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Chapter 556- Zhang Yi Talks About Lianheng

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

"Then what about the Xiangnan City-State, where is there weakness?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

The leader of the Xiangnan City-State, Caiyun Zinan, has Strategy Saint Zhang Liang helping him, and he holds an unassailable position. Along with the prestige that he built up during the Battle of Guilin, in a short while, no one could touch his position.

Even if the Black Snake Guards or the Honglu Temple wanted to try anything, Zhang Liang would easily break their attempts.

Zhang Yi remained incredibly casual, "The weakness of the Xiangnan City-State is Zhang Liang."


Ouyang Shuo felt even more shocked. All of Zhang Yi's words truly surprised him.

"Lord, think about it. If your ally has a saint helping them, what would you think?" Zhang Yi did not directly explain. Instead, he just threw down a question.

If it was Ouyang Shuo, needless to say, he would naturally want to think of a way to snatch the saint over. The problem was that the ones facing the situation were normal Lords.

Ouyang Shuo thought about the matter. Using the thinking methods of normal Lords, he answered, "Are you saying that the other members will be wary of Caiyun City because of Zhang Liang?"

"That's the case." Zhang Yi nodded, "In history, Liu Bang was able to walk up step by step among so many Lords due to Zhang Liang. During the Battle of Guilin, Caiyun City did not take any benefits, so we can instead say that he is really ambitious."

"A Lord with ambition, combined with a saint level strategist. Even if we did not stir up problems, hidden currents would move and act."

"With Zhang Liang's intelligence, he would naturally notice this problem. As long as he leads the Xiangnan City-State to turn their swords outward time after time, wouldn't this cancer just remain unsolved?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

When both sides had the same interests, a hidden problem would not be a hidden problem anymore.

"Well said, Lord!" The sharpness of the Lord amazed him. He continued by changing his tone, "But Lord, think about it, what is around Xiangnan Province?"

When Ouyang Shuo heard this question, he thought back to the geography of Nanjiang.

North of Xiangnan Province was Jingchu Province, where Chun Shenjun resided. To the east was Chuanbei Province, where Black Lion City was situated. South was Lingnan Province and Chuannan Province. Meanwhile, Chuanbei Province was west, and Feng Qingyang was located there.

The north and northwest areas were the traditional strongholds of the Yanhuang Alliance.

Under the circumstances where they were enemies with Shanhai Alliance, Caiyun City naturally did not dare to provoke the Yanhuang Alliance.

The Lingnan City-State on the south and the Chuanbei City-State in the west were their allies, so they had no reason to attack them.

As for the Chuannan Province where Shanhai City was located, with Han Xin and the Leopard Legion there, Caiyun City would not have the courage to try and cross.

The only possibility would be the Chuanbei Province on the east.

Firstly, Chuanbei Province belonged to the Shanhai Alliance, so Caiyun City did not have a mental barrier when attacking it. Secondly, Black Lion City had a limited influence in the province, and it was not enough to unite the entire area.

No matter how one looked at it, Chuanbei Province would be their chance.

"Black Lion City is in trouble?" Ouyang Shuo had a somber expression.

"It's a danger and also a chance," Zhang Yi said, "If Gong Chengshi is smart enough, he can make use of the invasion to gather up the powers in the province. As the two provinces go head to head, with our support, it will not be easy for Caiyun City to succeed."

Ouyang Shuo reacted and smiled, "So you mean that Honglu Temple will focus on Chuanbei and not Xiangnan?"

"Lord is wise!" Zhang Yi bowed once more.

"That's fine. Let's treat it as planning for the future!" Ouyang Shuo nodded, seemingly recognizing and agreeing with the plan. However, his eyes contained something difficult for others to grasp.

When Zhang Yi saw that, he did not dare to speak anymore.

Ouyang Shuo did not mention it and turned to ask, "What about Chuanbei City-State? What are your thoughts."

Around the territory, the one that made him the most uncomfortable was the north.

That was because the north had two provinces working together to defend against them.

The Battle of Guilin had undoubtedly proved that the two provinces had a close understanding and were really close. Along with Guilin being such a key position of contact for both of them, it made one feel even more uncomfortable.

With the intelligence of Zhang Liang, he would only increase the cooperation between the two and would prevent any disputes.

Hence, to make the two City-states fight one another was an impossible task.

However, Zhang Yi had his own views regarding this matter, as he smiled, "The weakness of Chuanbei City-State is in the change of interests in the north and south, as they are unable to come to a consensus."

"How so?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

"Chuanbei Province, its north is connected to the Shu Lands and South Shanhai City. On both the north and the south, they have a vast border. To the Lords in Chuanbei, compared to Shanhai City, Shu poses a bigger threat." Zhang Yi said, "During the Guilin Battle, the north Lords not joining in was enough to prove that."

"Shu Lands? You mean Swordsman City?" Ouyang Shuo asked once more.

"That's right. Feng Qingyang's Swordsman City is located on the lost south part of Shu, and it is only miles away from Chuanbei Province." Zhang Yi answered, "Originally, the land that the Shu govern is bigger than two Chuanbei Provinces, so Swordsman City can expand inside Shu. Regretfully, its covered with forests and mountain ranges, so it is easy to defend and hard to attack."

"Hence, it is highly difficult for him to expand in Shu. Compared to that, Chuanbei Province is naturally a better choice."

"I see." Ouyang Shuo was enlightened, "It seems like Swordsman City is doing us a huge favor."

After such a prompt from Zhang Yi, Ouyang Shuo started to think deeper and further.

Within the Yanhuang Alliance, compared to Di Chen and the others, Feng Qingyang was relatively uninterested in fighting.

Unfortunately, he was part of an aristocratic family, so he carried the burden of his family on his shoulders. No matter how much he did not want to fight, he needed to adequately expand the territory.

If not, if it was someone like Di Chen helming Swordsman City, Chuanbei Province would have fallen into chaos long ago.

"Do you think we can form a hidden alliance with those north at Chuanbei?" Ouyang Shuo looked at Zhang Yi, smiling as he asked.

"I hope that they can be the factor that allows us to break the current situation." Zhang Yi said carefully and calmly, "As long as we have them, we can mess up the Chuanbei City-State then challenge the Xiangnan City-State. With that, the current situation would definitely be broken."

When Ouyang Shuo heard these words, he did not express his views. He neither said yes or no.

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