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Translator: Kuhaku Chisaac

Chapter 71

“The guy is back.” The female nobleman with the crystal ball said to the man in the crystal ball. “My spell told me that he is back. “The man in the crystal ball had a bitter face and did not say anything. He let the female nobleman keep talking.”

Claudius was arbitrarily hovering in the sky. When he started to descend from the sky, the battlefield became calm. “Why didn’t you breathe fire?” Brittany asked. “Does it really take that much energy to breathe fire? These elves might start to retreat today. “Sorry, I forgot that you don't have to pay me…" Claudius said jokingly while laughing. Breathing fire is a very laborious task. First of all, it is necessary to take a deep breath, and it takes a lot of energy to compress a large amount of air into my lungs and airbags. At the same time, it also takes a lot of effort to secrete flammable liquids and mix them. Breathing fire also requires a lot of muscle power. In summary, fire-breathing is indeed a very labor-intensive thing.

We didn’t even waste any physical movements and still achieved what we wanted. I just opened my wings and flew around. You can solve many problems just by flying close to the ground. As for the one who is paying the money, is she not satisfied? Claudius landed on the ground happily. He casually laid down on and rested. Of course, none of the orcs were within a few kilometers of his body. There were only a few goblins who came over and tried to help clean up Claudius’s body. The dragons always enjoyed getting their bodies cleaned. The servants helped them clean their scales. It was one of the most comfortable things for the dragons. 

As for those dragons that have undergone transformations, they would like to take baths like humans… It seems that Brittany and Silvia are those kinds of dragons. Claudius can see that Brittany and Silvia have transformed back into human form again. It seems like they do not want to remain in the dragon form. However, Claudius thought that Brittany and Silvia looked good in dragon form. As for the human forms – Claudius has not been in a human form for many years and has forgotten how he looked. How is it like to be a human again? A large piece of the cow was sent over to Claudius. “Those people must think that I am a beast?” Claudius looked at the tent. Brittany had a knife and fork. She was enjoying the food that Claudius had not seen before. Claudius shook his head and gently sighed.

The red dragon is not irritated by this kind of treatment. In his case, he feels that being treated differently is stupid and boring. He felt that the big chunk of bloody beef is quite suitable for his taste. After burning the beef with a controlled flame, Claudius asked the goblins for water. The orcs sprinkled salt and pepper on the beef. Then, Claudius ate the beef happily. Here, the money that Claudius spends on making his food is no less than the amount of money Brittany spends on her high-class food. Salt may not cost much, but the spices are definitely costly. In Feilun, there are only southern islands. Spices can be found on different continents.  There are several types of peppers and myrrhs and these things are very valuable in Feilun.

After eating the beef happily, Claudius raised his head and looked at the fortresses of the elves. Claudius noticed that the elves have begun to retreat. The elves are very decisive. “The red dragon praises the elf commander’s decisive decision. It is very likely that the Front Fortress will be broken by the red dragon. It is better to retreat early. After many years of war, the elves have many high-ranking fighters and wizards.” There is also the priest’s sacred warrior, which is enough to strengthen their defensive powers to a level that can withstand the red dragon. After decades of leaving the Feilun continent, the elves’ combat power has greatly improved. In the past, the red dragon was able to rely on his own flames to burn down everything the elves had. But now, the elves had enough spellcasters and priests to cast protective spells that resist Claudius’s flames. The elves also stopped the invasion of Silvia’s superior beasts. They also indirectly stopped Silvia from conquering the lands to the north, south, and east. They also protected the Door of Bode and the Fort of Tasher. Of course, the elves also got assistance from these places.

The elves have proposed a plan for joint operations. But the political wrangling and the pride of the elves caused the joint operation to fail. The plan was to combine forces to defeat Silvia’s orc army. Unfortunately, the plan was not successful. 

In the elves’ camp, there are two dragons. One is a bronze dragon and the other is a brass dragon. Over the years, these dragons were raised by elves. The two dragons resisted the red dragon Brittany “True Red Star” and the Green Dragon Silvia “Emerald Dragon.” They are masters in advanced combat power.

I am not in the mood either. “Damn! The bastard is still alive. He is coming again! What should I do now!!” Achilles touched his neck and body scars. This man is a young male elf with long green hair. There were scars on his neck and body. The scars were tooth-shaped. Achilles bragged about how his scares were are medals he won for fighting the powerful red dragon. He showed off his scars and danced around for three days and three nights in the elves’ pubs. But now, Achilles can only think about how he got the scars.

For many years, Achilles has known the name of the red dragon.”Claudius!” He said with a bite. The silver dragon’s call came in too late. (I think they are calling each other with magic) That damn red dragon. “How can Brittany have such a strong brother?”

Claudius did not know that his enemies were nearby. His attention was drawn to a group of dwarf goblins. Although these goblins have long pointed ears, they look more like gnomes with sharp noses. They are quite different from other goblins.

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