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Chapter 57 - Green Dwarfs

    Without a doubt, increasing the muscle attribute would be the choice if it was decided by which one was the highest, which wasn't a bad way to choose.

    However, although the willpower attribute might seem a little useless in battle, its hidden uses did not fall behind any of the other attributes.

    Wei Xiao Bei had felt it before. If he did not have 12 points of willpower, he might have died due to the Fiendish Man Fish, and might also very well die from other future monsters.

    As for endurance, an explanation was really necessary.

    He felt that his current endurance was already enough, so he crossed it out.

    Willpower or muscle?

    Wei Xiao Bei thought for a long time while eating his jerky. In the end, he chose muscle.

    Afterall, compared to other attributes, muscle would allow him to quickly increase his fighting strength.

    Soon, his evolution points quickly disappeared as he placed them on the muscle attribute.

    After 10 seconds, his evolution points went down to 3 points and his muscle attribute increased to 14.56 points. A part of this was caused by using his ability, releasing electricity, which had increase his strength and agility. Now, his strength attribute was at 12.3 points.

    This was a small surprise.

    The increase in muscle attribute this time was much more significant.

    Wei Xiao Bei held onto a rusty wash bowl. He increased the power in his hands and shouted. With a sharp breaking sound, the enamel bowl split into two.

    This result could actually be achieved with his previous strength, but it was not this easy.


    Wei Xiao Bei raised his fist towards the sky as blood rushed to his brain in excitement.

    If I accumulated 500 more points and increased the muscle to 20, I wonder what kind of ability would appear?

    While he was thinking this, he placed back the remaining 5kg of jerky back under his bed and quickly returned back to the food street.


    As Wei Xiao Bei approached the food street, a shrill cry came from within.

    Wei Xiao Bei was so startled, he no longer wanted to go further and instead,  snuck into one of the yards closeby and carefully peeked above the wall.

    He could only see that the Shangfu corpses were surrounded by a group of green dwarfs. Their heights only reached to about Wei Xiao Bei's knee and their wrinkled green skin looked like that of strange, sick old people.

    Without a doubt, the Shangfu corpses had become their food.

    They wielded stone dagger, stone axes, and rusted steel pipes in their hands and cut pieces of meat from the Shangfu's corpse, piling them up to one side. Once the pile reached a certain amount, a group of them would bring it away.

    Just like that, the Shangfu corpses slowly became skeletons.

    This was simply stealing food!

    Wei Xiao Bei already understood the importance of food in this Dust World. As a result, he went into rage from seeing these green dwarfs steal the meat that he had gained after risking his life.

    Anger was anger, but Wei Xiao Bei knew not to recklessly charge out.

    The green dwarfs had small heads. Because of this, they looked like children and didn't seem to be that strong. However, since he did not know how strong they really were, he could not approach them yet.

    Moreover, there were more than 30 of them. There might be a camp for them just like the Fishmen Village.

    After those green dwarfs cut off most of the meat from the Shangfu corpses, they returned back inside the mist.

    Wei Xiao Bei only came out from the yard when those green dwarfs disappeared inside the mist. He walked to the two Shangfu corpses that were only left with bones.


    What is this smell?

    Wei Xiao Bei's nose twitched in disgust.

    A horrific stench entered his nose. It smelled like a person who had not taken a bath for a hundred years. The smell almost made Wei Xiao Bei vomit out his stomach contents.

    This was the smell that those green dwarfs left behind.

    Despite its distastefulness, Wei Xiao Bei was not surprised by this at all. These monsters inside The Dust World would never have taken a bath in their lives. The same could be said for the Fishmen that he had fought before. After approaching the fog, a disgusting fishy smell entered his nose, but it was still better than the smell of those green dwarfs.

    After hesitating a bit, he slowly walked into the mist.

    Although he still could not see anything, the strange sound that those green dwarfs could be heard deep within the mist. This allowed Wei Xiao Bei to know their general direction.

    After walking for a while, Wei Xiao Bei noticed that he had walked for around 300 meters.

    However, the food street in Wei Xiao Bei's memory was only 200 meters long.

    What is happening?

    When he came back to his senses, he noticed the the sound of footsteps disappeared from the front.

    Could I have lost them?

    Wei Xiao Bei noticed that the mist had thinned a bit. Light shone through the mist, revealing  a field of green in the distance.


    A green shimmer appeared through the fog, and Wei Xiao Bei could roughly see the figures of the green dwarfs.

    Wei Xiao Bei took two tense steps forward and the mist disappeared behind him.

    When he was able to clearly see the scene, he stopped everything, stunned.

    Where he stood was already the end of the food street, and 50 meters ahead of him was a green forest.

    This forest looked completely untouched. Tall trees exceeding 20 meters stretched towards the skies. Withered leaves that had accumulated for who knows how many years, made up the forest floor and python-sized roots could be seen peeking out from time to time.

    A cool breeze brushed over, allowing Wei Xiao Bei to take in the fresh air.

    In actual fact, this was the first time he had seen such a lively scene in The Dust World.

    The apartment street, Lake Cui, the reeds, everything was ash gray colored. It had given Wei Xiao Bei the image of a ruined world, even the air was filled with dust.

    As a result of seeing such beautiful scenery, Wei Xiao Bei's mood had become much better.

    However, his good mood did not signify that his situation was good.

    At this moment, more than thirty green dwarfs surrounded him in a half circle while staring at him. Their mouths let out strange sounds, while more green dwarfs came out from within the forest.

    Wei Xiao Bei couldn't help but let out a bitter smile. He had underestimated them these green dwarfs. .

    In reality, these green dwarfs were actually quite alert. When he had followed them, they had already noticed him.

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