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Chapter 111
Chapter 111- Lesson

Song Qingyan spoke with a heavy sigh, “We are just two women without any strength. She has guardians with her. If we look for her, we will only be exhorted by her, so how can we give her a lesson?”

Mei`er, the anger clearly visible on her face, lashed out, “So just let such arrogant person harm people, as if the law no longer exist…”

Looking at the helpless and sorrowful Song Qingyan and her servant, Dongfang Li felt a pang of sympathy as she was lost in thought, before saying, “The country’s first daughter needs to be taught a lesson indeed. I can give you a hand if you need it!”

“Really?!” Mei`er asked with a joy, “Thank you so much!”

Dongfang Li gave a gentle smile, “You’re welcome. Where is the country’s first daughter now?”

“I saw her walk that way,” replied Mei`er loudly while pointing at the front.

Dongfang Li headed in the direction she’d pointed, and saw a huge sign bearing the words ‘Linjianglou’. “What a coincidence, Ouyang Shaochen and his lover are in Linjianglou as well…”, he murmured.

“Seventh Prince, anything wrong?”, Song Qingyan asked as she quietly observed him.

“Nothing,” Dongfang Li shook his head and called, “Huotong!”.

“Yes!”, Huotong understood and disappeared in a snap in the air.

Song Qingyan was thinking with a broad smile, “What a great way to get help to teach someone a lesson, and from such a famous person as the Seventh Prince from Xiliang country, and all itr took was to cry a little in front of him. Dongfang Li is a cold-blooded person, causing injuries but not dead. Murong Xue, just wait for it!”

In the Linjianglou, a huge variety of all kinds of fabulous dishes filled up the table.

Ouyang Shaochen picked a slice of braised fish and placed it in Murong Xue’s bowl, “This is Linjianglou’s signature dish. It tastes good, try it.”

“Alright”, Murong Xue nodded her head. Taking a bite of the braised fish, the fragrant aroma of the fish filled her senses and it tasted incredible.

“Prince!” Xunfeng suddenly appeared by Ouyang Shaochen’s side, his dignified face whispering a few words in his ear.

Ouyang Shaochen frowned and said nothing.

Murong Xue looked at him and said, “You can go if you are busy, I can take care of myself.”
Ouyang Shaochen gave Murong Xue a deep look, “There’s something out there indeed. I have to go to deal with it, but I will be right back. Xunfeng will be stay here and protect you.”

Murong Xue disagreed. She didn’t need anyone to protect her. She looked at Ouyang Shaochen, and couldn’t compete with the look in his eyes so she capitulated with a surly “Alright!”.

Murong Xue watched Ouyang Shaochen walk out of Linjianglou, then she put down her chopsticks with lack of interest. She does not eat much. She ordered so many dishes just because she wanted to waste Ouyang Shaochen’s money in order to take revenge as he’d hit her just now.

Ouyang Shaochen had left, and she could not even finisheone-tenth of the dishes. “Xunfeng, have you eaten yet? Come on, let’s eat together,” she said.

“Thank you for your kindness, but I have eaten,” replied Xunfeng. He was standing beside her without any movement, focusing on every movement around them.

Murong Xue sighed helplessly. The time for work and the time for rest is very different for the guards and the ordinary people, and so were the meal times. Xunfeng had eaten, and Murong Xue was almost full, too. There were s

till so many dishes left. What a waste…

“Schhwaff, schhwaff, schhwaff!” A bunch of black feathered arrows suddenly flew in, penetrating the door and heading towards Murong Xue!

Murong Xue quickly overturned the table and hid under it. The rain of arrows shot into the room, sticking in the walls, windows, tables and chairs. The people cannot lift their heads up.

“Murong Xue, are you alright?” Xunfeng asked while swinging his sword to block the arrows.

“I am fine!” Murong Xue stood up and slid her dagger from her sleeve. She flashed her dagger to get rid of the arrows.

“There are too many arrows! Almost all of the things in this room has been shot. We must get out of here immediately,” said Xunfeng.

“I know!” Murong Xue nodded. While swaying her dagger, she moved back toward the window and jumped out of the room, and Xunfeng followed right behind her.

The second they landed, more than ten men clad head to toe in black rushed at them from all directions. They used the long swords they held to stab towards them mercilessly.

Murong Xue gave a thin smile. She never thought that there would be such a huge trap waiting for her once she jumped out of the window. This was clearly an assassination plot. Since they were so excited, she decided to give them something to be excited about.

Murong Xue swung her dagger and pierced a black clad manin his heart, the blood splashing out immediately…
Without looking, Murong Xue kicked away the dead body and stabbed the next black clad man who approached her..
The men in black moved very fast and were extremely ruthless. Murong Xue and Xunfeng were also quite ruthless, the end result being a street full ofr chaos, bodies, and blood.

Dongfang Li was standing in front of the window on the second floor of the teahouse. He was staring at Murong Xue who fought valiantly although she was surrounded by black clad men, fighting again and again. There were serious injuries on the men for every swing of her dagger.

“The martial art skills of this country’s first daughter are pretty good. Her guard is also a tough guy. No wonder Song Qingyan had been tricked so badly by her…” Dongfang Li thought as he observed her skills.

AtIn the beginning he worried that Huotong would bring too many people and might get the woman killed, which would cause some trouble. Looks as if he had been overthinking. It clearly wasn’t easy to teach this woman a lesson…
However, the woman’s figure looked familiar. He felt as if he had seen her somewhere before…

Murong Xue cut a man’s throat and his blood sprayed out. Dongfang Li studied her. Those eyes, they belonged to the person who saved him. The breeze was blew the ribbon around Murong Xue’s waist, a ribbon that looked exactly like the one that was wrapped around Dongfang Li’s wound.

“Stop, stop it!” Dongfang Li yelled. He jumped out of the window and landed on the street.

Song Qingyan, who was standing at the window , saw this and frowned. Why would Dongfang Li, who was supposed to enjoy the struggling of Murong Xue, suddenly call things to a halt?? t Could he have recognized that Murong Xue as being the person who saved him?

But it is impossible that he would remember Murong Xue as he obviously was unconscious when she walked in front of him. Could it be, he likes Murong Xue? Song Qingyan became even angrier. She knew that Murong Xue was good

at seducing people, so she could never let Murong Xue have any kind of chanc.

Song Qingyan grabbed a bow and an arrow, and she aimed directly at Murong Xue…

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