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Chapter 1478 – Duel (9)

Almost everyone thought the same as Luo Haoming.

When Nine Chops of Luo Yu Sword, where every strike was stronger than the one before——

When everyone looked at Nangong Liuyun with sympathy and pity——

Under the stage, Emperor Jing's brows were tightly knotted.

Luo family's master was also frowning deeply.

"Haoming used his biggest finishing at the start, is this really good?" Luo family's master had a touch of unease in his heart.

n.o.body had a good answer.

But Elder Ancestor Luo just smiled faintly: "No matter, in any case, it would be a win. Now, it's merely winning in a bit more showy manner."

Since even Elder Ancestor Luo said this, naturally, Luo family's master had nothing else to say. He turned around to look at the stage, but no matter what, his heart felt anxious.

On the stage.

The light from the eight sword strike was blocked by Nangong Liuyun.

The ninth strike looked like a surging tide rushing over.

In mid-air, Luo Haoming, with both hands holding the sword, hacked towards Nangong Liuyun who was below.

That world-breaking wave of energy gave a 'boom' sound. The sword hadn't arrived yet and was able to send the people in the audience rolling.

Under the stage, Su Luo stared fixedly and unblinkingly.

Nangong Liuyun had continously said his injuries were healed, but Su Luo was still a bit worried.

At this moment, both of Nangong Liuyun's feet moved with exquisite footwork.

Just before the ninth chop hacked down like a surging wave!

The soles of Nangong Liuyun were like a skateboard as he quickly avoided it!

At the same time, his hand flipped over with flying speed, as one after another, a strange imprint appeared in mid-air.

His complexion was as calm as water.

Everytime, when both hands completed an imprint, a wind leopard would appear on the ground!

Su Luo could condense out four flame leopards in a row, it was already considered very awesome.

But the current Nangong Liuyun made everyone even more flabbergasted.

One only saw that every time he condensed out an imprint, another wind leopard would appear on the ground. Moreover, every one of these wind leopards was cruel, tyrannical and incomparably malevolent!


Each and every one of the wind leopards all snarled towards Luo Haoming.

These wind leopards, from one glance, there were at least twenty of them!

Luo Haoming's brows wrinkled slightly.

Nangong Liuyun actually so easily avoided his most powerful attack? This went completely beyond his expectations.

Moreover, not only did he avoid Nine Chops of Luo Yu Sword, he even had the spirit force to summon more than twenty wind leopards!

His strength really was like what the Elder Ancestor scouted out, of being at the beginning of tenth rank? Or he had spent all his force and right now was merely pushing himself beyond his abilities?

Luo Haoming was uncertain, but his att.i.tude was not as scornful as before.

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!"

Luo Yu Sword moved in a circular arc, horizontally chopping towards a wind leopard.

Nangong Liuyun smiled coldly as he indifferently watched the sword tip that was about to hack over.

One could only see him control the more than twenty wind leopards to move sideways together, elaborately avoiding the frontal attack by the Luo Yu Sword.

Barely at the beginning of tenth rank strength and was able to avoid the continuous attack ofsummit tenth rank strength. This wasn't only dependent on strength, there was also the accurate calculations with regards to angle and strength.


"Really brilliant dodging!"

"Really accurate speed!"

Under the stage, people cheered in succession.

It seemed to everyone that His Highness Prince Jin might lose, that this matter was already clinched. It was because the two attacks before, he was always at an disadvantage. He was in the state of pa.s.sive defense.

But, even if he was to lose, he must lose brilliantly.

Therefore, everyone all gave sounds of cheer to show him goodwill.

Luo family's VIP seats.

Elder Ancestor Luo's expression, in an instant, pulled down!

His gaze was not comparable to those ordinary spectators.

He never expected that based on Nangong Liuyun's weak strength, forget avoiding the Nine Chops of Luo Yu Sword, he actually was able to avoid the attack following it.

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