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[155] What Holy Maiden? Laozi would still kidnap!

Yun Hua spoke indifferently, "Okay, Shifu has work to finish so Yu'er 1 the 'er here is a form of endearment, unlike being apart of his name like Luoer , give Luoer a tour so she can familiarize with the environment. After that, she can go to Floating Cloud Palace."

Li Yu hurriedly answered, "Yes!"

Yun Hua turned around and left.

She watched as his robes fluttered in the breeze, pulling on the earth as he walked through the packed White Cloud Mountain with swift and nimble movements.

It was just like the first time she saw him. He always seemed so distant from her, as if she would never be able to catch up.

Qi Luoer forced a smile.

She had always wanted Yun Hua to accept her as a disciple and now that it had come true, it really felt a bit unreal.

He was an aloof and remote immortal, immaculate and indifferent towards everything.

And she was just an ordinary mortal he chanced upon. The difference between them was like heaven and earth.

She wanted to catch up to him.

Was this how it felt to be the toad wanting to eat swan meat?

Sigh, everything is up to fate.

And maybe her fated half wasn't him.

Yue Wushang's figure suddenly appeared in her mind as she recalled her experiences with Bai Li.

Her heart skipped!

She flurriedly shook her head.

That guy was only teasing her because he was bored, how could he possibly be genuine?

Besides, she was already a disciple of Ziyun Sect and that guy was the leader of Ziyun Sect's sworn enemy.

If they met again in the future, she might even be killed under his hands.

Yunluo was also considered his friend, but he was still so merciless. How could she expect for him to be any different with her?

Qi Luoer softly sighed.

"Luoer, your mind is wandering again! Why do I find that you like to zone out so much?"

Li Yu looked at her helplessly.

Qi Luoer suddenly became aware of herself and smiled apologetically. "Li Shixiong, do you mind repeating yourself?"

Li Yu shook his head. "I asked you, where do you want to go play?"

Qi Luoer smiled. "I'm not very familiar with this place, it's better for Li Shixiong to guide me around."

Purple Cloud Mountain had nine peaks, two of which were in the north and south, facing each other.

They were currently in Ziyun Sect's grand hall at the south peak. It was also the place that Ling Xuzi resided in.

And at the very top of the north summit was where Yun Hua's Floating Cloud Palace was located.

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