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In the basin, the enormous city of great calamity had already landed on the ground, covered in countless branches and straws. All defense formations were shut down.

In the city of great calamity, all human beings and non-humankind beings remained motionless. Outside the city, on the surrounding mountains, large groups of tree giants and green spirits arrayed quietly without showing a sign of attacking. The main force of Pan Heng world creatures had been fighting against Blood Crown, naturally paying less attention to this area.

With a clear noise from the sky, Ji Hao trod on a fiery cloud and descended from the air. As he wielded his sleeve, the branches and straws covering the city started burning, and were incinerated within a blink of an eye.

Polo Jia, Polo Yan, the other Yu Clan nobles, Wuzhi Qi in the shape of Si Wen Ming, and the group of large family leaders walked out of the city of great calamity. Ji Hao nodded to them as a greeting, then raised the Pan Gu bell with his left hand and let it ring. A three-hundred-meters-tall tree giant flew out of the bell.

Holding an enormous green staff, this tree giant politely kneeled on the ground and saluted to Ji Hao, then walked to the wall of the city of great calamity with giant steps. A distance away, the group of tree giants on a mountain, who were responsible for watching the city of great calamity, were instantly stirred. Some tree giants pointed at the tree giant on the city wall, shouting with hoarse voices in a panic, but no one could understand them.

The tree giant on the city wall stomped his staff heavily against the wall, then raised his head high and gave a series of growls with the language of Pan Heng world creatures. He sounded like a wooden reed pipe, sonorous, resounding, with a special trill.

The tree giants on the mountain paused briefly, then burst into roars while leading countless green spirits and shadow leopards to rush up like the tide waves.

Polo Yan turned pale with fright. As the one who survived in this world for over ten years, he clearly knew how dangerous these local creatures be. He shouted out loud in a hurry, "Prepare for war! Prepare for war! Emperor Ji Hao, did you collude with these local creatures to…"

Polo Jia slapped straight on the back of Polo Yan's head and yelled at him, "Idiot! Shut up! As the others said, the good Flow Moon people are all wise, and the ones slightly combat-worthy are…total idiots. Look at the eyes of these local creatures. They have no intention of killing."

Hearing him, all non-humankind beings in the city of great calamity, who were thrown into a panic, turned around and looked at those Pan Heng world people. As Polo Jia said, their eyes were clear and green, without any intention of killing.

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