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Chapter 72

“At last one part is DONEEE~~”

In his private room in Hlidskjalf, Renya is carelessly stretching out his body on the bed.

After all the Divine Armaments maintenance that he did before ended up taking three days to complete. He is somehow astonished by his past self that recklessly made that many Divine Armaments but even so, he doesn’t have any intent on dismantling any of those.

Even if some of the Divine Armaments already somehow become useless for him, Renya still expect some situation where those Armaments could have a moment to shine. With that kind of thinking, it results in uncountable amount of Divine Armaments sleeping inside Renya’s storage world.

Because of the ‘There might be times when I will need them’ type of thinking, he find it hard to throw things away. Remembering his own room when he was still a human back on earth, all he can do is only cringes at himself for his lack of improvement in this part. He becomes a bit discouraged because of it but he just keeps it a secret from the other.

But his work to maintenance his Divine Armaments doesn’t end up as a waste of time. His Divine Armaments have their quality improved by the whole. He optimizes the Divine Armaments that he finished by only relying on brute force, strengthen the weakened parts, and shave away any coarse parts. It was really a tough manual labor but the result of his hard work could be seen clearly.

One of the big harvests of his hard work is that Renya’s body god-ification progress advanced a lot more than usual. He presume that it was because he keep using his own divine power in the maintenance process that it somehow stimulates his god-ification progress.

“Ah right, aren’t they also resting in Hlidskjalf today?”

The gang is now taking jobs that require them to go far like nothing. They would spend the noon hunting like usual but they would return back to Hlidskjalf at night to rest.

Since they get Hlidskjalf, the time they spend to camp outside at night is only by the time they do escorting jobs.

He has many beauties joined with him so it would be such a loss to spend his spare time alone in his room so Renya starts to walk out to the living room.

Inside the western styled mansion hallway, the sound of his footstep echoes. At that moment, a random thought suddenly passes his mind.

“I forget that this place is on a ship sometimes”

Inside the echoing sound of his footstep, such thought pass his mind and he can only smile bitterly about it.

Well then, is there anyone inside? As Renya ask in his mind, he opens up the large door connecting to the living room. The one he sees inside are sitting on the sofa while having their face close to each other like they are planning something in secret. They are Therese and Rebecca.

“………… Nanode……… desu”
“……………… But……… nano?”
“……… Desu desu………”

Those two seems to be peeking on something while desperately tries to plan about something. Renya can’t even hear what they are talking about even in this distance.

The two being goody goody friends are not something new for Renya but even so, their situation now is quite unusual so Renya light-heartedly calls out to them from behind.

“Yo you two, why are you being so serious like that?”
“FUWAHYAAAAAAAAAA!? O-o-o-oniisan desu?!”
“U-uwa, this might be the first time I see you this shocked Therese”

Renya is also surprised by The

rese’s reaction but even so, he still takes a few steps back to let the two have some space. They might have some things that they don’t want others to see placed on the table so he tried as much not to see it.

“………? Therese…… why surprised, that much?”
“N-n-n-n-no, I, am, not, surprised, desu”
“No matter how I see it, you way of talking are disastrously broken now thought?”
“……… Therese, calm down”
“I-I-I-I-I-I-I am calm desu desu! H-h-h-h-h-h-how am I not!?”
“Your voice is trembling greatly thought?”

Even if he is still unclear with the situation, no matter how he sees it, he can still conclude that the cause of Therese’s panic is his own presence. With that conclusion, he decides to step back so that he won’t accidentally step on the sleeping beast’s tail.

“I’m sorry Rebecca, please take care of Therese for me. Please somehow calm her down before dinner”
“…… Okay, leave it”
“I rely on you then”

Renya then pats Rebecca’s head in a somewhat rough manner before leaving the living room behind.

And then seeing Therese finally starts to calm down, Rebecca calls out for her while sounding a bit worried.

“……… Are you alright, Therese? …… Should we stop?”
“N-no, I’m alright nanodesu. I already have enough information from the ‘oneesans’ and I concluded that if we don’t take the 1st step now then our condition won’t advance desu!”
“……… Yeah, I can tell”
“And moreover desuyo? Won’t Rebecca-chan still go on by herself even if I say I will stop desuyone?”
“……… That’s, right…… Because I, already prepared”
“And that’s why I can’t give up all the more desu! To be left behind by Rebecca-chan that joins the party later is……!”

Therese is getting her resolution ready in a desperate way like trying to push herself into a corner. Looking at that figure of her...

(……… Just as I thought…… I have to give Therese, a big push…… or she won’t do)

Someone else is giving a cute smile like saying that it all goes according to her plan (Keikaku doori!)

And then, later that night after they finished with dinner.

Renya is in a relaxed condition after having a bath while enjoying a cold drink after bath. After he kill some time with idle talks with the girls at the living room, Renya wants to return back to his own room but, his instinct that is trained and further heightened with his condition as a god, tells him this:

“The god had decreed: I shant sleep here it said”

Renya tries to say it in a cool manner but there is no response from inside the room.

