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Chapter 1442 – Su Qing (1)

"Oh, oh, oh." Lan Xuan broke into a run to go and draw lots.

Lan Xuan's luck could be considered extremely bad. He actually drew the lot to fight Li family's new young master Li Aochen.

The corner of Li Aochen's mouth hooked up provocatively as he coldly smiled.

A thread of anger flashed through Lan Xuan's eyes! He was looked down just like this.

Su Luo comforted him: "In fact, you're not bad ah, at least you didn't draw Nangong Liuyun or Luo Haoming. You didn't even draw your own brother, you ought to be rejoicing instead."

Lan Xuan sullenly ran away.

Next was Beichen Ying, smugly running over to draw lots.

Beichen Ying continued with Lan Xuan's luck, the person he drew was the very popular Mo Xiaoxun.

Mo Xiaoxun was ninth rank ah…Beichen Ying, with a sullen face, dispiritedly walked away.

The next person was Anye Ming.

Su Luo secretly prayed for Anye Ming to draw a good lot. Otherwise, there wouldn't be many people left on their side.

Anye Ming's luck was worse than Lan Xuan and Beichen Ying's combined, simply bad to the extreme.

"Luo Haoming——"Anye Ming looked at the lot in his hand, the him who was well-known for his self-control and maintaining his calm, had veins protruding on his forehead.

Su Luo speechlessly looked to the sky, and could only comfort by saying: "Fortunately, you didn't draw your own biological brother, things like internal strife, that's what's called real oppressive."

Anye Ming looked at the remaining lots, then looked at Su Luo and said to her: "This battle should be the one you wished for."

Su Luo's wish right now was to have an all-out battle with Su Qing. In the wake of people drawing lots one by one, now, there weren't that many lots left inside.

Zi Yan held a lot, unhurriedly walking over. Su Luo saw her face was tangled and became somewhat nervous: "You didn't draw us two right?"

Zi Yan, with a very much tangled expression, looked at Su Luo. Looking at her until Su Luo, in one move, snatched away the lot in her hand.

"Hahaha, what are you anxious for?" After Su Luo saw that lot, Zi Yan started to laugh.

Su Luo slapped her back, "Oh good, even you dare to tease me. Go play on the side!"

Zi Yan drew the lot for the always hidden Ouyang Mingri.

Ouyang Mingri was from the direct line of Western Jin royal family. Based on the information obtained, it didn't say he was very strong, but he entered the top thirteen strongest unimpeded. It could be assumed he was not a simple character.

"Drawing Ouyang Mingri is already pretty good." Zi Yan expressed her satisfiction with this result, "Now, only four numbers remain. It's clearly you, Third Senior Brother, Su Qing and Anye Xin."

"The most tangled situation would be if you draw Third Senior Brother, then…" Zi Yan grabbed her hair, she didn't even know how to continue speaking about this.

Not to mention, this kind of possibility was extremely great.

Su Luo also thought of this problem, but now she was powerless. Because the pitiful Su Luo didn't even have the qualification to draw lots. Even drawing lots, she had to draw the one left by everyone else.

"Rest assured, like the luck I'm accustomed to. how could that kind thing happen?" Su Luo's smile was quiet and content, with neither a ripple nor alarm.

"I believe in your luck!" Zi Yan smiled, but her eyes still were somewhat anxious.

While talking, Anye Xin had already walked over to draw lots.

He smilingly nodded to Su Luo. then he stood firmly in front of the box with the lots.

Now, everyone's gaze was all concentrated on Anye Xin's slender finger.

At this moment, his hand held a red lot, on it was marked with a number.

One empty place lot, twelve numbers, now, Anye Xin's hand held the number five.

If someone got the number seven, then that person would be Anye Xin's opponent.

Following, there were still three people, who would get the number seven ah?

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