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The Story of Drifted Girls in Different World ~The Adventure of Miko~ Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
In The Forest

"Here is, Stride?"

The place where Miko transferred was inside thick forest. Sunlight filtering through leaves gap and illuminating the ground. At least vegetation that growth there was nothing like in Japan.

"…This is indeed impossible, for leaves to have square shape. I really came to different world."

After she walk for a while, something came out from bush.

That thing height was about Miko's waist, the skins was pale red, its lower back is wrapped by dirty cloth, and had face like a demon.

Miko used her appraisal skill against that thing. There, displayed goblin and its statuses.

NAME  Goblin

AT    8

MA    5

SP    10

HP    100/100
MP    50/50

"…So that is goblin? Only level 1, let's try to fight it."

Miko while holding iron sword, ran towards goblin. That goblin also notice Miko appearance.


While intimidating, that goblin also raised its fist tried to hit Miko. But since Miko's sword had longer reach, goblin fist was never reached her. Miko's sword pierced goblin, and her first battle ended with single strike.

"Fiuh, this is battle huh? Unexpectedly too fast. Well, the opponent was just level 1."

She questioned herself why there was no uncomfortable feeling in her mind even though she killed goblin.

"Is this because Card Sealing? That skill is to seal something to a card right? Let's try it. Card Sealing!"

She activated her skill with copper sealing card which she have most. Doing that, the card glowed and suck up the goblin corpse. Looking at the card, the name, pattern, and explanation were floated up. In there,

> was shown.

"Heeeh, is this Card Sealing? Unexpectedly this skill could be usable. At least, I won't need any luggage."

After that, she sealed everything she had into card except the sword and the cards itself. From that she understood that 1 card only can seal things with same category, and the capacity are, copper card 20, silver card 50, and golden card 100.

"Well, it's change depends on the things, for now it's fine.  My appearance, isn't it strange in this world? Should I change?"

Miko changed into leather series and underwear that given by Goddess-sama and seal her student uniform inside card. Hard leather series that she received from Goddess-sama was, jacket created from black leather that put on top of underwear.  The chest part is wide open and it was embarrassing, the bottom is is something like hotpants with length almost same as underwear. For hand there were fingerless gloves with length up to elbow, for legs there are boots with under knee length. Also, cards in unable to sealed inside card.

"Well, that's obvious. If I can do that, that will increase bug list. First of all, I have to go to place where people live."

Miko began to looked fore river. She read in a book long ago, when you stranded you must search for a place that had water. After walked for awhile, she found a river with 2 meters width. After got lost for while whether should went upstream or downstream, she chose to go downstream. On the way she was several time attacked by goblin, but she killed them all.

"But, since I have only fight with goblin, I don't really know, isn't this monster too weak? All of them were killed with one strike, there is no resistance."

After went downstream about 30 minutes, she saw big wall. It was built with stacking big rocks until wall shape was formed, its height is about 5 meters. Moreover, it seems the wall is very long, Miko was walked alongside it, but see anything like gap on the wall.

"…this wall is ridiculously long. I've tired of walking."

Even though she complained, she still keep walked. After walking about 1 hour, there was a gap come into sight. When saw human there, Miko caressed her chest while sighed in relief.

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