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Chapter 220.1 - It's a vixen

When the time of the night banquet had come, Lou Qingwu followed Lou Qufeng into the palace.

Today, Xiliang country’s fifth prince would choose a consort and help choose a husband for the third princess.

So all of the unmarried girl’s and daughters of nobles would be in attendance, as well as the other princes of Dongyu country.

But compared to marrying a Dongyu country prince, marrying far away into Xiliang country wasn’t something that a lot of the girls were happy with.

So they all dressed and had their makeup turned down, making themselves as lowkey as possible.

Apart from one person, the Countess of Chaoxia.

The Countess of Chaoxia wore a pink dress with a hundred butterfly ruffles, it was pinched high on her waist so she looked like a beautiful flower amongst the many girls in attendance.

She looked very eye catching.

If Lou Qingwu didn’t know that the Countess of Chaoxia had her eye on her senior brother, she really would’ve thought that the Countess was planning on marrying far away.

After all, there’s no way that imperial prince Zong couldn’t have told her what this night banquet was for.

The imperial prince only had one daughter so there’s no way he could allow for her to marry far away.

But she purposely chose to wear such a dress today, so she was either very fearless or she knew for sure that the fifth prince’s choice of consort … wasn’t her.

Lou Qingwu was thinking as her eyes fell on the Countess of Chaoxia.

The Countess of Chaoxia lifted up her eye and seeing Lou Qingwu watching her, sneered at her, her eyes filled with cockiness and contempt.


Then it must be the second choice.

Lou Qingwu lowered her eyes and suddenly felt like she was missing a person.

She was able to change Shu Yunyan’s mind to not make her marry, but there was still one person who wouldn’t think like that.

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