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Chapter 4

"Hah, have you calmed down?"
"I'm very really sorry, I've showed my unsightly…"

And again, Miko was forced to sieza in front of Goddess-sama while Goddess-sama gave a sigh.

"Do you have something that called restraint?"
"Ah, I left that when I die." (TN: I think she became like this because mind transformation done by Goddess-sama)

Miko make a joke answer.

"You… okay, next let's confirm your physical power.  In Stride,  there is something called status in everything in nature. In other words, you also have it. Try to say status in your mind."

Miko tried as Goddess-sama said and something plate-shaped with semi transparent color was appeared.

"Wow, something came out."
"That's status. The thing that written in there is your physical power and skills.  That's identity which everything have since birth."

Miko's skills level were written like this.

LV   8
AT  125
DF  115
MA    85
MD       80
SP  115
IN  130
HP  300/300
MP  280/280

Language Understanding(MAX)
Card Sealing(MAX)

"So this is status. It's like game."
"Yeah, generally it's the same. What written there is your skill and power level. This time, those values were given by your optimization."
"Hee~ it's amazing, since there was no other status that can be compared so I don't know, but the skill is maxed, is this bug?"

Miko said that words with idiotic feeling. But when Goddess-sama heard that, she opened her mouth with extreme surprise.

"Wait a moment. Your status… this is…"
"What's wrong Goddess-sama?"
"Your statuses is weird. From your age, it's not weird to have level 8, but if level 8, the average value should be between 30 and 50. And to have average value more that 100 is weird!!  And also the skills, Language Understanding at maximum value is privilege for reincarnated person, but to have Card Sealing and Appraisal at max is weird!!!"

Ha ha, Goddess-sama was breathed heavily. It seemed she was very surprised.

"But, the skills that gained through optimization are unchangeable, even God couldn't do that. I'm sorry but please just transfer like this. Well, it's dangerous world, so being strong is not a problem."
"That's right. Overall I understand, but what is this Card Sealing skill?"
"Ah, that's a skill which make you able to seal anything into a personal card and also can make that personal card."
"Hn, unexpectedly plain skill. Well, just having skill value more than normal is already amazing cheat."
"Well the, I'll give you minimum equipment. Please appraise it. Just like when you call status, trigger your skill with voice in your mind, and it will start."

Said that Goddess-sama pulled out one sword, equipment made from leather, underwear, one bag of biscuit-like snack, several gold, silver and copper coins, and several cards. When Miko activate her appraisal skill on those things,

・Iron sword
・Hard leather series
・Underwear x5
・Emergency ration x30
・Gold coin x10
・Silver coin x 10
・Copper x10
・Sealing card (gold) x3
・Sealing card (silver) x5
・Sealing card (copper) x 10

That was shown.

This is all. After this you will be transferred to Stride. After this I can no longer make any inference to you. Please live while valuing your life."

"I understand. Goddess-sama, thank you for caring about me. But, I have one wish."
"What is that? I could no longer give you any goods."
"That's not it. But, there is a mother that I left in my former world, I think if I gone she will suffering again. That's why, please, somehow can you make her happy?"

Miko  said her wish to Goddess-sama with overflowed tears from her eyes.  Seeing that, Goddess-sama smiled to Miko with kindness.

"I understand. I can't make a perfect happiness, but let's give her some chance. Whether she will grasp that chance or not, that depends on your mother."
"Thank you very much, Goddess-sama."
"Then, it's time for farewell. Time to go, Miko. For the sake of your own happiness."
"Yes, I'm going, Goddess-sama."

Said that, Miko's figure is gone.

"… That child's fate, magnificent journey, is starting now."

While murmuring, Goddess-sama disappeared from the world after death.


The actual skill is not not card sealing, the raw use 札 which mean note/bill as used in 10000 yen note or 100 USD bill. Since if I use Sealing Note/Note Sealing the meaning will be completely different, and Sealing Bill/Bill Sealing is somehow weird, so I change it to card.

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