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Chapter 254: Massacre
If Lu Li could hear what they were saying, he would tell them nicely: “I’m not alone!”

Growing up as a poor boy in the lowest class of society, Lu Li had a tough mental fortitude. As long as he could survive, he would never confront someone because of small conflicts and indifferences between them.
Naturally, Lu Li was skilful at something that not many people were good at – holding a grudge.
If someone wronged him, he would remember that to his deathbed, even if he didn’t have the time to seek revenge.
Once the opportunity arose, his revenge would go above and beyond what they had done to him.
He was determined to treat the hundreds of Imperial Secret Services players to a pleasant surprise by gathering a great multitude of Spirits. If he could, he would have gone to the extent of luring the Spirit Lord out to them.
Although the Spirits were translucent, when they stacked up, they looked like a floating sheet of white paper.
Left and Right Eye were dumbfounded as they stared at the countless monsters that covered all of the land they could see.
It was their first time seeing so many monsters gathered together.
Once thousand, two thousand… no, five thousand! Maybe even more!
The monsters couldn’t see them, so they didn’t avoid them. When Lu Li dashed past them in his leopard form, they were completely submerged in a sea of undead monsters.
Speed decreases in Stealth…
They wanted to cancel their Stealth so that they could escape quicker. However, it was too late now because they were surrounded by the Spirit Army.
Left and Right Eye had been afraid of death since they had first played games. The terrifying thing was the psychological effect of being drowned by so many monsters.
After a terrible cry, the two were revealed and immediately shredded into pieces.
The little leopard looked back and began moving faster.
He had been marked countless times by the Spirits so he didn’t have to worry about losing aggro.
Lu Li realised he had miscalculated because he didn’t predict that the Imperial Secret Service would send the two Thieves to scout out the area.
There was no point of regretting the situation; he had to start analysing the risks that came with this surprise.
If his transformation skills were discovered, everyone would be envious.
Even more people would hunt him for his bounty.
History would repeat itself and everything that had happened to Azure Sea Breeze in his past life would happen to Lu Li as well.
All the major guilds would have another reason to encourage others to hunt him down. Even the casual players would begin hunting for him if they were presented the image of a boastful player who relied on his overpowered ring to put down other people.
When that day came, there would be no Evil or Light Faction and no opposition. Everyone would come together as one to get rid of the No.1 player in the game.
Lu Li was already aware that he couldn’t hide his Druid God Ring forever.
When the time came, he would deal with it.
While assessing the situation, Lu Li came across the Imperial Secret Services players.
They were still mocking Swirling Left Eye and Staring Right Eye. Those two were always over-confident and up themselves; it wasn’t much of a surprise that they had been killed by monsters.
“Did you hear how they scared they were?” someone asked mockingly.
“What’s so scary about monsters? We have a 600-player group. Even if the monsters on the whole map were gathered here… Goddamn, why are there so many monsters…?” This scene reminded him of the time he went to watch the high tides. The sea of Spirits accurately represented the beautiful scenery.
They were the same as the violent waves, overcoming anything in their path.
Lu Li did not return back to human form – there wa

s no point in hiding since he was already exposed. Besides, the agility and speed of his leopard form was enough to avoid most of the skills directed towards him.
Lu Li circled around the Imperial Secret Services players as thousands upon thousands of monsters began advancing towards them.
Even the idiots realised what Lu Li was doing.
“Everyone, spread out and retreat.”
Raging Wolf Blood was slow to react. As soon as he realised what was happening, he decisively ordered everyone to retreat.
What about killing Lu Li?
Assuming that they could kill him, which was quite unlikely, these Spirits wouldn’t simply return to where they had come from. They would immediately aggro onto the next closest player.
Raging Wolf Blood was flustered; he could only hope that some of them would survive.
The Speed of the Spirits was too fast to outrun. Even Lu Li, as a full dexterity Thief, needed leopard form to run from them. As for those in the Secret Imperial Service who played slow professions, they stood no chance of running away.
The Priests and Paladins were the first victims.
They tried to put up a fight for their lives, but they could do nothing against the Spirit army.
The LV20-25 Spirits dealt about 80-200 damage to players around the same level. Players with less than 2000 HP were immediately killed.
The Warlocks, Warriors and other professions soon followed in their inevitable death.
There were some Thieves and Druids who decided not to run, but to escape by Stealth. However, they were trapped by the dense group of Spirits like a group of fish in a net.
Stealth merely tricked the eyes; it wasn’t the same as completely vanishing.
Mages had teleport skills, but were quickly hunted down as well.
Druids, Shamans, Thieves…
Raging Wolf Blood was also trapped in the sea of Spirits.
Lu Li seemed like he was running around aimlessly, but he was actually circling around the Imperial Secret Service like a fisherman with a net.
“So merciless.” Azure Sea Breeze and the others came to the scene of people screaming and dying. They almost felt sympathetic towards this group of players.
Lu Li was no god. Even if a group of 600 players stood around for him to kill them, it would still take him a long time to finish them all off.
In reality, Lu Li wouldn’t even dare to show his face against a group of 100 players.
Moonlight was silent, but his mind was conflicted. This must have been the worst massacre in the history of Dawn. It was hard to watch, even for these skilled PVP players who would kill up to 100 players a day.
“How come he can transform into a leopard as well?” Hachi Chan could transform into a leopard with the same Children of the Forest skills. Besides their gender, the two leopards were identical.
“Hachi Chan, are you guys brothers and sisters?” Remnant Dream sternly said, as she looked at Lu Li, then back at Hachi Chan.
Remnant Dream thought about using the Tame Skill on Lu Li.
However, she decided against it when she thought about Lu Li’s human form. Hachi Chan was much cuter.
“Maybe it was a quest or something?” Azure Sea Breeze took a guess.
“Or maybe it’s an equip? It’s going to be rough from now on.”
Wandering sighed, feeling like he had been baited by Lu Li. Now, everyone would be on their tails to hunt for their bounty.

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