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[148] He had never planned to take any disciples from the beginning.

If she left Ziyun Sect and just lived her life here in this unfamiliar world, then where would she go?

Bai Li's face suddenly appeared in her mind, winking at her before changing into Yue Wushang's smiling yet unsmiling face, his eyes holding a demonic air.

"That guy changed into a woman and messed with me just because he was bored and made him happy. How could he be a single bit decent?

Now he was patting off his b.u.t.t and leaving with his little concubine as they muttered sweet loving words to each other. How could he still remember this little scapegoat?

Perhaps after he said goodbye, he wouldn't even be able to recognize me!"

Li Yu saw her zone out again and laughed happily.

He couldn't help but pat her head, "Hey, little girl, come back to this world, we're almost there. Look, up ahead is Ziyun Mountain!"

Qi Luoer raised her head to look. The mountain's peaked reached high into the sky, swarmed by auspicious clouds and swirls of purple cloud. The imposing mountain was truly a spectacular sight.

Li Yu took her to the large plaza above.

The plaza was above the white clouds that floated like a sea. All kinds of mythical birds flew around her, calling beautifully in her ears.

Countless disciples wearing robes of all colors sat in the plaza, cultivating.

Li Yu spoke quietly, "I'll bring you to the Ancestral Hall where all the elders are receiving disciples."

He brought her straight to the main hall.

The main hall was grand and dignified with layers upon layers of beautiful curtains at its entrance. All of the four corners burned with precious agarwood.

Inside the hall, it was extremely cold and cheerless. The tables were untainted by even a speck as a incense burner sat on top of it. Sets of portraits hung on the wall.

The 10 newly accepted disciples all entered and lowered their heads deferentially.

Ling Xuzi and the 8 great elders stood behind the table, facing the hall's entrance.

They watched as Li Yu and Qi Luoer entered. Ling Xuzi nodded slightly.

Qi Luoer's heart sank. Yun Hua wasn't here!
He really couldn't accept that the rumor was true!

Then what about herself?

Before, she had always believed in the verse, "Heaven rewards the diligent."

But some things were always decreed by fate and barely had anything to do with her. She simply couldn't do anything to change it.

From the beginning, he had never planned to accept another disciple. Then, in that case, what was all of her hard work for?

A sour and painful feeling spread in her heart.

She released a slight, bitter laugh. Since its like this, just take any teacher, study the way of immortals, and try to find a way back home…….

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