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There were two ways Lu Li could employ to beat warriors at the Spirit Sea Realm: the first of which was to release the Bloodline Skill, and the second was to rely on Little White's surprise attack.

Little White's teeth were so sharp and it was so fast. Yet, if Little White were to attack from the front side, it might get killed. After all, warriors at the Spirit Sea Realm were very aggressive, and Little White was only of the size of a fist which meant that its defensive ability couldn't have been too strong…

That left Little White to only do surprise attacks. What Lu Li was doing was to create a diversion for Little White. He had attracted the attention from Patriarch Piao so that Little White could have the chance to sneak up on him.

What he did was right!

Patriarch Piao had his mind set on killing Lu Li, but never paid any attention to Little White which was hiding in the stone crevice. There were so many Stone Rats nearby, how could Patriarch Piao notice another "small mouse"?

"Crack, crack, crack!"

Little White held onto Patriarch Piao's ankle with its two claws and just gnawed its way through. Just like last time, in an instant, bones were the only thing left on Patriarch Piao's ankle.


Patriarch Piao shouted in excruciating pain. He looked down and noticed that most of his right shin only had bones without any skin or flesh. That little beast was still eating his flesh like crazy…

What was a man's go-to-reaction when bitten by a beast? It would naturally be wanting to get rid of the beast as soon as possible.

Patriarch Piao lifted his leg and tried to shake Little White down. However, since merely bones were left, this move almost made him pass out from pain. Because of that, he could not keep his balance.


Patriarch Piao fell to the ground and rolled over. Lu Li had already charged at Patriarch Piao while shouting, "Little White, evacuate!"

Little White vanished into a stone crevice like a white light and then Lu Li swung his Heaven Kylin Sword aiming at Patriarch Piao's head.

Feeling his life threatened, Patriarch Piao swung his long spear, sweeping it toward Lu Li's head against all the miserable pain he was in. It seemed like Patriarch Piao was trying to perish together with Lu Li.

"Little White!"

Lu Li called it in a deep voice again. Little White rushed out of the stone crevice and bit Patriarch Piao on his arm. Patriarch Piao could no longer hold onto his long spear. Lu Li smashed on his head hard with the Heaven Kylin Sword and smashed it open like a watermelon…


Lu Li stared at the long-gone Patriarch Piao and was ravished with joy. Lu Li looked at Little White with gratitude and gave it a thumbs up.

"Patriarch Piao!"

People shouted in grief which got Lu Li's attention. From the moment Lu Li dashed off from the mountain to the time he killed Patriarch Piao, it was only a short time enough for several breaths.

There were several Xuan Wu Realm warriors near Patriarch Piao, but they were all surrounded by the Xuan Beasts. The warriors helplessly looked at Patriarch Piao killed by Lu Li. Many of them didn't even see Little White. They felt like Lu Li just made two moves and Patriarch Piao died.

The shout from one guy alarmed all nearby. Many warriors that were fighting against the Xuan Beasts glanced over and became frightened when they found out that Patriarch Piao was killed by Lu Li.

Even though Patriarch Piao wasn't actually one of the strongest at the Zhao Family, but he was a powerful warrior at the Spirit Sea Realm anyway. If Lu Li could kill him with like two moves, then wouldn't it be as easy as cutting a watermelon for Lu Li to kill them?


Lu Li moved and rushed towards a Zhao Family warrior close to him. The warrior had seen Little White which was the secret weapon of Lu Li. Anyone that had seen him couldn't remain alive.

Seeing that Lu Li ran toward him with such a strong murderous intent, the grim-faced warrior was scared to death, even more so when he saw the Stone Rats and the Red Phosphorus Hawks automatically made way for Lu Li.


Several men came from the north. Zhao Rui and his warriors had gone back. One look was enough to send the warriors to despair.

Zhao Rui had come. The warrior Lu Li was trying to kill didn't even have the chance to flee. The rules of the Zhao Family were very strict. Timidity during war was punished by execution. He had to figure out a way to fight and try to earn him some time.

But, he was so simple.

Lu Li had ran towards him. Without any glamorous skills, Lu Li just waved his Heaven Klylin Sword with great strength. Lu Li was very fast. The warrior only had enough time to smash away a Stone Rat. Seeing this, he had to lift up his sword and defend himself.


