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"Help!" Priest Hua fell to the ground and created a giant dent on the ground. The destructive black fire spread out at lightning speed, reaching those leaders and elders from large human clans and families, who were expelled by Ji Hao, within a blink of an eye.

Ji Hao's eye corners twitched intensely.

Should he save them? Should he not?

Before Ji Hao figured it out, a streak of cyan flame swished down from the sky and hit violently on his body. The Pan Gu bell rang, echoing through the sky as it released countless Chaos power streams to shield Ji Hao and Yi Di. The cyan flame exploded and sent them tens of thousands of miles away.

The dark fire swept across the earth and flattened every mountain it touched, erasing all living beings from the earth. Those people who were expelled by Ji Hao screamed in fear as they activated all of the powerful life-saving treasures they had. However, none of those treasures managed to protect them from the black fire.

The treasures were crushed instantly. Hundreds of leaders and elders, who used to be at high positions among human beings, quivered, then their bodies disintegrated into the finest grains, dissipating in the air.

Not even Priest Mu managed to save these people. Blood Crown roared thunderously. His body was entirely black, and his erect eye had been releasing sharp black lights. He had completely lost his mind as he dove down from the sky like a monster, reaching to Priest Mu within a fraction of a second.

Priest Mu wielded his colorful branch. Blood Crown defended himself with one hand while scratching on Priest Mu's chest with his other hand eighteen times, which was crooked like an eagle claw, at lightning speed.

Following a muffled bang, the branch crushed an arm and a shoulder of Blood Crown. From his wounds, his black blood poured down to the ground. Falling on the ground, every drop of the black blood could drain the life-force of an area ten-thousand miles in radius. Within this area, all plants would turn into ashes, while all of the tree giants and green spirits would become black dust in despair.

Priest Mu's chest shone with a green light because of the 'sacred linden body' he cast; the green light protected him like a strong armor.

Following a series of cracking noise, the green light was torn open by Blood Crown's claw, and with the rest seventeen moves, Blood Crown's claw sank deeply into Priest Mu's chest.

Priest Mu's face twitched slightly. His chest was mutilated, and his blood surged out of the wounds.

Unlike Blood Crown's black blood, as Priest Mu's blood fell to the ground, a thriving life-force suddenly erupted from the area affected by his blood. Countless plants drilled out from the earth as they emitted a refreshing aroma to neutralize the scorching power released from the black blood, cleaning out the destructive force contained in it.

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The Magus Era Chapter 1580: Injure Priest Hua Severely summary

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