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"Well…" Ouyang Shao-Chen nodded. With a flick of the finger under his sleeve, an internal force shot out and hit Murong Xue's wrist. Suddenly Murong Xue loosened her hand, the carriage curtain falling down gently, concealing her from view.

When looking at Ouyang Shao-Chen calm eyes, Dong Fang Li's eyes flashed a glimmer of surprise. “I wonder whose daughter would have the ability to win Prince Ouyang’s attention?” Dong Fang Li had met Ouyang Shao-Chen at Xi Liang and had been in touch with him often. Ouyang Shao-Chen did not lust after women, so it is very surprising that he is obsessed with women now.

“She is the little sister of a family friend,” Ouyang Shao-Chen said faintly.

Dong Fang Li gently raised his eyebrows, assuming that they are childhood loves that both are coming from families of equal status, so clearly they can achieve a happy marriage. "Congratulations, Prince Ouyang!"

Ouyang Shao-Chen smiled lightly: “Seventh Prince, you are being too modest."

A breeze blew, carrying a faint scent of fire Lotus incense. Dong Fang Li was surprised to find that this scent seemed very familiar. He had definitely encountered it before at some point. He followed the scent and saw a light blue skirt embroidered with a dancing butterfly falling down from the carriage. He narrowed his sharp eyes and strode towards the carriage.

Ouyang Shao-Chen, startled, stepped forward to block Dong Fang Li and said: “Seventh Prince, she does not like to see outsiders. Please forgive us!”

Dong Fang Li recovered from his surprise and gave Ouyang Shao-Chen an embarrassed smile. “My manner is too abrupt …”
His sharp eyes swept over the curtain before falling back to Ouyang Shao-Chen. “I do not wish to disturb Prince Ouyang as you have a date with the lady. Goodbye!” "

"See you again!" Ouyang Shao-Chen said, watching Dong Fang Li walk away, Huo Tong disappeared around the corner of the street, and Prince Ouyang waled to the carriage and pulled back the curtain.

Murong Xue sat in the carriage lightly rubbing her wrist as she stared at him. “I just lifted the curtain to glance quietly. I did not disturb your guests. Was it necessary to use internal force to hit me? Look, you can see that my wrist is red and swollen. If you do not treat it immediately and apply medication it will be crippled!" Murong Xue complained.

Looking at her red swollen wrist, Ouyang Shao-Chen gently frowned. “It is not my fault. You are the one who is making the wrist red and swollen by rubbing it.” He had only used half of his power. It will only cause her to lower the carriage curtain, and it would never hurt her.

“You still dare to argue with me after hitting me inexplicably?” Murong Xue flung herself at him and beat Ouyang Shao-Chen ruthlessly.

There was a dull pain in his chest and arm. Ouyang Shao-Chen hurriedly caught her hand and sighed, “It is my wrong. I did not mean to hurt you, it was just an accident because my hand slipped!"

Murong Xue grunted lightly. Ouyang Shao-Chen is a peerless master. Is it possible that he would be unable to control hisinternal force and beat people accidentally? Don’t believe a word of it!

Looking at her gloomy expression, Ouyang Shao-Chen could only sigh.: “As a way to apologize, I will treat you to lunch today."

” That’ s more like it.” Murong Xue cooled down instantly, withdrawing her hand and stepping down from the carriage by holding onto Ouyang Shao-Chen’s arm. She walked towards Linjiang Restaurant and asked: “Which country's Seventh Prince was that just now?"

Ouyang Shao-Chen was blocking her so she did not see the appearance of that person, but she knows there is no Seventh Prince in Qing Yan country.

“He is the prince from Xi Liang,” Ouyang Shao-Chen answered carelessly, while holding Murong Xue closely.

Murong Xue paid no attention to his little gestures as she kept thinking of Seventh Prince. “Both of you are good friends?” asked Murong Xue

“Accidentally met a few times, we knew each other but cannot be called a good friend,” said Ouyang Shao-Chen.

"I see." Murong Xue nodded, as she slowly walked into the Linjiang Restaurant with Ouyang Shao-Chen.

When they stepped into the restaurant, a person came around the corner of the empty street. The person had a white jade-like face and was wearing purple clothing. It was the Seventh Prince, Dong Fang Li.

He squinted as he looked in the direction of Linjiang Restaurant. He hid her in the carriage to avoid others seeing her, then he held her closely within his arms after stepping down from the carriage. Even if he has good eyesight, he could only slightly see the figure of the lady.

Ouyang Shao-Chen really likes that lady …

Su Nan Xiang, her eyes flashing murderously, had a panoramic view while standing under the eaves.: Murong Xue, who has lost her parents, is a daughter of the Hou family. Furthermore, she is engaged and has a fiancé. How can she get Ouyang's wholehearted love? She is not worthy to get that, not worthy!

With cold eyes, Su Nan Xiang forcibly tore the two buttons on the top of her long skirt and scratched mercilessly against her skin with her long nails until a few of blood stains appeared.

"Miss!” Mi Er, the maid,shouted loudly. Dong Fang Li was startled by the voice.

He turned around, his eyes flashing with profound meaning when he saw Su Nan Xiang, then he slowly walked over. “Miss Su, what happened?"

Su Nan Xiang pulled the collar to cover the blood stains, gave him a misty smile and said softly, “Thanks for your caring, Seventh Prince. I am fine, my maid is making a fuss over it!"

“Miss, you have been bullied and badly injured. How can it be a fuss?” Mi Er became outraged at injustice. Miss would like to teach someone a lesson for a long time, so she went along with helping Miss play this game. Miss shouldn’t treat him shabbily!

Su Nan Xiang coughed several times before chastising Mi Er in a faded voice: “Mi Er, don’t talk nonsense!"

“I did not talk nonsense, it is the truth!” Mi Er pursed up her mouth as she defended herself.

Dong Fang Li gently wrinkled eyebrows: “What is going on?” He had no idea of Su Nan Xiang's interpersonal relationships as he first came to Qing Yan.

“It is all because of the Hou Mansion’s daughter!” When Murong Xue was mentioned, Mi Er's eyes flashed a hint of contempt. “She has an engagement with Prince Jing but still shamelessly seduces Miss's sweetheart. Miss was in a fit of anger and said a few words to her, however, she unexpectedly flung herself at Miss and scratched like a shrew."

Dong Fang Li looks at Su Nan Xiang, her brows tightly wrinkled and her eyes are red from crying. She has buttoned her skirt crookedly, andeblood stains are looming under hercollar. Obviously, she has been put in an unfavorable situation. “Hou Mansion's daughter is very arrogant."

“Exactly! With a lot of people backing her up, she would naturally be looking down at everybody. Her grandmother, second uncle, and her aunt were being ruined by her,” Mi Er flung into the play, fabricating lies, with every sentence completely directed against Murong Xue.

Su Nan Xiang very satisfied but she was pretending with a sad appearance: “Mi Er, stop it. Don't say it again …”

“Miss, she is so arrogant and defiant, she looked down upon everyone. If we do not teach her a lesson, she certainly will scourge the people …” shouted Mi Er. She became outraged at injustice.

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