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Chapter 80 - Underground Fighting (1)

    Wei Xiao Bei could not help shake his head. Zhou Xing Yuan did have the slight aura of a martial artist, but the security guards did not display any eccentric behavior, though they did seem to have a bit of foundation.

    Wei Xiao Bei had an inkling as to why Zhou Xing Yuan made this deal with the Cheng Clan Dojo.

    It was probably due to the dojo's fame, or perhaps it had something to do with the Black Tiger Gang.

    However, how much could they really learn in just a month. Wei Xiao Bei did not think too highly of this, after all, not everyone was a one-in-ten-thousand genius.

    "Master, is something the matter?"

    After eating dinner, Wei Xiao Bei walked around the practice grounds to ease his digestion. Seeing that Cheng Bi Wu was waving at him from the central hall door, he hurriedly walked towards him.

    "Tomorrow, you and Yao Wu will go to Cui Hu University and help me deliver some things to Cheng Si Si."

    Cheng Bi Wu's mood lightened up when he looked at this proud disciple.

    Wei Xiao Bei nodded in consent.

    "Xiao Bei, if you have any problems remember to tell your apprentice brothers. You are all apprentice brothers so you should help each other.

    Cheng Bi Wu laughed and returned back inside.

    Wei Xiao Bei knew that his master had found out about his money problems. He stood on the same spot for a while before walking towards Liu Jian Cheng's room.

    "Big senior apprentice brother, is second senior apprentice brother there?"

    Wei Xiao Bei knocked on the door, but no one responded. He had not seen his second senior apprentice brother since they had ate dinner. He wanted to ask him during dinner, but because his master had a rule of not talking while eating, he did not ask.

    After knocking a few more times, his big senior apprentice brother Liu Jian Cheng finally opened the door.

    "Xiao Bei, is something the matter?" Liu Jiang Cheng's face appeared from the darkness with a smile.

    "Ah, hello big senior apprentice brother, I am here to find second senior apprentice brother for some business," Wei Xiao Bei was caught unprepared. His relationship with his second apprentice brother Zhang Zhi Long was the closest compared to the other apprentices. Because his big senior apprentice brother had his heart set on training, he did not talk with him much, so the relationship between theme was much more shallow compared with the untalkative third senior apprentice brother.

    "Zhi Long was called back by his family. If you have any problems, you can tell this senior apprentice brother," Although Liu Jian Cheng was not as uncommunicative as third senior apprentice brother, Yao Wu, all his energy had been placed on following the martial path, so he normally did not talk too much. Wei Xiao Bei was now suddenly overwhelmed by his words.

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