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Chapter 386 - If There Was An Eavesdropping Card

Translator: lav

Editor: SSins

This conversation alarmed Shi Lei as if he felt something.  

A top family from Wudong...it had to be the Wei, Yu or Bai without a doubt.  

Shi Lei was certainly going to decline Bai Shu's offer, but now he had other thoughts.  

It wasn't possible for the Bai family to look for Vice Mayor Bai, but it was possible for both Wei and Yu family. If it was Yu family's people who were contacting Vice Mayor Bai, the only reason to do that was to find a breakthrough point here and hope that the Song family would become a bystander. However, the possibility of this wasn't high either. If the Wei family really wanted the Song family to do something, they were likely planning to go straight to Xixi for them and not contact Vice Mayor Bai in Runzhou. It would only make the Song family feel disgusted with them unless the Song family already rejected Wei Ye's request.  

By comparison, Yu Banzhi had the highest chance of contacting Vice Mayor Bai.  

However, Shi Lei couldn't understand why since Yu Banzhi had already seen Secretary Song. No matter how well the negotiation went, it seemed unreasonable to talk to Vice Mayor Bai.  

But Yu Banzhi still had the highest possibility.

Bai Shu picked up the phone again, "Brother Shitou, I just wanted to be closer to you. We are going to be in the same family sooner or later, right? If you really don't like events like the one last night, we don't have to go. What about finding a place and drinking a little?"

Bai Shu originally thought that he had to put more efforts in, but Shi Lei unexpectedly agreed.

"Since you already organised a party, we should go. If you, the organiser, doesn't go, how can the others party?"

"Huh? Brother Shitou, you agreed? Awesome! In fact, it doesn't really matter. They are happy even if I'm not there since they are not going for me. Brother Shitou, give me your address. I'll drive and pick you up. There's no need for both of us drive a car if there's only two of us."

Shi Lei agreed and sent his address to Bai Shu through WeChat. Bai Shu replied saying that he lived close and that he will be there in about ten minutes.

Shi Lei put on his jacket and told his parents before leaving. There was some distance from his house to the front of the factory and the time was just right.

It was the same Audi as last night when he approached. The car wasn't even completely stopped when Shi Lei heard Bai Shu's exaggerated voice, "Brother Shitou, you are so early. The weather is cold and I thought I'd call you to come downstairs after I arrived."

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