. The change was extreme. At the same time as he drank the medicine, the King’s body was transformed into its former healthy appearance. The nearest minister quickly came with appropriate clothing. Wearing the clothes and taking a breather, the King ordered to conduct an emergency Imperial Conference. The palace became busy, preparing for the conference. The King looked at his trusted ministers that remained behind, and said   「Let’s change the location........ I will speak about what had occurred. Before the conference begin, I want to hear your opinions.」   So, he said weakly.   ***   After listening to the King’s story, the ministers became silent. The content was unbelievable and was too much for them at that time.   「Ki, King..... We will ask once more. Did everyone really died?」 「If it wasn’t a complete defeat, and if the survivor are not routed…… Then they are really dead?」 「Isn’t the supply corps stationed at the rear? Are they safe?」   The King shook his head weakly. Such an appearance made everyone understand whether they accept this or not. Everyone in the expedition was dead. One of the ministers broke down in tears after hearing the confirmation. The minister who asked about the safety of the supply corps, had sent off his own son for his first participation in a war. He made some arrangements beforehand to make sure his son would not be stationed at the front where it was dangerous but at the rear. But all of it was useless. In the first place, everyone thought that they would be victorious in this war, so he was sent to participate in his first campaign... The feeling of imminent victory he held at that time? The King could no longer remember it. However, on such tragedy only one had survived from the enormous number of participants. The total casualties enumerated to around 15.000 people. This was an enormous loss, the likes no one had ever seen before.   「King.... Was it true? Was the opponent only one monster?」   A relatively calm minister asked the King. The King nods at that question.   「It was true. And, the only one who survived the onslaught was me.」(ED: Formal speech. 余)   Again, he narrated the facts that were hard to accept. Of the torture he had, of the Monsters situation. And also on the fact of the birth of new Demon Lord. And the dreadful future that awaited the Falmas Kingdom, for opposing the Demon Lord. The ministers turned silent. According to the King’s story, the fall of Falmas Kingdom was a certainty that would occur imminently. That’s why, the Imperial Conference was conducted, it would be held in three days after every Noble had assembled. And then, the King told everyone about the three choices suggested by the Demon Lord.   『Now then, my proposal. King of Falmas Kingdom. You can only take one of the three options I present before you. The First Option is for you to abdicate. You must step down from your position to take the full responsibility for this war. Naturally, after the war, you must pay reparations, that can be in the form of parts of Falmas’s territory or 1.500 StarGold coins.   The next one is the Second Option, you as the King must submit your country to our country, Tempest. In this case, Your Falmas Kingdom will become a vassal state of Tempest. The resistance from the Nobles will definitely big, so it can be expected that it will be hard to convince them. Your treatment, as a vassal state will be dependent upon the decisions made at the conference. Although it is close to an unconditional surrender, the lives and property of the Citizens will be guaranteed by me.   And the last, the Third Option, I don’t really recommend this. You once again gather the nobles, and continue the war against our country. If you take this choice, at that time your life will really come to an end. Although you might be liberated from the suffering of this world, you can protect your pride to the end. The citizens would starve, and the War will continue for a long time.   You’re free to choose any of the options. Make sure you tell the messenger in a week. Think about your answer carefully. 」   With a lovely smile on its beautiful girly face, she stated it while smiling kindly. A truly terrifying Demon Lord. Just by reciting the words, his entire being filled with fear. To oppose such person, he never dared to even think about it again. His fear outweighed his pride as a king; he no longer held any desire to oppose that person. Turning him into a lump of flesh, every day he was made to eat his own appendages. He wholeheartedly never wanted to taste such fear ever again, but he needed to listen to the ministers’ words.   「Unbelievable! A single Star gold coins is equivalent to 100 gold coins. Do you mean we need to pay 150.000 gold coins?! There are no reasons to pay monsters such amount of money. I will never approve this!」 「That’s right. Moreover, the territory too! Even if it’s only a territory of a Count, I won’t accept it either. To become a neighbour to Monster Territory!] 「Also, something like submitting is also unreasonable! There is no guarantee that the opponent will stick to the agreement to not interfere with the Citizens.」 「We are determined, we will resist to the bitter end. We swear by all our pride, we will exterminate those monsters.」   