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"Bang, bang, bang!"

Patriarch Qi was also at the initial stage of the Spirit Sea Realm with strong fighting power. He used his long sword to knock the Stone Rats and Red Phosphorus Hawks away. Together with five or six men, Patriarch Qi rushed up like a sharp sword.

The more than a dozen people by his side fought at their full strength for the 10,000 contribution points. They were daunting and fearless of death, ignoring the attacks of the Stone Rats and the Red Phosphorus Hawks completely. Many were scratched but still ran towards Lu Li regardless.

"Swish, swish, swish~"

Black arrows flew through the sky one after another. Lu Li fled to the sides to dodge the arrows. Zhao Rui could shot his arrows very fast and in a surprisingly accurate way. If Lu Li didn't try to dodge or block them, then he would have already been hit.

"Little White, order all the Red Phosphorus Hawks to attack the man shooting the arrows."

Lu Li had an idea and told Little White in his jute bag behind him. Then, he covered up Little White's scream with his own voice. Little White called out twice and swiftly, and then more than a dozen Red Phosphorus Hawks flew towards Zhao Rui.

The Red Phosphorus Hawks could not take Zhao Rui's life. But they were huge and could thereby block his arrows. Patriarch Qi and the other warriors were only a bit more than 300 feet from Lu Li. He had to deal with Patriarch Qi with all his efforts. Once he got distracted, he would be beyond redemption.

With the more than a dozen Red Phosphorus Hawks over there, Zhao Rui stopped shooting as Lu Li had expected. He stood on a boulder watching the warriors and Patriarch Qi swarming their way here. Lu Li, on the other hand, looked solemn.

This Patriarch Qi was at the Spirit Sea Realm which meant that he should be much faster than the five Xuan Wu Realm warriors following him. However, he had slowed down on purpose and kept only six and a half feet distance between them.

This was an indication that Patriarch Qi was stable and conservative. It could be judged that he was a man of caution from his looks. Dealing with this kind of people was the most difficult. Patriarch Qi's plan should be asking all warriors to surround and attack Lu Li so he could finish Lu Li by the overwhelming number of people with him and his absolute power.

Sure enough!

After another 30 or 40 feet, Patriarch Qi slowed down again. Obviously, he was waiting for people to gather around before he launch his fierce attacks.

There were 16 warriors coming at Lu Li from all sides; with them and Patriarch Qi's group, there were 22 in total. Once surrounded, as long as Lu Li was still a man not a god, he would be torn into pieces.

"What to do?"

Lu Li stayed there but his eyes were flickering as he was glancing to all sides for a way out of this. In the end, he had his eyes locked on Zhao Rui who was at the foot of the mountain. Suddenly, an idea came up.

"Whether I can make it or not is dependent on this."

Lu Li took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He remained still where he was. There were more than a dozen people trying to get to him by killing Xuan Beasts, moreover, a warrior at the Spirit Sea Realm was quickly getting closer. How on earth could Lu Li close his eyes?

Patriarch Qi and the other warriors paused for a second but paid no heed. Lu Li was like a trapped beast now. No matter what he did or how he struggled, death was his only ending.

One hundred and sixty-four feet, 98 feet, 32 feet!

"Kill him—"

Patriarch Qi shouted out and sped up in getting closer to Lu Li along with the five people at his back. There were only less than 65 feet between the more than a dozen men and Lu Li. As of this moment, all of them started running faster. They were endeavoring to encircle Lu Li.


Lu Li opened his eyes. He took two steps back and kicked backwards with great strength. The rocks underneath his feet cracked open as Lu Li jumped into the air. Then, in the surprised stare of Patriarch Qi and the rest, Lu Li rushed down the mountain, directly passing through Patriarch Qi and the rest.

"How could he jump so far?"

Patriarch Qi turned his head all of the sudden. His expressions changed when he realized that Lu Li landed less than 10 feet behind him.

Lu Li just now used his Xuan Energy. Upon feeling it, Patriarch Qi decided that Lu Li evidently hadn't reached the Spirit Sea Realm. However, the distance that Lu Li was able to cover in one leap could compare with that of Patriarch Qi. There could be only one explanation for this—Lu Li's physical strength was enormous.


Lu Li had already dashed downhill like a storm of wind. Patriarch Qi had no time to overthink. He immediately turned around and pursued Lu Li.

"Not good…"

Patriarch Qi's heart skipped a beat after he threw a few glances. Lu Li was making his way towards Zhao Rui. Lu Li had not broken out of the encirclement to escape, but to kill Zhuo Rui.

"Young Master Rui, get back!"

