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Chapter 563- Exchanging Achievement Value for Gold

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

'Aristocratic Families Rise' was an information piece that occurred using this part of history as a backdrop.

Based on the settings from Gaia, after its release, there would be three types of aristocratic families that would appear in the wilderness.

Firstly, the dynasty aristocratic families.

An aristocratic family from the times of East Han appeared in Luoyang Imperial City, an aristocratic family from the Wei and Jin Dynasty appeared in Quanzhou Imperial City, while an aristocratic family from the Sui and Tang Dynasty appeared in Chang An Imperial City.

The other imperial cities would more or less have aristocratic families appearing.

Of course, the famous people in history from those families temporarily would not appear. They would wait for their corresponding dynasty to enter the wilderness before showing themselves in the game.

Undeniably, their appearance would bring about a different sort of change to the imperial cities.

The virtual and fake looking imperial courts in the eyes of the players, as well as the various aristocratic families in the cities, would slowly appear and show themselves, becoming more and more realistic.

The adventure gamemode players in the imperial city would have a chance to trigger more quests.

The connection and interaction between the two would also become more close knit.

Apart from that, this update removed the outer barrier of the imperial cities. Hence, there might be a chance that the imperial cities would exert some kind of influence on the wilderness.

Lord gamemode players would have more chances to recruit talented individuals.

Secondly, wilderness aristocratic families.

This type of aristocratic family would directly appear in the wilderness and engage in face-to-face competition with Lords.

In truth, Xiang Yu's West Chu was considered a type of aristocratic family, even though his family came from the end of Qin. This also meant that Gaia 2nd year was only a warm up. They would truly show their strength in the 3rd year.

As for the 2nd year, the four uprising armies were the main characters of the wilderness.

In contrast to the uprising armies, the aristocratic families in the wilderness would not appear all at once. They would wait till the battle maps of their respective dynasties were completed or some sort of quest was triggered before they appeared.

Hence, they had a huge uncertain factor about them.

Thirdly, territory aristocratic families.

The historical people that the territory had recruited, if they belonged to a certain aristocratic family, their people would appear one by one. Of course, whether you could make them work for you was another problem.

Apart from that, the various counties and prefectures in each territory would also give birth to local powerful families.

To the territories, this situation presented both pros and cons.

The pros did not need to be stated. Although the aristocratic families would restrict their rule, these families had many talents. It would be an instant solution to a territory's talent shortage problems.

The cons were similarly obvious. When these powerful families formed within the territories, they would cause a sort of restriction to the prestige and political right of the Lord.

All in all, this information piece was not as simple as the uprising one. It was not as violent; instead, it was more mysterious. It would affect the inner workings of the territories.

To the Lords of the wilderness, this was a true test.

Shortly after the release of the information piece, another world notification stunned everyone.

"World Notification: Since it's the 2nd anniversary of Gaia, we will open up a one time achievement value exchange event. For the specific details, please search on the federal website."

Achievement values was a very sensitive topic for all the players.

Their amount of achievement value would affect their permission levels on planet Hope. Players such as Ouyang Shuo were working hard in the game to obtain more achievement values and raise their permission level.

Now, however, Gaia allowed one to exchange for it.

It was an incredibly huge hit to players.

Even Ouyang Shuo was stunned.

He did not recall such an exchange event taking place in his past life.

Obviously, his revival had once again changed the course of history.

Based on what Gaia had revealed on the website, the exchange would happen between in-game gold and achievement value.

Players could use the achievement value they obtained on earth to exchange for gold, or they could exchange the in-game gold for achievement value.

The ratio was 1:200; one achievement value to two hundred gold.

During the migration, the assets that people owned greatly decreased in value due to the calculations. Especially the billionaires, where their divisor amount had reached 0.0001.

A person who owned one hundred million credits could only obtain ten thousand achievement value.

As the game had run for two years, the production of gold had greatly increased, and the exchange rate had fallen.

Hence the 1:200 ratio could be considered extremely logical.

Still, with the millionaire as an example. If he exchanged all his achievement value for gold, he would gain two million gold straight away.

The credit to gold exchange rate was 50:1.

Apart from that, one also had to consider the depreciation of gold as a result of the large amount of exchanges. In truth, the exchange ratio should have been even less.

Hence, exchanging achievement value for gold was an all out gamble.

Normal players had very little assets, and the assets divisor amount during the calculation was low, so it was actually worth it for them to make the exchange.

A normal grown man had around one thousand achievement value. If he exchanged it all, that would give him two hundred thousand gold, a sizeable fortune.

Of course, to prevent the gambler mentality of players, Gaia restricted the exchangeable achievement value to a third of their current amount.

As a result, a person with one thousand achievement value could at most exchange for 333 points and obtain 66600 thousand gold.

And to the various powers, this was truly a chance to gamble.

With Chun Shenjun as an example, he currently had an extremely awkward position in the game. Without outside help, it would be difficult for him to return to the peak. If he exchanged his huge and boundless achievement value, he could stage a comeback in the game.

If he did that, then there was really no way out for him in the game.

He could not afford to lose.

As for exchanging gold for achievement value.

At the current stage, none of the players could afford to do that.

Even the world's best Lord, Ouyang Shuo, only had two hundred thousand movable, liquidated funds. Two hundred thousand gold could only be exchanged for one thousand achievement value.

The moment one exchanged gold for achievement, it would be like quenching a thirst with poison, destroying the game balance in the process.

After all, even Ouyang Shuo was not sure how Gaia would evaluate their assets in the game after the ten year period.

Hence, exchanging early on was definitely not a wise choice.

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