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Chapter 17 Chasing His Wife

"Do you know how to hold him?" Ella looked at Sum, who was also uneasy, for fear that he would drop her son carelessly.

Sum, who had never held such a little baby, broke out in a cold sweat just when he held Jerry. However, this feeling was not bad!

"Hey, he looks like you!" Sum looked at Jerry and Ella. He took this chance to have a good look at her.

Just after delivery, she was still very plump, with a round face, a small nose, and a small mouth. She was still so cute.

However, she became more feminine in her acts and speech.

They got into the Benz, joking and laughing. Ella sat in the back seat. Sum cautiously put Jerry in her arms.

At this moment, he was so close to her. The person he loved was in front of him, but he could only look at her without doing anything further.

He wanted to embrace her to feel her real presence. But he couldn't…

Sum had booked a private room in a large hotel. He joked with Ella on the way to the hotel.

After arriving at the hotel, Sum got out first. He quickly ran to the back seat, opened the door and took the baby in Ella's arms.

Sum was as considerate as what he was in the college. She jested, "You are still so considerate. How happy your girlfriend must be!" Then she grinned and got out.

While she lowered her head, she didn't notice the bitterness on Sum's face, but he quickly resumed his smile, "Of course."

"Come on. You're still so narcissistic." Ella jokingly stared at him and took her son cautiously.

Sum closed the door and rested his hand on Ella's shoulder gently, "Let's go in." He took back his hand, as he always made sure not to go too far.

With Jerry in her arms, Ella walked toward the hotel with Sum, laughing and chatting. Before they entered the hotel, they met two acquaintances.

They were very familiar with each other.

The smile on Ella's face froze. She took her son in her arms and watched the two people walking over.

Sum felt there was something wrong. He followed her eyeline, and saw Samuel.

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