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Chapter 58 - Massacre!

    Perhaps they felt that their numbers were not enough, or perhaps there was another reason they had lured him here.

    Facing so many enemies, Wei Xiao Bei tightly grasped the pitchfork in his hands. His spread his legs and stretched his body, as if he was a leopard preparing to attack.


    After facing each other for awhile or perhaps because their numbers were now enough, the green dwarf at the very end suddenly made an unintelligible shriek.

    This shriek appeared to be an attack command. The green dwarfs all began to charge towards Wei Xiao Bei with their weapons.

    The weapons that these green dwarfs wielded could be called primitive weapons.

    As for the rusted knives and daggers, there was nothing more to be said.

    But they had even wielded soup ladles, chair legs, thigh bones, and many others.

    Because their heights were below his knee, their attacks could only reach Wei Xiao Bei's lower leg.

    This gave Wei Xiao Bei the misconception of being attacked by kindergarteners

    However, this did not mean he was willing to be injured by these green dwarfs. If these green- dwarfs had totally surrounded him, even soup ladles, chair legs, thigh bones, could injure him.

    After retreating ten steps backwards, he let his body disappear into the mist.

    To those green dwarfs, Wei Xiao Bei was a giant.

    Wei Xiao Bei's strategy was to make them think that he was afraid of them. As a result, they did not retreat, and on the contrary, they cheered as they entered the mist.

    Pop, pop!

    Following the sound of the pitchfork piercing flesh, the first two green dwarfs that entered the fog were flung out ike a worn-out ball. They were sent flying towards the group of green dwarfs, making them alarmed.

    Wei Xiao Bei, who was hidden within the fog, was closely observing the other side. He was only able to see a certain distance ahead of him. As a result, when the first two green-skinned dwarfs entered the mist, they immediately met misfortune. They had been instantly pierced by Wei Xiao Bei's pitchfork and was sent flying.

    Seeing their two allies killed, the originally reckless green dwarfs immediately cowered a bit. Their mouths were shouting unintelligible words like 'guguna' and 'zhiga zhiga', yet none of the green dwarfs were willing to charge into the mist.

    After killing two of them, Wei Xiao Bei roughly understood their strength.

    The strength of these green dwarfs were equivalent to their heights, in other words, their strength were almost the same as a 10 year old child. However, they were much more ferocious.

    At the very least, a 10 year old child would not brandish their weapons at him.

    In any case, Wei Xiao Bei's worry had been dispelled. As a result, when these green dwarfs shrunk back in fear, he moved to a different side inside the mist and thrust out his pitchfork, directly running through another green dwarf. Soon after, he moved the pitchfork, dragging the green dwarf with it.

    Immediately, he swept the pitchfork at the rest of the green dwarfs, hitting them in succession. In one swing, five green dwarfs were sent flying. When they finally landed on the ground, it could be seen that their limbs had been broken.

    It needed to be said that these green dwarfs were quite courageous.

    Even if they saw their comrades pierced to death by the pitchfork, more than 10 of them still raised their weapons and charged at Wei Xiao Bei. The remaining majority of them had shrunk back in fear, some even running back into the forest. 

    Wei Xiao Bei couldn't help let out a smile after seeing the scene.

    If all fifty of them had decided to swarm him at the same time, then he would have been troubled.

    A single ant would not be a problem, but once they increased in numbers, even elephants, leopards, and other animals could not be their opponents. This was especially the case since these green dwarfs were much more difficult to deal with than just ants.

    Just by swiping at Wei Xiao Bei's legs a few times with their daggers, he would probably not be able to endure it for much longer, even with his strong recovery.


    Wei Xiao Bei had stopped hiding in the mist. He directly charged towards the green dwarfs that were coming over. When they were less than 50 meters apart, he shouted and pierced the enemy with his pitchfork. After thrusting out his pitchfork, three of the green dwarfs had been pierced to death.

    This heaven defying attack that had instantly killed three of them, made the rest of them frightened stiff. They did not even dare to continue their attack. The bolder ones just threw their weapons at him, while the cowards turned their tails and ran.

    Facing the thrown weapons, Wei Xiao Bei did not even think of dodging them. He only waved his pitchfork to send the weapons to the ground.

    At this time, the green dwarfs had already lost their will to fight. Those who ran the fastest had already entered the forest. Those that were slower threw their weapons to the ground to increase their speed. One of them even directly jabbed their weapon into their comrades leg. In short, the area was in chaos.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not hesitate at all. He raised his spear and chased after them.

    When compared a human, the disparity in their running speed was too great.

    Wei Xiao Bei effortlessly chased behind them. He continued to pierce them, killing them one by one.

    Only when they had all disappeared within the forest did Wei Xiao Bei stop chasing them and turn around, leaving quickly.

    If it was not because he was angry, he would have normally been very cautious. Especially because he felt the danger coming from the forest, his first response was to leave immediately.

    For a normal person, their sense of danger would only be labelled as misconceptions. For Wei Xiao Bei, it was different. He knew that every premonition of danger in The Dust World could not be ignored. Even if those green dwarfs, that were about to become his evolution points, ran away, he could do nothing but leave.

    His judgement was actually correct.

    As Wei Xiao Bei entered the mist, the ground immediately shook.

    The shaking started small, with the vibration the same as a car running by.

    Soon, the frequency of the shaking increased and became stronger, until it reached a category 5 earthquake.

    However, it was the things that happened afterwards that really left Wei Xiao Bei stupefied.

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