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Chapter 205: Flan (2)


A clean line was drawn on the misty surface of the glass.

It was early in the morning. Dried yellow tree leaves floated on the surface of the lake. On the other side of the lake, there was a white stone tower. Knight Hillar, who was outside the tower, was leaning against the tower and was sipping a warm beverage. Angele could see the breath coming out of the man’s mouth. Hillar was wearing a brown leather armor suit with a black snake pattern on its back. The horned helmet and shoulder guard were eye-catching.

A group of small black birds flew by the window and chirped. They flew around above the lake for several times and left.

"It’s December already. The birds from the west coast are migrating. They wouldn’t usually stay in the Six Area due to the intense energy particle movements in the air, but you will see them during the winter from time to time," Nancy quickly explained.

"Breakfast time." She lined up the silver plates on the table.

"How’s the preparation of the materials?" he suddenly inquired.

The material cases were sealed with spells, so Nancy had no idea what was inside. Angele asked her to collect the materials for some low-level potions. The only thing she knew about those cases were Isabel’s runes marked onto them.

He did not want others to find out about what he was planning to concoct. If someone leaked the number of materials he purchased to the public, the wizards would know how high his success rate was, and it would be a serious problem.

All the materials for Demos’s Water and the Tree Killer Potion were prepared. The Demos' Water would help him increase his mentality and the Tree Killer potion would increase the chances of him successfully advancing to the next stage.

"I’ve recently heard a rumor that Labyrinth College is planning something big. Stay around the house, Nancy. Don’t leave the safe zone."

"Alright, you can leave now." Angele pointed at the fireplace.

Nancy left the room and closed the door carefully.

"After this thing is done, I shall start concocting the potions and try to advance to the next stage." Angele leaned to the side and looked through the window. It was a peaceful moment for him to enjoy.

There was a tall white obelisk standing quietly in the chilling wind. The top of the obelisk was surrounded by white clouds and the view down there was blocked.
A small platform was built on top of the obelisk. A woman with white tight suit sat in the center of the platform with her legs crossed. She had a long black ponyt

ail behind her head.

The woman had a pretty face, but there were no brows over her eyes. Her expression was serious and her eyes were closed. Water was dripping down her chin and blue light dots were flashing around her body.

The white arched gate behind her was slowly pushed open.

"Master Flan, master Red Brow from the Labyrinth College wants to talk to you. What do you think?" the man questioned in a low voice.

"Sure, let’s see what he has to say." Flan stood up.

The man quickly invoked some incantations and pointed his hands toward the ground.

Rays of light were released from each of the runes, coming across each other and forming a special pattern.

The old man’s shoulders bowed. His eyebrows and beard were flaming red, but his messy hair was silver white.

"Flan, long time no see. I want to you to find someone for me. He’s a dark wizard," the old man spoke slowly.

"This one."

"Huh?" Flan creased her forehead. "What do you want him for?"

"I know him, yeah." Flan nodded. "Tell me what happened first? People at your position usually don’t care about a Gas stage wizard. Also, by the way, I know you have people in the Six Ring Area. I want them gone as soon as possible."

"Summon them back then. Do you understand?" Flan’s voice was deep and powerful.

"Narry? Do you really think I care about her?" A cold smile appeared on Flan’s face. "Old man, just stay in your organization and enjoy your retirement. I already forgave you for what you did that year. If you try to provoke me again, I’ll send you to hell."

"He’s my granddaughter’s only friend and you want him dead? Isabel is all I have right now. You’ll be dead in three days if you hurt this young man," Flan threatened him sternly.

Flan cut the communication screen before Red Brow could finish his words.

In a tall black tower, far from the Six Ring area.

"Fu*king Flan Jones! I wasted so much mentality to track that young bastard down!" He cursed in a low voice, "Contact Vidia and his members and ask them to retreat! That crazy b*tch really meant it!"

Red Brow wiped some dust off his black robe.

The old muttered but it almost looked like he was speaking to someone else.

Flan walked down the obelisk and entered a hidden stone room.

The stone door slowly closed as Flan entered the room.

Flan walked to the table and tapped on the mirror carefully with her finger.

The reflection of her face disappeared. Instead, a bedroom with blue walls showed up.

It was Isabel, who was currently changing her underwear.

Flan stared at Isabel’s perfect body. There was a hint of hysteria in her eyes.

Flan had started observing Isabel’s body since she was young. She had planted many hidden runes in Isabel’s living space and would spend several hours watching her every day.

Isabel looked exactly like the young Flan, and Flan was enjoying the strange pleasure that came from monitoring her granddaughter’s daily life.

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