Patriarch Qi shouted and sped up to his limit. Zhao Rui was the young Family Patriarch of the Zhuo Family. Nothing could happen to him, or Patriarch Qi couldn't explain this to the Zhao Family Patriarch.


Zhao Rui and his warriors were still battling against the Red Phosphorus Hawks when he heard Patriarch Qi's shout. Zhao Rui looked over and saw Lu Li running towards him like a madman. Out of instinct, Zhao Rui came into a fit of wrath. Holding the silver long sword in hands, he was ready to run towards Lu Li.

"Young Master Rui, back—"

Patriarch Qi was frightened and he got even faster. Zhao Rui paused when he heard Patriarch Qi's angry shout. Zhao Rui thought about it and then unwillingly retreated with grievances.

"It's okay, it's okay…"

Zhao Rui had retreated and Patriarch Qi found that he was faster than Lu Li. Zhao Rui himself was fast enough. If it were to continue like this, Patriarch Qi could catch up with Lu Li easily so he was relieved. When the other guys caught up and surrounded Lu Li, Lu Li could eventually be killed.

Thirty-two feet, 26 feet, 16 feet!

Lu Li suddenly stopped.

There were only 16 feet between him and Patriarch Qi now. Patriarch Qi had been running at his full speed which was insanely fast. Only within the time of one breath, Patriarch Qi had gotten behind Lu Li…

"Old dog, you are tricked!" Lu Li suddenly turned around and smiled a cold smile. Then he shouted out, "Boiling Blood!"


Lu Li's back glared. His muscles swelled up and his pupils turned silver. Lu Li was filled with too much energy to use. He had employed his Bloodline Skill. At this critical moment, he would be an utter idiot if he still preserved his strength.

His goal was clear as usual. He never meant to kill Zhao Rui. It was Patriarch Qi who was running towards him that was his target.

The old man had in him very strong fighting capacity and rich battle experience. He was Lu Li's well-matched adversary. If Patriarch Qi were not eliminated, Lu Li still would die even if he could kill Zhao Rui.


Lu Li swung up his Heaven Kylin Sword which carried more than 100,000 pounds of strength and cut at Patriarch Qi in a diagonal line. With the increase in strength, Lu Li was as fast as a lightning. Patriarch Qi was only three feet away from Lu Li now, and he was still moving forward out of inertia…

Patriarch Qi never expected that Lu Li would stop. When he realized what was happening, he had already gotten right behind Lu Li and a huge broadsword was moving towards him in a ferocious momentum.

What could he do now?

Because of the inertia, Patriarch Qi could not stand still, nor could he dodge to the sides. He had to force himself to remain still and then grab onto his sword and attack back at Lu Li.


Lu Li's eyes were now as bright as stars in a clear sky. If Patriarch Qi had rolled over to the sides, there was nothing Lu Li could do. Patriarch Qi wanting to fight Lu Li with brute force was what he wanted to see the most.

That was because Lu Li now had enormous strength of more than 100,000 pounds!

After Lu Li released his Bloodline Skill, his strength had increased to more than 100,000 pounds. On the other hand, Patriarch Qi only had more than 33,000 or 44,000 pounds of strength. How could the latter defend against the former?


With a blasting sound, Patriarch Qi felt his hands and body tremble. Strength passed onto him as if he was hit by a gigantic beast. He could no longer hold onto his sword and he was sent airborne. A cold glint came, and the Heaven Kylin Sword landed on Patriarch Qi's chest.

Patriarch Qi was wearing a cyan armor. It was clearly a Xuan Artifact of high rank. The Heaven Kylin Sword could not get through it. The Heaven Kylin Sword was broken, therefore, it was no longer a Xuan Artifact. Naturally, it could not open up a Xuan Artifact armor.

The major issue here was that Lu Li's move was so ruthless and cruel, more than 100,000 pounds of strength.

It was like being hit by a gigantic beast the size of a hill. Even if Patriarch Qi's armor was intact, the strength alone could be enough to shatter Patriarch Qi to death.


Patriarch Qi was smashed away like a cannon being shot away. He hit against a boulder 32 feet behind him. Patriarch Qi spat out of blood in midair. His eyes were filled with misery and shock.

Patriarch Qi bounced off from the boulder and rolled on the ground. He could not get up. Blood kept spilling out of his mouth which tainted the ground red.


Xuan Beasts were still roaring and attacking all over the place, but all warriors had stopped running around. Everyone looked at Patriarch Qi whose pulse was slowing down to a flat line. They were all overwhelmed.

"Patriarch Qi was killed by Lu Li in one cut?"

An idea came into their mind. It was something none of them could believe. At this moment, they felt that that idea was hilarious, absurd and ridiculous...

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