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Chapter 206: Preparation (1)

Several hours later, Flan slightly tapped the surface of the silver mirror.

Flan stood in front of the table. As she blinked her eyes, she started thinking.

Outside the stone room, a woman wearing a white mask was waiting quietly. She bowed as Flan stepped out of the door.

"To the wizard named Green?" Flan questioned.

"Potion materials?"

"He’s living a better life than the Potion Masters in the family. Whatever, a Gas stage wizard, it’s fine if she’s having fun."

"Where are the guards for the family resource point?"

"Time to show the elders what the Jones Family is capable of."

In the house beside the lake.

The door was painted white. It had the same color as the wall, so it was hard for others to find.

White glowing crystals lined up on both sides of the wall. They looked like small diamond-shaped lamps.

Silver liquid slowly filled up the gaps around the door, resulting in the door almost looking like it became part of the staircase.

There were four closed doors on each of the walls in the basement. Different signs were hanging over each of the doors: Material, Creature, Potion, and Spell.

A whole pile of black boxes was stored inside.

Angele walked to a white box on the left side and opened it carefully. Inside were two test tubes that contained blue and red liquid, protected by cotton pads.

Angele grabbed the two test tubes in hand and left the material room. He then entered the potion room.

A head-sized glass container with black sticky liquid was being heated using a fat burner and the liquid inside was bubbling. The bubbles were rising and exploding on the surface of the liquid. White smoke formed small vortexes after the bubbles exploded and they looked like clean white roses.


Angele was satisfied with the result.

The smoke floated in the air for about ten minutes before disappearing.

Angele calmed down and took out a black stone piece with a white rune engraved on its surface.

The deep and loud incantation echoed in the room. The words were hard to understand, but his voice was calm and steady.

The rune stone broke into countless small pieces as Angele invoked the incantation.

The progress was going well. He looked relaxed.


However, the white rune on the stone’s surface slowly vanished into the air and the rune stone was no longer surrounded by the gentle glow.

Angele sighed.

"I need to start over again." Angele shook his head with his brow furrowed.

‘Zero, collect the results and restart the simulation.’

Angele walked to the shell-shaped table and sat down on a chair. He closed his eyes and started to go through the mistakes he had done during the process.

Angele needed more practice to improve the concoction process, which would take some time.

He opened the small drawer and grabbed one of the small pink crystal bottles. The liquid inside the cylinder-shaped bottle was dark.


A creamy milk smell permeated the air. Angele’s expression turned serious and started meditating right away.

The hardest part of potion concocting was the mentality merging process. It required a high expertise in mentality manipulation. Otherwise, the reactions happening in the container would not happen. Usually, a Potion Master needed to try multiple times before finding the right methods for different potions. However, many materials would be wasted during the testing phase.

Angele skipped the testing phase by using the chip’s simulation function. The best plan given by Zero after the simulations would increase his success rate greatly. However, many things could happen when concocting a mid-level potion, and he still needed to find the right amount of mentality to use by himself.

The correct way to use the potion was not to drink it but to let it evaporate. The effect of the potion was strong and one-fifth of the liquid would be gone in two hours.

It was the first time Angele tried to use the potion during the meditation. He had, after all, spent way too much time on preparing the materials for the Tree Killer potion.

It almost looked like Angele’s body was absorbing the mysterious red gas and the scene looked quite strange. The red gas kept spurting out of the crystal bottle and revolving around his face.

His face turned pale and he quickly sealed the bottle with the stopper.

‘Meditation length, 2 hours 24 minutes and 31 seconds. Mentality increased by 0.1.’

"The name of the potion is Stinky Demos’s Water…Where’s the stink?" Angele wondered.

A strange but awful stench rushed into his nose after he put the crystal bottle back into the drawer.

The meditation made his sense of smell keener. It seemed like the stinky smell was the byproduct produced prior to the evaporation process.

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