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Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

The Most Majestic You

Chapter 18 Part 2

Wei Lai was the first to arrive to the meeting room. Cheng Yang and Li Cang, who had just reviewed the replay, also arrived. Cherry and Xu Jimo were the last to arrive. This was the most depressing meeting the team ever had. Everyone took turns to speak, discuss, and make a conclusion. It was so orderly that it didn’t seem like it was the KG team.

Before the end of the meeting, Xu Jimo made an additional speech not related to the match. He basically told everyone that the intensity of training would increase from now on. Everyone should concentrate on the competition and he would lead by example.

After the speech, he was the first one to leave the room. Cheng Yang and Li Cang were left looking at each other.

Li Cang, “What does he mean by lead by example? It can’t be that we have messed up the thing between him and the young lady boss?”

Cheng Yang nodded, “I think that’s exactly what he means.”

Li Cang covered his face with a sheet of paper. “Then, aren’t we the guilty party? Oh, I’m on the side of the young lady boss……”

On the other side, Qianxi hid from Xu Jimo for two days.

After two days, she discovered that the whole world had changed……

It was the first day of the wild card games. KG was against the European team, GAS. As the interpreter for the after game interview on camera, she had learned her lesson and picked out a nice professional suit with delicate makeup when she arrived at the rest area.

When they saw her, Cheng Yang and Li Cang had open mouths so wide that someone could stuff eggs in. If it was in the past, they would fly to her, heaping all sorts of praises. Yet, today, they were very restrained. After the initial surprise, they both simply gave her a thumbs up.

Qianxi gave them a cheering gesture, then started looking for Xu Jimo.

It wasn’t just her that was avoiding him lately, she felt that he was also trying to avoid her as much as possible…...The two trouble-makers, Cheng Yang and Li Cang, were also miraculously exercising a great amount of restraint. They had been devoted to training nonstop in the past few days. She had a few chances to see any of them. Finally, she, in a roundabout way, found an answer from Wei Lai. Wei Lai told her that Xu Jimo had held a meeting to put the team spirit in order.

Did their ‘put team spirit in order’ mean not to talk to her? Didn’t she still have dignity as a boss?

Cheng Yang and Li Cang were anxiously watching her search for Xu Jimo. Boss wasn’t really hiding from young lady boss, was he? They would still concentrate on training without the boss making himself an example!

Finally, Qianxi’s eyes brightened up when she saw Xu Jimo coming into the room. She ran over with her high heels and a wave of her wrist. “Do you still want your watch back?”

She wore the watch on her wrist since her clothes usually didn’t have any pockets and in case he asked for the watch back when she met him, she could return it on the spot.

A man’s watch was too loose for her, it moved up and down her arm like a silver bracelet.

Xu Jimo asked, “You’ve been wearing it all these time?”

“Yeah, in case you remember it and suddenly ask for it.” She took off the watch while murmuring, “Who knew your owner has already forgotten about you.”

She put the watch into Xu Jimo’s left palm. “It looks better on you.”

The metal watchband still carried her body warmth and faint fragrance.

In just a few days, this watch had changed into something that didn’t seem to belong to him.

“Aren’t you supposed to go to the interview area?” He took a look at the time on this watch. “It’s about time.”

“It is about time. It’s almost time for your match too?”


“Go for it!” Qianxi tiptoed to hug him with both her arms. Afterwards, she bashfully said to him, “This is a cheering hug…...don’t let me down.”

She could hear a collective gasp behind her.

Cheng Yang and Li Cang were excited but clamped down on the urge to jeer. They were worried about their boss earlier and it had been totally unnecessary. The young lady boss rules! She just went ahead and hugged him, how assertive!

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

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