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Chapter 1091 - Chen Changsheng's Arrangements

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Everyone in the city could hear it.

The dust accumulated over many years dropped down from the roof beams.

The crowds on the streets were perplexed as to what had happened.

The officials of the court who had just received news from the south wondered in shock, has another mountain collapsed?

The thunderous boom gradually faded into the distance.

The massive dragon claw slowly drew back into the clouds.

The array over the Prince of Xiang's estate had been shattered. Though the estate had not been turned into ruins, it was not far from it.

The wooden bridge had been shattered, and ruined evening pavilions were tilting into the lake. The waters of the lake sloshed against the shores, turning the yellow sands of the horse track into a muddy slurry.

Dust rose all around the estate, as did screams. Dazzling stains of blood could be seen speckling the white walls and their red tiles.

The orderly and muffled steps of the Li Palace priests could be heard from the other side of the broken walls, and the situation soon fell into even greater disorder.

The reception hall deep within the estate was a little quieter, and the building here was also relatively intact, but two holes had appeared at one of its corners.

Suddenly, a dazzling ray of light, just like a sword, shot out of those two holes.

The hard bricks of the wall were torn apart like paper.

The walls making up this corner and the roof above it neatly fell down.


In a series of bright shattering sounds, those timeworn tiles and beast sculptures broke into pieces.

Careful examination would reveal that straight line amongst the shards and the flat edges shining like gold.

The corner of the wall had vanished, so that person was naturally revealed.

The old Daoist squinted, wanting to confirm the identity of his assailant.

This person was dressed in blue, but it would not make one think of the blue gown of a youth, only make one feel that he was a servant.

It was absolutely impossible for him to be a servant.

The old Daoist quickly realized who he was.

Other than that person, who else in the world could find such a superb moment to strike?

Whose sword could be so fast and so vicious that it could slay him in a single strike?

The old Daoist sighed, "I didn't expect you to already be half a step from the Divine."

The blue-clothed servant was Liu Qing.

With Su Li and that mysterious individual gone, he was the most frightening assassin in the world.

And only he would still insist on working in the shadows, even when he was half a step from the Divine.

Liu Qing did not respond.

This was out of caution, and it was also a habit from his line of work.

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