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Chapter 570-Yijing Jin

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

Since Ouyang Shuo could notice this little action, Chun Shenjun, who was in the same suite as them, could obviously notice it too. As such, his brows frowned up.

"Do we have to fight amongst ourselves?" Chun Shenjun looked toward Wandering Magic before turning his eyes toward Xiong Ba.

Wandering Magic was born in a small family. As such, he could not have obtained much from the achievement value exchange. Since he possessed such a huge sum of money, Xiong Ba was naturally supporting him.

When Wandering Magic had gathered the alliance army to attack Zhangchu, Xiong Ba had also acted behind the scenes.

Chun Shenjun knew that, which was why he directly looked at Xiong Ba instead of Wandering Magic.

When Wandering Magic saw Chun Shenjun's actions, his face could not help but cramp up. The feeling of being looked down on truly felt uncomfortable.

"There is no need." Xiong Ba nodded.

When Chin Shenjun heard this reply, he was delighted and thought that Xiong Ba planned to compromise. Although he was surprised, he also felt that it was expected. After all, Chun Shenjun did not think that Xiong Ba would go all out because of Wandering Magic.

Who knew Xiong Ba that would continue, dragging Chun Shenjun down, "Since you're so righteous, then I thank you in advance!"

Xiong Ba looked at Chun Shenjun with a mischievous smile filled with delighted, like he had sunk Chun Shenjun's boat.

Chun Shenjun's face instantly turned black.

"Then let's see who's better!" Chun Shenjun said coldly.

At that moment, the conflict between the two had reached an irreparable state.

Di Chen quietly sat at the side and did not saying anything. However, the look in his eyes became more and more complicated.

Although the Yanhuang Alliance had signs of rising back up, the internal cracks had worsened. No one knew how long the entire alliance could last for.

Making use of the exchange event, Chun Shenjun wanted to raise his status in the alliance.

However, be it Di Chen or even Xiong Ba, neither of them was willing to look up to others.

With the three of them existing together, it was enough to push the entire alliance toward an unknown future. The cooperation between strong people was like that, someone needed to compromise.

If not, they would just butt heads and bleed.

In this aspect, the young children of the aristocratic families were far from the level of their parents.

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