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You stretch out your hand to shake hands with someone, but the other person responded with a cold *hum* and ignored you while your hand remained in the air waiting for the other person to shake your hand.

If you had come across something similar to this, you can definitely understand just how embarrassing and unpleasant Jiang Fei had felt when it had happened to him.

This was equivalent to being subject in public humiliation!

So no matter how broad-minded Jiang Fei even he was unable to suppress the unpleasant feeling in his stomach……he was just unable to bear it any longer!

However, he didn't panic, and also had nothing to fear.

If the old man came here to find fault, with his weary old body, Jiang Fei would only need a single finger to settle the matter with him; but if the old man came here to kick down his clinic, then he'll just settle it with his own medical skills.

Even with his current medical level which was just a little bit more until the 7th level, he believe that he'll still be able to beat the old man. Even if the old man came from a real medical family, and was Jincheng Hospital's best acupuncturist, he still believed that he wouldn't necessarily lose to him.

These days Jiang Fei had treated innumerable amount of incurable diseases, except for those that are terminally ill, he rarely encountered diseases that he couldn't heal. So Jiang Fei had great confidence with regards to his skills in medicine.

It was needless to say, but his very first treatment was the war that caused his name to spread all over the city, treating an old woman that had a cerebrovascular disorder who was thought to be done for, and just like that with his magical hands he brought the dying old woman back to life!

Even the emergency hospital in the city was unable to heal the old woman, what about this old man called Qin Zhengming, can he also bring the woman back to life? Jiang Fei didn't think so.

Since the old man wants to spit on his plaque, and severely ruin his face and reputation, Jiang Fei would also do the same thing to him.

He was ready to fight back and do whatever means necessary to win, and so long as he was capable of doing it, he would fight back with everything he has without being afraid of anything.

"YOU……!" Seeing that Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin was rude towards him, Qin Zhengming's body somewhat trembled.

He was famous entirely for his skills in Traditional Chinese Medicine, moreover he was old enough to be the predecessor of many rising stars. Thus no matter where he went, no matter which meeting he went to, he was always respected by everyone. So although he mentioned about the medical ethics which doctors should oblige by, he was still a little arrogant and conceited, many people would say this as him….taking advantage of his seniority.

In Qin Zhengming's eyes, Jiang Fei seemed like a young man who didn't know how vast the universe was, and that if he were to even be a little bit knowledgeable should be listening to his teaching, and obediently obey him. He shouldn't even mutter a single word, let alone talk back at him.

But now these two in front of him, not only talked back at him, but had even dared to curse at him!

Qin Zhengming's hand shook, his hand pointed at the 'Acupuncture King' Plaque on the clinic wall as he angrily said: "Today, you have to take this plaque down! Otherwise….otherwise your clinic will close down!"

"What! Is there something wrong with you old man?" Jasmine Lin couldn't resist opening her mouth again. It looked like she was more concerned about this matter than Jiang Fei.

Jiang Fei's look was also bad. Not only did the old man want to find fault, but he even dared to threaten him!

However, Jiang Fei took the threat of this old man of great importance. After all, this old man's origin was not that simple, his power was simply terrifying, if he really wanted to, he could use his power, closing down this clinic was not impossible.

For example, if the old man went to the health bureau and told them he wanted to take his doctor's certificate back, even Jiang Fei would find it troublesome.

Jiang Fei's eyes narrowed, he was in his thought once again, and after a while he asked: "Exactly who told you to take down my plaque?"

"It doesn't matter who told me to take it down. No matter what happens today, this plaque will be taken down by me!" Qin Zhengming said loudly.

At this time Jiang Fei suddenly smiled: "In fact, I already know who told you to come here. It's definitely the director of Jincheng hospital's son, Gao Hengyuan! It looks like experiencing it with his body wasn't enough for him!"

A flash of surprise appeared on Qin Zhengming's eyes, although the color of anger in his eyes hasn't disappeared yet, but he didn't speak.

He disliked telling lies.

But not speaking was the same as admitting the truth.

Jiang Fei smiled and laughed, and with a strong disdain: "Although I don't know you, but hearing that Dr. Qin is an amazing acupuncturist, and how noble and upright he was. But now it seems…hehe."