Lu Li used all his strength which was nearly 44,000 pounds. Warriors of the Xuan Wu Realm could not have been able to stand it. The warrior was severely injured by Lu Li, and he was smashed away into the pile of Stone Rats. Then the warrior was bitten to death by the Stone Rats.


Lu Li looked into the distance at Zhao Rui and the other warriors, but they were not of Lu Li's concern now. Lu Li kicked back with one leg and jumped up, launching towards another warrior nearby.

"Where is Patriarch Piao?"

Zhao Rui and Patriarch Piao ran over like crazy but did not see Patriarch Piao. They both felt something was wrong.

Patriarch Qi looked towards a warrior of the Zhao Family who understood Patriarch Qi's meaning and shouted in grief and indignation, "Young Master Rui, Patriarch Qi! Patriarch Piao was killed by Lu Li over there."

Patriarch Qi and Zhao Rui looked towards that direction and saw a body was eaten by the Stone Rats in a pile of rocks. They burst into anger.

At the same time, Patriarch Qi was greatly alarmed. Zhao Rui looked all confused. They were only gone for such a short period of time, so how Lu Li killed Patriarch Piao was beyond them. Could it be that Lu Li had hidden his power? Lu Li was a warrior of the Spirit Sea Realm?


While the two were deep in their thoughts, another warrior at the Xuan Wu Realm was killed. This time, they two saw it clearly. Lu Li did not use any tricks. He just killed him directly…

"Patriarch Qi, we cannot let him go on like this. We must go up together!"

Seeing Lu Li was charging at another man, Zhao Rui became extremely combative. He only had little information about Lu Li. Lu Li was an indigenous guy from a tribe, and he had just recently joined the Liu Family as a Guest Warrior no less. How could he break it to the Spirit Sea Realm?

Since he was not at the Spirit Sea Realm, then Patriarch Piao must have been killed by Lu Li using some trick. Zhao Rui and Patriarch Qi were warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm. They had a very big chance of ending Lu Li's life if they called all the other warriors to attack together.


Patriarch Qi was still in doubt. It was not that he was afraid of Lu Li, but it was that Zhao Rui was the young Patriarch of the Zhao Family. He dared not to let Zhao Rui to get into any risk. In the event of Zhao Rui being murdered, his whole family would be killed by the furious Zhao Family Patriarch, Zhao Gui.


Lu Li had yet again killed another Zhao Family warrior. Zhao Rui was completely enraged. Zhao Rui ran up the mountain with his black longbow in his hands and his silver sword on his back without deliberation.


Patriarch Qi shouted out as he had no other way. Then he cried out to the warriors of the Zhao Family at the hillside, "Get in groups and surround Lu Li. Anyone that can kill Lu Li will be awarded with 10,000 contribution points."

Generous rewards would rouse one to heroism.

Ten thousand contribution points were enough to trade for many Xuan Artifacts, Xuan Skills and pellets. The warriors at the hillside were all inspired. All of them used their full power and they killed their way towards Lu Li in groups of two or three.


Zhao Rui stood at the foot of the mountain and lifted his black longbow to shoot at Lu Li. The longbow he had was clearly a Xuan Artifact, of a high rank as well. With a sharp noise, a black arrow rushed over towards Lu Li's head.

"That is so fast!"

Lu Li was ready to kill yet another Zhao Family warrior, but he heard the noise, so he had to stop and use his Heaven Kylin Sword to smack the arrow away.

"Young Master Rui!"

Patriarch Qi caught up. He looked up and said, "I will bring someone with me and go up there. You stay here and release your arrows when there is a chance. As long as you can divert him, I can kill him."


Zhao Rui nodded in agreement. He brought two men with him to the boulder on the left. He had the two men attacking the Stone Rats to protect him while he released his arrows towards Lu Li time after time.

"Clank, clank, clank!"

Lu Li knocked all the arrows flying towards him one by one. He got so angry seeing that Patriarch Qi had ran uphill with four or five men and that more than a dozen men from all sides were ganging up on him.

Zhao Rui kept releasing his arrows which contained Lu Li. He could neither escape nor take initiative to attack. Lu Li saw all those men getting closer without knowing what to do.

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