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The Shady Compet.i.tion

The shadow of the preliminary of the sports compet.i.tion continues to spread, and there were school contestants who were late for unknown reasons.

Through Chifuyu’s power, the curious students spied on the late school — Clear Wind Academy’s situation. Never thought Yang Yang actually had his sights crossed with an unfamiliar Clear Wind’s contestant, and the person revealed an atmosphere which causes one to feel unsettled&h.e.l.lip;

In the middle of the storm, the opening game between schools have commenced, and Atlantis Academy, being led by Black Robes, had a good start.

Other than that, the black snake, a cursed body Yang Yang and senior IcyFlame subdued, which after being reconstructed by Gasai, had turned into a cute little girl who likes sweets and afternoon tea — snake child, Ting. The setting was impressively ready to go on stage!

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