Qin Zhengming angrily replied: "Smelly kid, what do you mean?"

"What do I mean? Isn't it obvious?"
Jiang Fei shrugged and sinisterly said: "I thought you were a powerful existence that would distinguish right from wrong, but it seems like I was wrong, to be so easily controlled by the director of Jincheng Hospital's son, to help that child, to help that playboy do nasty things! You're old, but even if you're not afraid of death, you should still do good deeds so that you don't go to the netherworld, right?"

"You, you, you….." Qin Zhengming was furious, he said 'you' three times without completing his sentence.

This made Jiang Fei pleasantly surprised, he thought that this old man wouldn't be mad by such a thing.

In law, there was no law that proves that you're a good person, but if you become furious it meant that you were guilty.

"You…you fart!" The old man Qin Zhengming eventually couldn't hold it anymore and finally said it out loud. He pointed at Jiang Fei, his arms were shaking as he angrily said: "I Qin Zhengming have pride, why would I bow down to someone else? If I don't want to do something, not to mention the director's playboy son, even if the director himself asked me to, I still wouldn't do it!"

"Today I didn't want to find trouble, I just wanted to see you ignorant quack, and whether you really dared to hang the 'Acupuncture King' plaque in your clinic! But I didn't expect that you'd really be so shameless as to hang it up. It's not because of Gao Hengyuan that I'm doing this, but that you aren't worthy of such a title! You don't know a fart kid, how can you be so shameless as to call yourself 'Acupuncture King'? You simply don't know how vast the world is!"

After listening, Jiang Fei finally understood something.

The meaning behind the old man's words, in short: If I didn't dare call myself Acupuncture King, how could you a kid like you dare to call yourself Acupuncture King. He wasn't here to find fault!

"Oh…." Jiang Fei suddenly nodded his head. "So that's how it is."

"Jasmine Lin asked: "That's how it is?"

Jiang Fei smiled: "Senior Dr. Qin is just jealous! He's jealous, that despite his age no one had called him Acupuncture King. But now this title was obtained by me, so he isn't very happy!"

Jiang Fei frankly pointed out Qin Zhengming's innermost feelings.

After Qin Zhengming was punctured by Jiang Fei, he blushed a little, he didn't object it, and had instead angrily said: "Even if that is so, I have still practice medicine for dozens of years, you don't even know how many times higher my medical skill is from yours, yet I still didn't dare to call myself Acupuncture King, because I know that there's somebody out there that is better than me. But kid your too arrogant, you don't know how vast the universe is. However, today no matter what happens this plaque will be taken down. Otherwise, you won't be able to work as a doctor anymore!"

After listening to the angered Qin Zhengming, Jiang Fei's anger at this time had mostly disappeared.

The old man was although too imposing, but in Jiang Fei’s eyes he wasn't too bad….his mind was just too small, never wanting to admit that there was actually someone better than him.

Jiang Fei now hated someone to the bones, and obviously, it was that playboy, Gao Hengyuan. He thought in his heart: "It seems like the previous lesson was not enough! That scum, to even dare to secretly cause trouble for me….."

"I'm telling you once again, I didn't give myself this plaque, my patients sent it to me. If I had given it to myself, I wouldn't care if you take it down. But this was given to me by my patients, I absolutely won't allow anyone to take it down! I can't disappoint my patients, and had even promised them that I'd keep it for a lifetime!" Jiang Fei looked awe-inspiring as he proudly said so.

In fact, he simply didn't want to remove it…..

But Jiang Fei quickly turned and looked at the old man: "But if you think I am not worthy of this plaque, then let's have a match, and see if I really am worthy of this plaque!"

"A small ophthalmologist dares to have a match with me?" Qin Zhengming coldly sneered.

Jiang Fei was serious, he nodded his head and said: "Yes. I want to have a match with you!"

"Who says a small ophthalmologist can't become the Acupuncture King? Right now, I'm officially challenging you to a match, do you dare to agree? If you don't dare, leave my clinic right away and don't say anything bad about it!"

The nearby Jasmine Lin really liked this type of Jiang Fei, quickly, a sweet feeling filled her heart as she thought to herself: "An overbearing man is definitely cool!"

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