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Chapter 126.1 - Undying devotion

“Did you really think that what he said today was just casual chatter? No, he saw through you from the beginning, and only used some interesting news to numb you, to make you feel as if he was truly being sincere. Then afterwards, he’d continue to query you about me, trying to find out my weakness.”

This was what he was best at, and what was hard to fend against.

But she’d suffered enough her last lifetime that at least this time, she was very clear headed.

Otherwise, when a warm and elegant man who doesn’t have a single flaw, is caring and considerate, appears in front of you, a naive young girl would find it hard to resist.

So he was too perfect and this was his flaw.

She didn’t think she was that irresistible that a prince who had only seen her once or twice, would fall in love and have undying devotion towards her.

He only wanted to borrow her hand to send his so called ‘god-sister’ over to the Night Prince’s side, and then use the Night Prince to push himself up to the position of the crown prince.

Lan Bai listened to Lou Qingwu as her expression slowly became solemn, her brows furrowing.

She angrily declared, “Disgusting!”

Originally, she’d thought he was a great guy and last time, master said that she’d looked upon him.

Even though she thought the third prince wasn’t as good as the Night Prince, but seeing how caring he was towards master, she’d started to sway towards him.

Who knew that he was just a black fox, totally betraying her trust because she was even going to try to pair him up with master.

Next time, he better not appear in front of her, otherwise, she’d definitely give him a good beating.

Seeing Lan Bai act like this, Lou Qingwu helplessly rubbed her forehead, “Tonight, I said all of that to make you understand everything better, to see how much of a hypocrite he was. However, the next time you see, you should pretend that you don’t know anything.”

“Ah? Why?”

“Because …” Lou Qingwu’s eyes fell on some place, a shadow was cast on her face, “I want to destroy everything he wants.”

Lan Bai froze, not understanding why Lou Qingwu suddenly became so cold.

According to logic, her master and the third prince didn’t have many interactions, so why did she know him so well?

But her master was all-powerful, so she only had to believe in her master!

“En, Lan Bai will remember.”

The next day, the housekeeper carried an exquisite box to Qingge little building and stood in front as he knocked on the door, “Master.”

“Enter.” Inside the study, Feng Yege didn’t even lift up his head as he held his writing brush, writing furiously on a file.

The housekeeper pushed open the door as he respectfully stood at the centre, “Master, someone sent over a box of pastries, they said it was for master to eat.”

“Who is it?” Feng Yege’s brows unconsciously furrowed together.

“I heard from the residence guards that it was from the Lou residence.” Which is why he boldly dared to bring it in.

Otherwise, he would have dealt with it himself.

Apart from Miss Lou, who else would send things from the Lou residence?

Just as he thought, when Feng Yege heard that it was from the Lou residence, he immediately stopped his movements and looked up.

His eyes fell on the pastry box as a light passed in his eyes.

He nodded, “Place it over here.”


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