Feeling awkward from the lack of response and even worse with the bad hunch he felt before, Renya starts to loiter around inside his room in a very suspicious manner.

“What is this feeling? This uneasy feeling that is hard to be described by words… Just what is it?”

Should he go to Floria’s place asking for some words of wisdom?

He is about to leave the room because after thinking like that but at the same time before he reaches the front door, someone suddenly knocks his door.

“O-oniisan? It’s Therese desu”
“…… She’s with me……”
“N? Therese and Rebecca?”

While finding Therese’s shaking voice to be weird, Renya still open up his door to let the two little guests come in.

“E-excuse us desu”
“…… Excuse us”

The first thing that Renya notices is that the two had already changed. They wore cute pajamas when he saw them in the living room before but now they wear a robe that completely hides their body as they enter his room.

Click. Renya who walkes ahead of the two little girls could heard the sound of lock from behind.

Even for Renya who is still inexperienced with woman (Eros: O’rly?) would realize what happened if the situation advances this far.

Therese is showing a determined look while Rebecca, even though she is still expressionless like usual, shows a hint of red in her cheek. Added with the sound of lock from before, what going to happen after is obvious.

(But still, calm down me. There are still chances for this all to be just a misunderstanding)

Starting with Floria, it was always the girls side that took the first move so he resolves himself to not let the girls who are attracted to him wait for too long to advance their relationship but when Renya look to the two little girls again, he finally realizes that, the target now is just too hard for him.

(…… They are both loli type girl! As a man, the hurdle to approaching them first is just too high! I feel like doing a crime!!)

It had been said a few times before but according to this world custom, it isn’t weird for girls their age to get married. So it is not exactly a crime here.

Setting aside how other people will look at him, this world common sense would not find any fault with it. With his hesitation, it is clear that Renya’s idea of romance, or specifically moral code regarding women, is still greatly affected by earth’s standard and he can’t just change it easily.

That’s why, different from when it was with the other three, when it was with Therese and Rebecca, he can’t help but feel that the devil is whispering him this:


Anyway, Renya tried to test the water again with guiding the two little girls into his bed instead of sofa. He just wants to make sure of what their odd behavior meant.

“Well anyway…… please take a seat?”
“Y-yesh desu!”
“…… Um”

Therese raises her voice loudly in response like she is about to face a once in a lifetime great battle and sit in the edge of the bed.

Rebecca still keeps her usual calm and smoothly follows after.

Renya had already sat down first and the two take a seat on both of his sides like trying to sandwich him.

“…… A~…… then, why do you visit this late at night?”
“……… I think……… Oniichan had already, understand……”

Rebecca who sits in Renya’s right side nonchalantly hugs his right arm.

There are no sign of awkwardness in her move, she doesn’t even timid in the least. She is just smoothly entangle his arm into her embrace like it’s natural.

(…… Oh gosh, this girl Rebecca, don’t tell me that she is experienced!?)

Rather than experienced, she is very good in going all in with what she decides.

For Rebecca, being together with Renya forever from now own is already a decided fact. So even if there are fear for the unknown, if it was Renya who done that to her, she doesn’t feel it to be scary at all. Her state of mind is reflected clearly in her action.

In addition to that, her mother ‘excellent’ education is also a big factor for her mentality now. According to her mother, If things has advanced this far, even if you feel embarrassed because of it, you still need to be assertive chasing it or you would be crushed under the pressure. So in short, Rebecca’s action is the result of her following her most respected mother’s teaching in the most sincere way.

As the result, Renya could see hint of bashfulness and expectation that could be seen appearing and disappearing from her expression that would greatly tickles a man’s heart while also being bold in her approach at the same time. Her action is simply a double layered trap that would capture any man’s heart and the amazing thing is, she does it unconsciously.

Her dreadful natural personality combined with elite course education from her mother had made Rebecca into something irresistible.

“He-hey, Oniisan! I-I am also”
“A-aa, what is it”

Even while he is in a daze from Rebecca’s unintentional charm attack, like saying this is not their all, Therese is also advancing upon him from the other side making his mentality reduced into only a yes man. In this place, there is a man being toyed away by two little girl.

“Err, that is….. We can’t suddenly become like the ‘oneesans’…… desune. S-so I thought that it would work if I work together with Rebecca-chan desu!”
“That is one hell of an idea you reach over there Therese!?”

How could it not as the idea is even making the God of War being taken aback.

“But-but, I also like Oniisan very much desu! And then and then, you know, listening to what the ‘oneesans’ talking about, I can’t help thinking that the current me is not enough…… to advance to this step desu”
“Just what the hell did those three talk about!?”
“H-H-h-h-h-H-h-h-How can I say something embarrassing like that desuka!? Eh? Is this probably what Elvira-neesan had said about? The embarrassing talk play!? Desuka!?”
“THAT’S WRONG! This is positively not that!”

