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Remember a Person

“Yes, you worry too much.”
Besides insomnia and worry, Chen Chang Sheng said a few more symptoms. All matched up with her and in the end, he also mentioned the instability of the endocrine system.

Mo Yu’s face turned slightly red. She said, “I admit that what all you said is correct. Just tell me how to cure it.”

Chen Chang Sheng felt a bit strange. He asked, “Even if the imperial physicians can’t cure your disease immediately, they can definitely temporarily suppress the symptoms but you never went to see them.

Mo Yu didn’t say a word.

Chen Chang Sheng shook his head and said, “It’s not a good thing to suspect the doctors.”

“What do you understand?” Mo Yu looked at him and said. She could no longer hold in her thoughts.

As the Queen’s closest female official, there were countless people watching her movements. For some diseases, she could go to see doctors, but for others, she couldn’t. In the beginning, as she self-diagnosed that her disease was probably related to cardio and mentality, she immediately discarded her intention to get a doctor.

Did she worry too much? What kind of worries did she have?

The entire continent knew her whole family had been exterminated. Was this her biggest worry?
Did she actually feel discontent towards the Divine Queen?
She couldn’t let anyone know that. Because of her worries, she couldn’t even go to sleep.

Until today, Chen Chang Sheng pointed it out.

She stared at Chen Chang Sheng’s eyes and thought that she would have to take more risk by killing him than trusting him.

“Would you keep the secret for me?” she asked.

She and Chen Chang Sheng were enemies, but for no particular reason, she believed in Chen Chang Sheng’s promise. What Chen Chang Sheng wanted was much simpler. Since she started to ask for medicine, the relationship between them was no longer that of enemies, but of a physician and his patient.

As a physician, he obviously had to keep the secret of his patients, so he nodded.

“How should I cure it? Do you want me to diagnose your pulse?”
Mo Yu remembered that he was Taoist Ji’s disciple so she felt a bit more confident in him. Raising her hand and extending it to the front of his eyes, she said, “it’s better if you don’t give medicine.”

Chen Chang Sheng understood why she said this. It was because it was very hard to keep it a secret when there were dregs of decoction. Thinking that this girl who seemed to live a good life was actually living so cautiously as if she was living in the abyss everyday made him disliked her less for no good reason.

He softly placed his finger on her wrist. After a short while, he made his decision. He said, “It’s fine if you don’t take medicine, it’s just going to take longer time.”

Mo Yu felt more relax hearing his words.

“Relax your mind, take a walk more often, eat more porridge of coix seeds, and then…”
Chen Chang Sheng looked at the middle of her eyebrows, the leftover of makeups was already washed off, yet there was still a bit dryness. After hesitating for a while, he said, “some symptoms will be cured naturally after marriage.”

Mo Yu felt a bit surprised, then she realized that her cheeks suddenly turned red while her face looked angry.

She harshly stared at him but she didn’t say anything. She just left.

Chen Chang Sheng walked to the window and looked at her shadow disappearing in the depth of the forest. He shook his head.

Walking on the thick and firm fallen leaves in the forest and hearing the sound of her footsteps, Mo Yu’s heart was in a mess. The cold fall wind passed through the forest and touched her face, yet her face was still so hot. Previously when Chen Chang Sheng’s spoke of her instability(her period), she already felt very humiliated but when he pointed out that she was still a virgin, she felt a mix of humiliation and anger.

If Chen Chang Sheng was an old and respectable imperial physician, then it wouldn’t matter. But from all perspectives, he was just a young man who lacked experiences in the society.

The fall leaves broke along with her footsteps. Her clothes moved alongside the fall wind as she passed through the forest in the Tradition Academy. Arriving at the palace, she gradually calmed down. She glanced back at the faint little building behind the forest. Remembering what she just did, she felt very surprised.

Did she actually just leer at a young man and say so many shameless words to lure him? Although now, she already knew the secret – the young man was not her enemy. She could stay very relax when facing him, but…what she did today was way off limits.

Her cheek that had just cooled down suddenly turned hot again. Her beautiful eyes were filled with humiliation. If anyone knew what she did to Chen Chang Sheng today at the Tradition Academy, the entire capital might get crazy.

Suddenly, she became calm. Standing for a long time in front of the wall of the palace, no one knew what she was thinking. The leaves fell that on her skirt gradually stacked up and made her look even thinner and extremely lonely.

As the fall passed by, the winter and the Great Trial got closer and closer.

The Tradition Academy again welcomed a long period of peace. Chen Chang Sheng cared about the peace so much that he used all his time on xiu xing and studying. Xuan Yuan Po did the same. Although Tang Thirty Six missed the prosperous world outside of the school a lot, he was forced to work hard because of his two friends.

Inside the library, Chen Chang Sheng absorbed starlight to purify every night. Although there wasn’t any change in his body or any progress in his xiu xing, he was not frustrated at all. From meditation to absorption, he did every step seriously and without error.

Xuan Yuan Po’s right arm gradually healed and the healing became faster and faster. If he could recover before the winter and begin practicing the xiuxing methods under Chen Chang Sheng’s guidance, he might actually catch the Great Trial.

Tang Thirty Six never stopped xiu xing. The amount of his qi and the purity consistently increased. His xiu xing became more and more stable. He had already arrived at the Gate of Heartseeking Stage, yet just like the other youngsters on the Honor Roll of the Green Cloud, before being fully prepared, he absolutely would not take the risk to take that step.

From the upper stage of Meditation to Heartseeking Stage was the most hazardous and dangerous barrier in xiu xing. No matter how talented the xiuxingists were, they still had to prepare for a long time. Even Qiu Shan Jun used one full year, and that was on top of the foundation that the Li Mountain Sword Sect gave him.

As of right now, Tang Thirty Six was definitely the first person in the Tradition Academy to face the dead or alive test. As the first student in the Tradition Academy, Chen Chang Sheng of course wouldn’t watch him fight alone. In fact, Chen Chang Sheng already prepared a lot.

The first was in the form of potions. These days, he and Tang Thirty Six had secretly sneaked into the Herb Garden three times to acquire many rare herbs and fruits. When needed, he would refine potions using the methods taught by his teacher, Taoist Ji. He believed that he would definitely refine potions that were not worse than that of places such as Li Mountain Sword Sect and the Heavenly Academy. The second was in the form of methods. Although he didn’t even successfully purify, he had already begun reading books related to meditation hoping to help Tang Thirty Six successfully pass the barrier.

The process of stealing herbs from the Herb Garden was very stressful. It was somewhat against his morals. Yet in comparison to the bigger idea that life was more important than anything else, he didn’t think too much of it. But when looking at the oil lamp on the stone table, he naturally remembered that middle aged lady.

Then he remembered Luo Luo.

If it wasn’t for Luo Luo who opened a door on the wall, if it wasn’t for Luo Luo living at the Herb Garden for a long time, if it wasn’t for Luo Luo leaving Official Jin at the Tradition Academy who helped them steal the herbs, the entire process couldn’t take place.

One night, when Chen Chang Sheng was reading an ancestor’s note on making the transition from Meditation to Heartseeking Stage, he remembered again that he forgot a very important thing.

It was still Luo Luo.

Suddenly, his back was drenched with sweat.

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