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Chapter 219.1 - Don’t want to marry her

As soon as the Xiliang third princess chose her husband and the fifth prince chose his partner, Lou Qingwu would hurry and try to get Xiahou Qing to marry her.

By the time that Xiahou Qing would think she was his person, then she could start using him.

She had no doubts that Xiliang Mubai wouldn’t marry her.

After all, someone as superficial and vain as him, how could he force himself to marry her?

But, that was before so it was best to do a bit of something, as insurance.

She thought for a bit before reaching for a brush, penning a letter.

When she sealed it properly, she called for Thousand Face.

She gave the letter to Thousand Face and ordered, “Deliver it to the ambassador’s outpost, personally to Xiliang country’s Shu Yunyan. No need to say anything, just give it to him. When you come back, be careful and make sure no one’s following you.”

“Yes.” Thousand Face hid the letter securely and started to walk out.

When he opened the door, he saw Little Bell holding a tray, he slightly nodded his head at her before side-stepping her.

Little Bell looked at her curiously, “Master, is there something happening?”

“Just letting him deliver a letter.”

“En.” Little Bell didn’t think too much, instead, she presented the tray like it was a treasure to her.

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Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 219.1 summary

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