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Chapter 1458 – Behind-the-scenes person (1)

Originally, Su Qing was Su Zian's last hope, because Su Luo was unwilling to return to Su Manor. Su Qing's appearance just happened to make up for the deficiency because of Su Luo's matter. Moreover, at that time, Su Qing's strength seemed to be much better than Su Luo's. Also at that time, Su Zian's excitement wasn't something that could be described with words.

But who would have known that later developments would be so hair-raising. The one he was most optimist about, Su Qing, was actually killed by Su Luo…This completely overturned everyone's understanding, including Su Zian's.

Su Zian looked at the Su Qing lying on the ground, and each of the veins on his forehead throbbed. To see his child die before him, was like just having been in the joy of heaven, all of a sudden being dropped into the abyss of h.e.l.l…such an intense fluctuation in mood. The essence of his heart could be regarded as pretty strong, even now, he still hadn't collapsed.

Su Zian's body swayed, and he lifted his eyes. He unwaveringly stared at Su Luo with a gaze full of extreme hate, cold light flickering non-stop in his eyes.

Su Luo indifferenty returned his gaze, standing there facing the wind like a G.o.ddess that came from the heavens. Her face had a smile that seemed illusory. As if she was an observer of every living being on earth.

This was precisely the disparity in strength!

If Su Zian's strength could go up, why would he fear Su Luo? Now, not to say Su Zian, even his father already wasn't Su Luo's opponent!

Recalling two years before, at that time, Su Luo was still a person without a bit of spirit force. She allowed people to bully her. She was a lovestruck idiot that even had her engagement forcibly broken off by the crown prince. At that time, who would have thought, that the Su Luo two years later would be so alarmingly brilliant and with unmatched talent?

If he had known earlier….if he had known earlier….Su Zian's fists clenched tightly!

If he had known earlier that matters would turn out like this, back then, he absolutely would cup Su Luo in the center of his palm. But saying these things now, was all too late.

Su Zian's footstep staggered, in the end, he deeply glared at Su Luo then turned around to leave with quick steps.

Everyone under the stage, each of them had an expression of despair.

Because the overwhelming majority of them had lost very bitterly this time.

Under all kinds of strange gazes from everyone, Su Luo slowly walked off the fighting stage.

"Sister-in-law is formidable!" Beichen Ying loudly cheered. The rest of them all ran up to her, surrounding Su Luo in a circle.

Su Luo started to smile. "It's merely luck and nothing more."

Afterwards, the group of people left, laughing happily.

Today, there was only one compet.i.tion after Su Luo's battle finished, everyone dispersed.

Today, with regards to many people, was a sleepless night. But with regards to Su Luo's group of people, it was a night to count money.

Su Luo finally knew what it meant to count money until your hands cramped.

That betting shop called "Luo Luo was mighty and domineering", only Beichen Ying, this fool, could think of such a name. This time, a lot of large and small betting shops wouldn't accept those boxes and boxes of silver and crystal stones the powerful families had carried over. Now, all of it was piled high in the backyard of the betting shop.

"Wow! We're rich, we're rich! Hahaha——"Beichen Ying had both hands on his hips as he howled with laughter.

Although they had known earlier they could make money, however, they never expected that they could earn this much.

"If a few more Su Qing could come, that would be great! This money earning is faster than picking it up!" Lan Xuan stroked his chin, lamenting non-stop.

Didn't picking up money require bending at the waist and wasting time? But this way of earning money, they didn't even need to bend down. Other people just carried it over, box after box.

"A pity Su Qing just died like this. Alas…." Beichen Ying, seeing this, couldn't help but repeatedly lament.

Zi Yan slapped his head: "That Su Qing brough how big a pressure on Su Luo's heart? Now, how good is it to have her resolved. What more could you want?"

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