If asked whether he would love to see Therese that squirms in agony under the torture of embarrassment while struggles trying to say ‘this’ and ‘that’, Renya would definitely answer yes without further thought. But under such circumstances, how could he dig a hole to trap himself like that? He is not that stupid.

And then like giving follow up support for her friend who is seems to reach overheat, Rebecca relax her body even further to put more weight on Renya’s body as she lean more weight over him. Her move is the exact opposite of her bosom friend, a thorough offense posture.

“…… I also like oniichan very much, you know…… that’s why…… If Therese said that she doesn’t, feel confident then…… I told her, why don’t we go together?”
“So you are the mastermind!”
“……… Because I thought that, going first before Therese is…… a bad move…… but if I have to wait, until Therese move…… then I feel like, it would take forever, to wait”
“…… Really this girl, Rebecca’s disposition really is thoroughly on the offensive……”
“…… In time of need…… you must move first…… My mother’s teaching”

Rebecca shows a triumphant smile after saying that in which totally made Renya knocked out.

(Oh for the sake of…… But if this is not a misunderstanding from my point then, the last move should be my job right?)

In the end, the impetus to advance their relationship had all started by the girls’ side but then again, letting Therese who is already overheating herself to work even harder than this is simply cruel. And then he also wishes to reward Rebecca who tries hard to cheer her friend while also in the same time tries to fulfill her own wish.

But the most important thing is already inside Renya’s mind.

(Two contrasting loli type at the same time, eh? Never in my wildest dream I ever imagined that there is something that would jolt my soul this much……!)

I am ready.

He forcefully pushes out the divine providence in his mind that keeps saying: that guy Mr. Officer.

If thing has advanced this far then there are no more reason to run. But still, in the end of the day, the two who going to take a step forward in the relationship together with him are still first timer. Taking consideration into that, he then turns off the light inside his room.

“Fuwa? O-Oniisan?”
“N? I also like both Therese and Rebecca. You both has shown me your courage so how could I turn down you both?”
“…… Err, I am somewhat happy but also somewhat feeling complicated desu. Especially by how Oniisan sounds very happy”
“Oh my?”

Is there something wrong with his act? Renya is tilting his head, pondering, while the two little girl in his side exchange a nod to each other.

And then with a resolute expression, Therese and Rebecca both starts to take off their full body robe.

Even if Renya has turned off the room main light, the room is not totally dark as there is small table lamp giving off dim light. And that dim light right now is illuminating the two loli’s naked ---- okay, not naked, they are wearing an unexpected clothes underneath the robes.

An ultra-thin see-through baby doll.

Therese is wearing a white colored one while Rebecca’s is black. The baby doll fabric is very thin that the skin of both little girls could be seen almost clearly. Added with the cherubic charm of a little girl who wears it, the sight is giving a bigger stimulation to Renya if compared to just a normal naked look.

The two doesn’t wear anything underneath the baby doll on their upper bodies which all the more add on to the charm they already had. Their appearance could be said similar to those working on the red light district but they don’t give out any sense of indecency like those working women. Maybe it was because of their body that is in the right age to give out the combination of sense of immature yet already a woman that somehow reciprocated with each other perfectly.
(Eros: what a difficult line to translate)

“You two...... aren’t that……”
“W-well, this is, when I tell Floria-oneesan that I don’t feel very confident with myself, she then prepares this for me in just a night desu”
“…… A weapon for little girls like us…… to look more sexual, in oniichan eyes…… a battle underwear…… she said”
“T-that rascal……!”

Renya shows that he is angry because Floria is accusing him as a pervert who loves battle underwear but inside, he is actually……

(Floria GOOD JOB! But I will definitely make you also wear one later so be prepared!)

But his mind is indeed sleazy. After all, he is also a male (god).

With no more chain of reasoning holding him back, Renya decided to put off all goody two shoes act.

Facing Therese and Rebecca, he wanted to act more matured but because of the combo of their adolescent charm, he can’t keep up putting on airs.

He skillfully tighten his embrace toward the two and push them off to the bed. (pomf)

“…… Wa”
“Honestly, I tried to hold myself back from advancing my relationship with you two……”

Even when they are falling down to the bed, Renya’s hand still skillfully moving about to reach many sensitive spots of the two. He is totally getting into his [combat] posture.

Even if the room lighting is a bit dim, the two little girls could still see Renya’s current ‘condition’.  Seeing that, Rebecca assertively replied with sticking her body to Renya even more but Therese still shows indecisiveness.

“Ho-holding back, desuka?”
“Of course. Therese should’ve known about my ‘greatness’ right? How about you Rebecca?”
“……… Actually, I heard, a bit”
“That’s good, then let’s start the battle! You two little vixen, I even thought of yo

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