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Zhuge Yue nodded, and Yue Qi brought several servants to clear the path in front. Swiftly sweeping his gaze through the entire market, he could hear the weeping girl slaves. Turning his head, he saw that these children are merely around eight to 12 years old, and wore shabby clothing that could barely cover their body. The old man looked like he was over sixty, and wore a luxurious set of bright red clothes with gold embroidered ingots. Right now, he donned an evil smile, while perversely touching the girls' tender faces.

Zhuge Yue's brow knitted together, and his eyes were full of disapproval and disgust. He waved his hand, and signaled Zhu Cheng over. Zhuge Yue instructed, "Go, buy those kids."

"Master?" Zhu Cheng was stunned. "Why are we buying slaves? It would be inconvenient along the way."

"When I tell you to buy something, it means you do it. Why so much confusion?"

Having being admonished, Zhu Cheng shuddered, and immediately moved out. At this time, he heard some loud sounds of scoldings. Zhuge Yue turned to observe, and saw that a neat and graceful male slave was kicked to the side. He crawled up, looking excited, as if he was trying to say something. That man was too far away from Zhuge Yue, so his words were inaudible.

Zhuge Yue did not mind either, but unconsciously, he saw in the corner of the cage, there was a frail teenager slumped in the corner. Their shoulder and the clothes were blocked by other slaves, and only the hand and the lower half of the body could be seen.

All of a sudden, it was as if he had been struck by lightning! Zhuge Yue's eyebrows locked together, and his gaze sharply scanned the cage. Although it was just a hand, he felt a strong sense of familiarity. It was as if his blood started boiling, and his heart sped up with the boiling blood. Without much thought, a senseless recklessness sent him jumping off his horse, and pushing into the crowd forcefully.

The crowd was overwhelming and messy, and his shovelling of people brought about scoldings. Not caring about them, Zhuge Yue remained frowning, and after much effort, arrived at the front of the crowd. Holding the iron bars of the cage, he sought for the owner of that hand.

The cage reeked of filth, and was full of cowering bodies and terrified eyes. Many cautiously looked at him, and upon noticing his piercing gaze, immediately avoided eye contact.

Not here, not here, still not here! Anger rose within him. Unsatisfied, Zhuge Yue looked again and again, but was unable to spot any traces. Could he really have seen wrongly? Exasperated, he stood in front of the cage, with his frown even deeper than before.

"Master!" Yue Qi joined him, and confused by his demeanor, cautiously said, "We can leave now."

"Master! Master!" Zhu Cheng trottered forward with almost a dozen young girls trailing behind him. These young girls had suddenly been traded again, and all heaved a sigh of relief knowing that they need not serve that infamous pervert. Frightened, they darted their gazes at their new master, and quickly realized that they were in luck. The slaves in the cages looked at them with jealousy, and desperately hoped that this rich young man would be compa.s.sionate enough to purchase them as well.

"Master?" Zhu Cheng carefully called out. The young master had been staring intently at the cage for a while. Could he have spotted another slave of interest?

"Let's go." Zhuge Yue turn around, and brought his servants away from this moral grey zone. Just when he turned around, a blood curdling scream sounded. But alas, that scream had been washed out by the combined cheers of the spectators as they spotted a batch of female slaves going up on the stage! Because of that, Zhuge Yue had not noticed at all, and took his men away from Boss Mu's store and headed towards the Water Transport Yamen.

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