For King Edomalis, he already knew that the flow of the conversation would become like this. The nobles in this place had yet to see reality. It’s not because they didn’t have fear, but because they are not the ones who went to war. From a safe place, they sent people to fight in their stead. There is no need to think about the consequence when defeat came either. It was good until now. Falmas Kingdom was a major power; it was above the neighbouring countries. But this time it will be impossible. After all, the opponent is a Demon Lord who annihilated an army single-handedly.   「.......Is that ok? The opponent is a Demon Lord. This is not a metaphor or exaggeration, but a Demon Lord that can match against an army and overwhelmed them by herself. You can call it pride, but are you guys the ones who went to war? My pride has already broken and is allredy gone. Like hell I want to taste such fear  again..... I won’t permit such madness! If you still want to go to war, you bastards can go to war, I won’t stop it!   In the case that we can’t trust the monsters, so what? To submit? Or to go to war? Is it a good idea? I will not go to war. It’s already too late, we can only surrender. This is enough, this is already satisfactory. The Demon Lord had already declared......   『If you say it was for the sake of the country, I think it’s stupid to not consider the state of affair in the enemy country. If you change the state of relationship with them, perhaps they can become a good neighbour.』   Like that! I was warned by the monster. If I listened to what Marquis Muller and Count Herman had said, this situation would never have occurred. It was my own desire, not for the sake of the Citizens, but for myself. There is no second chance. There is none. If I make a mistake in choosing the option, not only me but calamity will poured down on the citizens. My honor, my pride, I don’t care about them anymore. At least, please think of a plan where no calamity will befall on the citizens! 」   Hearing the King screaming with all of his spirit, the ministers were frozen. That calculating king that put his own profit as the maximum priority had personally admitted his mistake. And he ended up answering that it was hopeless after considering the difference in war potential. Certainly, just like what the king had said, the possibility for them to win was completely non-existent. Their prides were just an excuse, they just wanted to protect their own interests, and they were severely self-conscious about it. The king kneeled before his ministers. And   「I am extremely sorry. Please find the best solution. For the Country.... For the People.」   Everyone nodded at that person’s words, and they prostrated themselves before him. King Edomalis also gave a slight nod, and their conversation continued once again. Before the nobles assembled, they needed to think up some plans to a curtain extent. Persuading the Nobles was an absolute  necessity, if it was not done, this Country would inevitably perish. What should be done to make the situation better? What should be done for the happiness of the Citizens? The discussion between the King and the Ministers continued without end...... ----Obligatory line of slow proof reading----(wahahaha its moving slooooowly)     Three days passed. The Nobles has assembled and The Imperial Conference was held. Different from the previous one, there were no composure in the King and Ministers’ expressions, only seriousness. The nobles felt the difference in the atmosphere and tension was showing on their faces. The nobles were informed about the King’s story. Hearing that speech, the nobles were thrown into chaos.   「This country, was defeated by the Monsters’ country Tempest. Therefore, to take the responsibility, I will abdicate from the throne.」   Due to the explosive statements that were spoken by the King, the Conference became complicated. The disastrous fate of the subjugation army was announced by the minister. The unbelievable content was the only survivor was the King alone. The criticisms were flooding against the King’s decision to fulfill the demand of compensation. Such talks was justified. As Falmas Kingdom was a large country with total population of Thirty million, the taxes revenue that the national treasury received each year was about Five million Gold coins. That was also the taxes revenue of last year, however the demanded compensation was 1,500 Star Gold coins or 150,000 Gold coins. Or proportional to 3% of yearly tax revenue. Moreover, in regards to surrendering territories. The nobles were furious and speak loudly for the King to take responsibility. They demand the Royal Family to pay the indemnities, also they firmly refuse to cede the territories. The Nobles’ complaints were not completely unjustified. However, the nobles had forgotten. The opponent was a Demon Lord who can crush an army by herself. Or rather, perhaps they did not want to believe it...... When that matter was pointed out, there are some who turned pale, but there are some who act impudently too. Just like what King Edomalis had been worried, the nobles didn’t reach any conclusion and the conference was in utter chaos.   「King! Even if you abdicated, you cannot escape from taking responsibility! In the first place, did you think you can escape only by yourself?」 「If this one did not abdicate, then I will receive that Demon Lord’s Wrath, is that fine with you? Moreover if this one don’t abdicate and keep governing, there is no other choice than to become a vassal state, are you prepared for that?」 「Gu..... However! To unconditionally surrender to that monster is!」   