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Chapter 31: A marriage alliance(1)

"Papa is looking for a marriage alliance for you. Is that not good news?"


'Was this the father who never cared for me and doesn't even look me in the eyes directly? Why is he suddenly searching for a marriage alliance for this daughter he treats worse than a servant?

An Yan felt 90% distrust and 10% doubt. However, she could only remain alert.

She recalled the gossip she heard within the steamed shop a while back. 'If what sister says is true, then this is definitely alarming. That father, what kind of man did he expect to find for her? If it's him wouldn't he give me to an extremely awful husband?'

"Is what jiejie said true?"

An Yan looked pleasantly surprised and even a bit amazed. She feigned a naive and innocent girl's appearance, as though foolishly trusting her sister's words.

Seeing this, An Jing's words also seemed outwardly happy to the point where her eyes were wide and cheerful as she spoke. Inwardly, however, she sneered. 'She really is a person who hasn't seen much of society. Just hearing she's going to get married makes her happy, as though she were about to get married into an aristocratic family. She really thinks she'll fly off toward the heavens.'

As she thought this, she didn't realize than a mocking expression had appeared on her face. Although it had only been for a second, it was still directly seen by the closely observing An Yan.

'Oh, you're mocking me?'

That fleeting look was enough to dispel the 10% doubt An Yan had of this.

All this time she'd expected some warmth but got nothing. 'Jiejie's smile, what did it mean? What scheme has she cooked up now?'

What valuables did she possess that this noble, grand, wealthy sister of hers needed to scheme for it?

"Of course it's true. Why would jiejie deceive you?" An Jin gave a reassuring smile. The smile caused her two eyes, which were completely different from An Yan's, to curve into two small crescents.

"If it's like this then Father is bring good to Yan'er." An Yan bowed her head in a shy manner. The moment she bent her head a cold sneer twisted her lips. The sneer was even more cruel than what An Jin had briefly shown previously. She covered her face to appear more shy, but was instead keeping up the sneer. "Does jiejie know to whom I will be marrying? Which family's son?"

As An Yan said this, a gust of cold wind blew past causing goosebumps to rise along her skin.

"I also don't know but I heard a few rumors. I only know that Father will betroth Yan meimei to a boy from the royal family."

An Jin sounded rather envious as she said with a pout, "Father is really good to Yan meimei. Although Father usually refuses to acknowledge meimei's existence, he wouldn't be careless with regards to your marriage. Although those rumors are quite vicious, you're still a daughter of the Prime Minister's Manor."

An Jin appeared offended on An Yan's behalf with regards to the rumors of the poisonous miss. She sounded like a true older sister felt genuine affection for her younger sister and, because of that love, felt really angry over the rumors.

"Yan'er has already gotten used to those rumors and can let them go with a laugh." An Yan looked indifferent as she smiled innocently toward An Jin. "Those rumors of Yan'er is just a small prick. I will be fine after that instant of pain from it."

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