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As he and Ye Ling approached the exit, they were stopped by two people. They seemed to have waited there for a long time.

- Yang Tian, our boss is waiting for you. Please follow us.

Yang Tian didn't refuse since he knew that father Ye wanted to talk to him from their conversation earlier.

Yang Tian tailgated them to the hotel where he picked up Ye Ling in the morning. After taking the elevator to the top floor, Yang Tian was surprised. There's only one large room on the entire floor. He rang the doorbell and after a moment, father Ye appeared:

- Yang Tian, Xiao Ling, come in.

He turned to look at the other people:

- Your mission is complete, you can report back for your contribution points.

The two rejoiced and left after bowing. Yang Tian followed father Ye into the room or should he say apartment. It was fully furnished with a lot of elegant and luxurious materials. Father Ye turned and looked at Ye Ling:

- Xiao Ling, go into the kitchen and help your mother. I need to talk to Yang Tian.

Ye Ling hesitated but followed his orders anyway. Father Ye said:

- My name is Ye Wen Tian, Dark Society Division Leader.

- Division Leader?

Ye Wen Tian looked at Yang Tian thoughtfully and said:

- You must have known about the Dark Society.

- I've met them once and I'm sure you know about this.

- That's right, Hao Nan have told me about you and I've done my research. I didn't think that your background was so mysterious. We could only dug up things as far as a year back.

Yang Tian smiled internally, it would more surprising if he could dug anything up. He had to go to the center of the Earth to dug those up. Yang Tian perished his thoughts and said:

- You must have called me for something important.

- Yes, since you are smart, we can save a bit of time. I want to invite you to join the Dark Society.

- You should really introduce a bit about the Dark Society's situation.

Ye Wen Tian predicted that he would ask about this and immediately said:

- The Dark Society is the organization that unites all Cultivators in the world. Our strength rivals that of the four great powers in the Shrouded Continent. Each nation has its own division. I am the Division Leader in this country and there are 2 more Vice President and a President whose cultivation have reached late Golden Core, he's very formidable.

After saying all of this, Ye Wen Tian paused, hoping to see Yang Tian's surprised face.  According to his investigation, Yang Tian came to w.a.n.g Lu a year ago to learn about modern society to fit in. He surmised that Yang Tian was studying with his master in the mountains and wasn't familiar with the mortal world. He hoped that by letting Yang Tian know of the power of the Dark Society, he would immediately joined. He never thought that Yang Tian would have no reaction and  begrudgingly continued:

- We might be an organization, but when we started it was with the intention of countering the cultivators from the Shrouded Continent. So we don't meddle too much with the ongoing of the mortal world. We don't have too many restriction with our members. You can choose to take on your own mission and if you succeed, you will get contribution points. The points can be use to exchange for cultivation resources, techniques, magic spells and even modern weapons like tanks, helicopter or even a private island.

 - Not only that, we have ma.s.sive influence over each country. Our actions and needs are always top priorities. 

After the long introduction, Ye Wen Tian stopped to examine Yang Tian. He didn't think Yang Tian could refuse in the face of such ma.s.sive benefits. Yang Tian had a thoughtful face and then asked:

- I'm guess all the benefits you just listed are unavailable to regular members. So what do you want me to do?

Ye Wen Tian was taken aback, he didn't think Yang Tian was such a cautious person. What he said wasn't wrong, regular members didn't possessed complete freedom as there are some rules they had to follow like the number of dangerous missions they had to take. But according to Hao Nan, Yang Tian could be at the False Core stage and could reach Golden Core stage before the Resource Compet.i.tion. If that was true then they could potentially get a decent ranking.

Ye Wen Tian stopped beating around the bushes and said:

- That's right, regular members don't receive such treatment. I want to to partic.i.p.ate in the next Resource Compet.i.tion.

- Resource Compet.i.tion?

Ye Wen Tian then started to explain about the Resource Compet.i.tion. It's a compet.i.tion established by the cultivation powers to distribute resources, the higher the ranking, the more resources they got. The Dark Society's strength is formidable but their young generation is not up to par. After all, the level of spiritual qi at the Shrouded Continent is much higher than Earth and they have much more profound techniques and mantras. Because of this, the rankings of the Dark Society were very poor. This time looked to be no exception as the Holy Mountain Saintess and the Demonic Sect Demonic Lady had already reached Golden Core stage while Nan Gong Tian had reached False Core. The Hidden Dragon Island were low key but they would not be far behind.

Initially, there were no hopes until Yang Tian showed up. If he could join then their ranking would skyrocket. Not only that, as a Division Leader, with the person he introduced getting a good result, he would receive many benefits. Because of this, he wanted Yang Tian to join at all cost.

- Initially, I had no plans of joining the Dark Society but seeing as you are her father, I can represent you guys in the Resource Compet.i.tion. However, you need to give me some identification papers. It better has high level clearance, enough so I can even mobilized the army. Think of it as compensation.

Ye Wen Tian was overjoyed, joining on paper is still good, as long as he represented the Dark Society in the compet.i.tion. For his identification, Ye Wen Tian had already finished it. A card was produced in thin air. Yang Tian was surprised:

- I didn't think you would have a s.p.a.ce ring.

Ye Wen Tian was even more surprised:

- You know of it? It seems your master isn't ordinary. I received this after making a major contribution.

When he said that however, there was pain in his face. It seemed the story behind the ring was not simple. Ye Wen Tian quickly regained his wits and gave Yang Tian the card:

- This is your identification card. Just give it to someone with a high ranking and they'll know what it is.

Yang Tian took the card and examined it. There's his name and picture with a few basic information and it said he was a Core member. The card was made of a special material that could withstand a high amount of force and was fireproof. It's not something of the cultivation world but was made with cutting edge technology.

- Is this a high position?

Ye Wen Tian eyes went wide:

 - This position is directly below myself. A regular person would need several decades and they might not even get this job. It's the equivalent of a Colonel General in the army. But I have to remind you not to abuse your power.

He was afraid that Yang Tian would abuse his position. Even though he didn't seem like a bad person according to his research, Ye Wen Tian didn't know if he had any bad intention. The hierarchy of the Dark Society goes from: Lower-grade, Middle-grade, Upper-grade, Superior-grade and then Core member. Above that was Ye Wen Tian - an Elder and Division Leader. Yang Tian was not supposed to be at this rank from the beginning but his cultivation and potential made him eligible.

Yang Tian nodded:

- I understand, I have one more thing I need your help with.

- And that is?

- I have some stuff I need to do but I'm still a student. Can you call the school and get me some free time?

Ye Wen Tian face darkened, he didn't think that Yang Tian would ask for such insignificant thing. One must know that his position is similar to president of a country. But he didn't refuse and made a call. After that he looked at Yang Tian:

- It's time for dinner, come and enjoy Ling-er's cooking.

Yang Tian didn't refused, this was something he could not even hope for:

- Of course, even you kick me out I would find a way to stay.


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