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Chapter 387: Eighth Rank New Soul Technique (2)

"So that's what it is. You truly are honest……" Finally, Ting Lan understood, but she only smiled. This smile was charming, unintentionally revealing the alluring nature of a grown woman, actually appearing to be specially charming.

"Honest?" This was the first time someone had called him that. He simply didn't like such meaningless misunderstandings, and Chu Mu felt that, after that event, Ting Lan's attitude made Chu Mu feel very uncomfortable.

"Indeed pretty honest. I'm eighth level title, so I'll have a lot of opportunities to enter Bindin Wind Sacred Region in the future. I told you before that I would give you a small gift, and I planned for it to be an eighth level soul technique. Now we can go and pick one." Ting Lan said.

"Eighth level soul technique, that would be amazing." Chu Mu's eyes brightened.

Seventh level title Chu Mu could only pick seventh level soul techniques. In reality, seventh level soul techniques were already somewhat underleveled for Chu Mu's current strength. If he could get an eighth level soul technique, his strength would have a greater increase.

Ting Lan saw Chu Mu's response and started laughing again, "You truly don't try to be polite."

Ting Lan originally thought Chu Mu would attempt to push the gift around for a bit. After all, she had just given the Binding Wind Spirit to him, yet he hadn't even said anything. Now, she was offering an eighth level soul technique, and he acted like it ought to be like that.

Chu Mu smiled widely. Eighth level soul technique, that was worth tens of millions, so why would he push it around? It would be best if she gave him some soul equipment as well, since that would solve most of his lingering problems.

As an eighth level female palace guard, every year she had the chance to select one eighth level soul technique. As they spoke, Ting Lan brought Chu Mu towards the book palace where all the precious soul techniques were kept.

There were many other palace guards protecting this soul technique palace. After passing through layers upon layers of protection and proving their identities, Chu Mu finally stepped into the soul technique palace, where neat rows of soul techniques lined the halls.

One of soul palace's most coveted resources was their soul technique books. Soul Palace had the most comprehensive collection of soul techniques out of all factions, and the benefit of a soul technique once a year was also something only soul palace had.

"What type of soul technique?" Ting Lan asked.

Soul pet trainers' soul techniques were also split by type. Usually, one didn't mean beast type or elemental type, but rather types such as offensive, defensive, effective, supportive, etc…...

Chu Mu needed soul techniques in two main directions right now. One was an absolute defensive technique that, when fallen into great danger, could be used to create a key difference. Another direction is an eighth level fire type attack.

Chu Mu could stack fire type techniques together. This was probably the most powerful combination technique between Chu Mu, Mo Xie, and White Nightmare. It was incredibly powerful and could often instantly kill soul pets with strengths much higher than themselves.

Now, however, Mo Xie didn't learn any eighth level fire type techniques, and White Nightmare also knew none. If he learned it right now, the overlaying would be meaningless.

"Your dream beast has potential, but I feel that its demon type isn't pure enough. I suggest you learn something that could increase your demon's restricting capabilities." Ting Lan said.

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