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'Schhwaff!' A sharp arrow mercilessly flew towards Murong Xue, as if  a silent attack would do her any harm.

 Murong Xue gave a sly smile, pushing away the man in black and moving to block the arrow with the dagger in her hand.

A mysterious figure suddenly appeared in front of her and stopped her dagger. He gently waved his hand, and the arrow changed direction instantly and reflected back!

The arrow flew with great intent back through the window and directly into Song Qingyan's shoulder. The sheer force of it knocked her three to four meters backwards and impaled her on the wall. Blood colored her clothes instantly…

"Miss!" Mei`er sorrowfully shouted.

The chaotic street grew quiet immediately. The men in black ceased their attack and gathered at the mysterious man in purple's side, loudly declaring, "Prince!"

The mysterious man in purple looked at Murong Xue, asking with great concern: "Are you alright?"

"It is you!" Murong Xue looked at him in surprise with a mind full of doubts. It was the first time they met when she'd saved him. She did not offend him, so why would he send that gang of black clad men to kill her? And now, inexplicably, he saved her?Xunfeng moved in front of Murong Xue to guard her, alertly assessing the mysterious man with his band of men.

Dongfang Li smile in embarrassment as he said, "I am sorry, actually I am …"

"Dongfang Li, our first daughter kindly saved you, and you attacked her in return? How dare you!Mie`er angrily scolded Dongfang Li after she looked at Song Qingyan's serious wound, with no focus on her self-respect.

Dongfang Li looked at her,  seeing her body covered in blood. Song Qingyan looked at him sadly with her eyes filled with tears, said, "I saved you. I am your savior. You should not kill me even if you are enchanted by Murong Xue…"

"Song Qingyan, are you sure you saved me?" Dongfang Li looked at her with a tricky smile.

"What do you mean?" Song Qingyan asked.

"You are not the one who saved me, you are just an imitation," replied Dongfang Li, exposing her lies.

He had suspected that Song Qingyan was not the person who saved him and he'd performed a small test on her in the imperial house. Song Qingyan could not give him the medicine he needed, and the bandage she wrapped was not the bow-knot, so he knew that the person who saved him was not Song Qingyan.

Imperial House was a nice place for temporary lodging. Song Qingyan was bullied, and he could help her in return, but she should not ask him to kill the person who truly saved him. The arrow, she should take it as the interest of her lies, right?

Song Qingyan's face turned pale, Dongfang Li knew it, he knew everything? How could this be? How could this be?!

 She still hadf a lot of things she needed to ask Dongfang Li to help with, now she would not get any more chances…

Song Qingyan was shocked and angry" The wound was so very painful… She frowned and very soon, she fainted!

Mei`er was shocked! She called her anxiously, "Miss, Miss… Somebody help… Help…."

The closed door was pushed open. A lot of people rushed in, and the quiet environment turned into chaos again.

Fortunately, Dongfang Li had known of Song Qingyan's intrigue, or she would have died or been seriously injured by the powerful men in black.

It was also Ouyang Shaochen's fault. Why would he rush to take her away? There would have been no misunderstandings if they'd waited until Dongfang Li woke up.

"Miss, I am sorry. I did not know the person that Song Qingyan wanted to punish was you!" Dongfang Li apologized.

"Nevermind, as long as you will never take revenge for those people who are dead." Murong Xue did not take too long to fight with those men in black, but she fought mercilessly. At least eight or ten people died because of her.

Dongfang Li stared at the bodies on the ground and said, "It is my fault for mistakenly trusting in the villain. I gave the wrong order and they died. It is all my fault, it has nothing to do with you."

"That is good," she was relieved. That Dongfang Li could have so many skillful subordinates, he must be a very powerful person. Both of them would do better to have no revenge plans for each other!

When looking into her eyes, Dongfang Li had a deep feeling inside his heart. When he tried to say something, he suddenly felt a burst of blood on his chest. He quickly covered his mouth, but the red blood flowed down between his fingers, drop by drop, dripping to the ground…

"Prince!" Huotong quickly retrieved a pack of medicine from the purse on Dongfang Li's waist and poured it into his mouth.  Dongfang Li's face was pale, but his condition was getting better slowly.

Huotong was relieved. He saw Murong Xue staring at Dongfang Li. He explained, "Our price was seriously ill. He will be fine after eating the medicine."

"Really?" Murong Xue smiled and asked, "Which disease requires eating arsenic to control it? Aren't you afraid it might poison him?"

Huotong was shocked, "How did you know… it was arsenic?."

The arsenic that he used had undergone careful grinding to become a fine powder with very light taste. Even a doctor would assume it was simply a powdered drug.

Murong Xue smiled mysteriously, "I know that is arsenic. I also know your prince has been poisoned and is using arsenic to relieve the symptoms of the poison."

 When she rescued him by the river, she found that the color of his blood was different, but she did not care about that as the situation was urgent. Just now when he consumed the arsenic, she smelled something familiar. Although it had a very light scent, she was still able to recognize it as arsenic.

She'd studied poisoning. Her knowledge was slightly different from the study of ancient poisons, but there was no big difference between the medicines. Arsenic is very poisonous. An ordinary person would die if they consumed a little of it but Dongfang Li prepared a purse of it as medicine. The only possibility is that he was highly poisoned with something far more toxic than arsenic, so he usedarsenic to relieve it.

Dongfang Li recovered gradually. He looked at Murong Xue with interest, "Is there anything more that you know?"

Murong Xue smiled gently and said, "When you consumed the arsenic your face turned greenish-gray, which means your poison has been deep inside your internal organs. Obviously, the poison was eroding quickly inside your body. You can only live up to three months, even if you use arsenic to suppress it."

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