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Chapter 232: A Simple Day (1)

"Pen and paper for me, please," he asked upon turning his head to Nancy.

Angele finished his food quickly and started writing a reply to the letter sent by Tia. But before he continued, he asked Nancy to leave him alone for a moment.

He then grabbed a wooden cylinder and put the letter in. The cylinder was sealed with wax, and Angele labeled it with the address.

Amy was watering the plants in the garden so she was able to immediately hear Angele’s voice, then she quickly entered the house answering his summons.

"Give this to the postal office and ask them to send it by means of flying courier." Angele handed the wooden cylinder over to Amy.

He stayed on the sofa and checked the messages from the communication runes. Angele finished replying to the messages after about half an hour.

Angele summoned the Four-wing Night Sparrow. Immediately, it rushed into the living room through the opened window and landed on his shoulder.

Angele patted the back of the bird and tried to figure out a way to maximize the value of the turtle’s flesh.

Angele needed to proceed with caution when dealing with something that was collected from the Nightmare Realm. The damage done by the heart bomb was enough to blow up the turtle and the only things left were the three pieces of flesh.

Angele stood up right away and walked out of the house, soon arriving at the lakeside.

The place was quiet. The wind was blowing over Angele’s face from time to time. Several pieces of yellow leaves fell to the water and floated on the surface.



The silver needle than returned to Angele, dropping the black fish on his palm. It was a black fish with a rune mark on its back.


"Now that the fish is dead, let’s see what will happen the next time I go into the Nightmare Realm." Angele knew that the realm had special connections to the real world, as it felt as though he had just experienced time travel the last time he went there.

Angele turned around and saw a black carriage with silver edges traveling toward his house. The carriage slowed down and stopped under the road sign that indicated that the area was owned by wizard Green.

Two patrolling Knights noticed the situation and walked over to question the man.
They talked for a minute and the two Knights

bowed to the man politely, then one of them walked to Angele to report back.

The Knight quickly ran to Angele and bowed to him.

"Master, it’s a wizard from the division. He said that he is here to deliver you something," the Knight responded politely.

"Invite him to my house." He smiled.

Angele returned to the living room. He asked Amy to prepare the tea for the guest and sat down on the sofa.

"Greetings, wizard Green. My name is Peter." Peter slightly nodded his head.

Amy, Alice, and Nancy were still waiting on the side.

"Yes, master."

The living room became quiet.

Angele glare at the man with a deadpan face.

"Yes, master Ander asked me to deliver the records of potions and compilation of potion concoction knowledge to you." Peter took out a crystal orb from his sleeve. Inside the crystal orb, there was a floating red rune.

"Master Ander said that you can contact him directly through the orb."

He hesitated for a second and put his right hand on the orb with both eyes closed.

‘Start.’ Angele ordered.

It sounded like gas leaking out of a balloon.

At the same time, old man Ander’s voice entered Angele’s ears.

"What’s the matter?"

"Great. Thank you for the help."

"Even? You really think it can be solved that easily? You should’ve never come to confront me." Angele chuckled.

"Come on." Angele shook his head. "Don’t you think we can aid each other in many ways? We can totally obtain great achievements together."

"Plenty." Angele was not angry at all. "It’s a win-win situation if we can work together. You’re from the Bennis Family, though you’re merely one of the elders. But you don’t have that much power in hand, right? Otherwise, why would you work in a division? Instead of the headquarters?"

"Live subject experimentation and human experimentation are forbidden in Nola, which means you’re basically not allowed to kill a large number of creatures in order to extract ancient bloodlines. However, you have the perfect method of extracting harpies’ ancient bloodline, right? Don’t you want to test that method on other creatures? A secret lab will solve all the problems for you."

He did have the intention to build a secret lab, but it was too hard a task to accomplish.

Ander hesitated. Knowing that Angele’s idea was quite reasonable to him, asking the young man to be the director of the lab would be an excellent choice. However, he just could not trust Angele and he did not want to give the complete version of his ancient bloodline extraction technique to the young man.

"If you still need some time to think, we can just start working together first. I know your secret and you know mine, so we’re in the same boat. You can trust me. I also have the signet and I still need to do research on it." Angele chuckled.

"Of course." Angele stopped for a second. "My signet has the true power of the ancient bloodline. With the signet, it’ll be much easier for me to extract the harpy’s bloodline. Although there’ll be impurities, we can save a lot of time."

"And one more thing, I heard someone purchased a few white centaurs from the last slave auction…"

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