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Most of the Sinkhole's Calm Sea domain was a calm sea that appeared to be boundless. It was uniform and uninteresting. Although there were some natural treasures in the sea, they were usually accompanied by the presence of danger. Since Yi Yun did not plan to explore it, the best way of traversing the great distance of the vast sea was naturally to use a teleportation array.

These long-distance teleportation arrays that could easily allow one to travel millions of kilometers were not cheap.

At that moment, Yi Yun came to a teleportation array. The person responsible for collecting the teleportation fee was a girl with Fey blood. She had malt-colored skin and was more slender than the average human. She had strong legs and a furry tail behind her back.

"The teleportation fee is ten inferior-grade Spirit Jade."

The girl hung a standard smile as she said this sweetly.

Yi Yun was taken aback when he heard that. Spirit Jade?

He suddenly realized that he had a problem. The common currency used in the Sinkhole was clearly completely different from that of the 12 Empyrean Heavens. And most embarrassingly, he did not have this currency.

In fact, the 12 Empyrean Heavens did not have an officially recognized currency. Every region used different currencies and, most of the time, things were done through a material exchange. For example, the Myriad Divine Territory's Myriad Runes were obtained from the exchange of goods.

Noticing how Yi Yun did not respond or take out any Spirit Jade, the corners of Snake Girl's mouth twitched. "Bro, don't tell me you didn't bring any money?"

Yi Yun stroked his chin, turned to her, and said, "Indeed, I didn't bring any. Pay for me this time."

Snake Girl was left stunned for a moment. What a scam. In the end, she was still responsible for paying the fees?

Although she wasn't happy about it, she had failed to rob Yi Yun. She was now at Yi Yun's mercy, so she had no choice but to grudgingly comply.

It pained Snake Girl's heart to take out ten inferior-grade Spirit Jade. It was clear that she lacked money in the first place. If it were her alone, there was no way she would be willing to pay to use the teleportation array.

"Okay. Might I ask where you are going?" The girl asked with a smile as she accepted the Spirit Jade.

"Myriad God Ridge," answered Snake Girl unhappily.

As the teleportation array was activated, a beam of light flashed. Yi Yun and Snake Girl appeared millions of kilometers away.

The surroundings had changed completely. They were no longer by the seaside but a lush mountain range. Beneath the mountains was a large city that looked exuberant at a glance.

Just after Yi Yun and Snake Girl stepped out of the teleportation array, it lit up again, and someone else appeared out of the teleportation array.

"This Myriad God Ridge sure is lively."

"That's natural. Myriad God Ridge might be said to be a sect, but in fact, it's not much different from a large country. It’s not just warriors; there are many mortals living here as well. It is a very large city that's extremely lively!" Snake Girl explained with smug delight. Although Yi Yun was powerful, he was a foreigner that needed her to answer his questions.

Yi Yun remained silent and gave Snake Girl a cursory glance. He said, "Let's go. Onward to Myriad God Ridge."

Although they had arrived in the continent where the Myriad God Ridge was, they were still a fair distance away from the actual Myriad God Ridge. They flew for a period of time before arriving at their destination.

The continent was named after the Myriad God Ridge. Although there were tiny sects, they paled in comparison when compared to the Myriad God Ridge.

Myriad God Ridge was a truly powerful super sect. Countless subsidiaries depended on the Myriad God Ridge. Snake Girl's description of Myriad God Ridge being a massive country was in no way hyperbole.

During Yi Yun and Snake Girl's flight, they saw many bustling cities and towns. However, those were not the core regions of the Myriad God Ridge.

Soon, a towering and majestic mountain ridge appeared in front of them. Its peak pierced straight through the clouds and it looked extremely magnificent. And at the foot of the mountain was a huge city. Its circumference spanned nearly five hundred kilometers and the populace numbered tens of millions.

"This is the Myriad God Ridge." Yi Yun looked at the city and found it grand and lofty. There was also fluctuations from array formations.

Flying was forbidden at high altitudes in Myriad God Ridge; therefore, Yi Yun and Snake Girl landed at the city gates.

"Two inferior-grade Spirit Jade is required for entry," said the guardian of the gate.

Yi Yun glanced at Snake Girl, causing her to make a long face while helplessly taking out two inferior-grade Spirit Jade from her interspatial ring.

Attempting to rob Yi Yun was definitely the unluckiest move she ever made.

It only ended with her becoming penniless.

"As Old Snake's disciple, do you have any means of finding him in the fastest way possible?" Yi Yun asked Snake Girl.

The city was huge and there were just too many people. The Myriad God Ridge was also extremely imposing and filled with countless warriors, so it was impossible for Yi Yun to search for a needle in a haystack.

Snake Girl sighed and flipped her hand. A tiny snake slithered out from her sleeves.

"Let's use this little guy. However, this little guy can only detect the scent in a ten thousand foot range. Any further and it won't work," explained Snake Girl.

"Let's give it a try first." Yi Yun looked at Snake Girl. "Speaking of which, how do we enter this Myriad God Ridge?"

The true core of Myriad God Ridge was in the spirit mountains. Yi Yun guessed that they needed to head there to find Old Snake.

"Simply pass the entrance test. It happens every few days as there is a high demand for entering Myriad God Ridge. However, most people fail to even pass the first round." Snake Girl said contemptibly. Clearly, she despised people who attempted to enter Myriad God Ridge because it was popular.

"Didn't you say you could easily pass the Myriad God Ridge's test? Then let's give it a try."

Yi Yun was a little baffled as to why Old Snake would spend his days in Myriad God Ridge, even going as far as doing miscellaneous chores. However, since he was introduced by Huan Chenxue, it was highly unlikely that Old Snake was useless. Perhaps the enlightened had their own ways of doing things.

As a super sect, the Myriad God Ridge would attract large numbers of people for every test. Yi Yun and Snake Girl headed for the Myriad God Ridge's entry test registration venue and were astounded by the crowd ahead of them.

There was a lot of people!

Even with a test happening once every few days, there were still myriad people registering.

Yi Yun thought back to the people that came right behind them at the teleportation array. A number of them were probably rushing here for the Myriad God Ridge's test.

Seeing the large number of people, it did not seem like an exaggeration when Snake Girl said that the disciples of the Boundless Chapter failed to pass the test. The Myriad God Ridge would definitely only choose a tiny portion of candidates; otherwise, its entrance would burst from the sheer number of people.

They stood and waited with the group of people. And at that moment, a middle-aged man walked out from inside.

"It's Steward Luo."

"Hey, quiet. It looks like Steward Luo will be helming today's qualifying examination."

When Yi Yun heard the discussion, it was apparent that these people were very familiar with the Myriad God Ridge. They even knew the names of a steward.

"It looks like all of you understand the Myriad God Ridge very well?" asked Yi Yun.

The group of people looked over and noticed that it was a youth with a girl about the same age as him that said that. Judging from his clothing that was obviously that of a foreigner, and how the girl dressed in a villager's attire, they immediately understood what was going on.

They must have rushed here for the test from some remote place, so they knew nothing.

"Heh heh, you must not know. Many of the people here have participated in the test numerous times. The few of us have participated about seven times and we basically know all the examiners of Myriad God Ridge." A scholarly-looking man dressed in an opulent garb said complacently as he flapped his fan.

Snake Girl rolled her eyes. So they were trash, but what was there to be smug about?

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