He kept repeating such exchange many times. The ministers look at this situation and remembered their previous conversation with the king, their face become red from anger. King Edomalis certainly can be considered a greedy person, but not to such extent into avarice (blind greed). Moreover he is not a foolish king and his eyes see what lies ahead. Even the mistake this time was surely also originated from his desire to protect his country’s interest. To push all the blame into the King was a mistake. That was not something that can be tolerated. The Nobles as always were just wanted to protect their own interest, and as for the sake of Falmas Kingdom itself, it was obvious that they never cared for the lives and properties of the citizens.     In the end, the conference ended without reaching any agreement. It was going just like the prediction of Rimuru (Or rather, Wisdom King Raphael), civil war erupted in Falmas Kingdom between the King’s faction and the Noble’s faction. The result was the Downfall of Falmas Kingdom. Henceforth, it was passed down on the later generation as a country that was destroyed because of the Demon Lord’s Wrath.   * * *   It’s said that at the time there came a single Youth from the Domain of Count Nidole Maidam. This man would be known as a New hero. As he went, he gathered volunteers to protect the citizen’s properties and fought against the greed of the Noble class. Those who were quick of wit, as well as those who were prudent, chose to join the side of this Youth early on in his quest. The name of this Youth, was Youmu. Youmu was the commander of the Frontier Garrison, and as such, quickly gained popularity with villages and peasants alike. Especially in the outlying villages that were under threat from monster raids. The man himself was very charismatic, and in the blink of an eye, his power and influence had expanded greatly. From the words of those villages were the words that would describe him, The Invincible, Undefeated, Always Victorious. These led to rumors about this man. The disunited Noble armies were too few and too scattered to oppose him, and as he went on, he began to show his overwhelming power. Not only was this young man, Youmu, backed by Marquis Muller, Count Herman and other such influential noblemen, but he also receives the very backing of the Royal Family’s heir. The Son of the Former King Edolmalis, Edgar, was still a boy, yet he played an active role as Youmu’s personal staff officer. His father King Edomalis, however, was executed at the time of his abdication. The story of the Former King’s execution had become popular ghost talk as of late. At the time the Guillotine blade fell upon him, a young girl’s laugh could be heard reverberating at the scene. Then, as if by an otherworldly force, the head and body began to float in midair and vanished into the far horizon. Certainly it could not be a mass hallucination, the proof for this was the pool of blood that was left behind after the corpse vanished out of sight. Though this part of the story would be made to vanish from the chronicles of history, to fade into the depths of the void. Although in the ages to come such a subject would come to controversy and theory, there was evidence that claimed Marius, the hero King Youmu’s right-hand man, possessed a spitting image of the Former King Edomalis. Though by that point, there was no noblemen that could judge the authenticity of such a claim.   In just two years, the young hero-King Youmu the Great had completed his noble quest, and succeeded in uniting the scattered territories of the former Falmas Kingdom. This was only made possible through the noble efforts of the Dwarf and Burmund Kingdoms. This sole factor would be known as the greatest piece that led to the successful unification. However, even beyond this was a piece that shocked the country. That was the nonaggression treaty that was bestowed upon the noble hero-King Youmu by the Great Demon Lord, Rimuru Tempest, a member of the mighty Eight Star Demon Lords. In the end, this treaty was used as a pretext as securing postwar investments and indemnity in support of Youmu. The signing of the nonaggression pact between the Great Demon Lord, Rimuru Tempest, and the hero-King Youmu signified the end of a war that brought terror to the peoples of the Kingdom. The fear of a Demon Lord’s wrath and terror, capable of causing an entire army to vanish without a fight. While it isn’t spoken, this pact also served to establish the legitimacy of the young hero-King. With the Former King dead and the hero-King taking the throne with justice as his witness, a friendship was said to have been born between the hero-King Youmu and the Great Demon Lord, Rimuru Tempest. With the support of these mighty countries, a new country was born. This country’s name would come to be known as >. The meaning of the name was “A country born through the greatest Peril” Youmu formally assumed the position as the Founding King, changing his name from Youmu to Falmenas. By his side were two mighty Devils, as well as his trusted staff officer and wise political advisor. Though the latter’s history is faded into obscurity, the hero-King had surrounded himself with skilled and wise individuals of unquestionable loyalty and grace. With the trust of his companions as his guide, Youmu thus set out on his road, his road as a hero-King of the country of >.     The new era. Against such turbulent era, the progress of history does not stop. ----------------------------------------------------------------

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